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Dear Fellow Dog Lovers,

It’s hard to believe it’s already December, and the shelter dogs are all hoping to be in their new forever homes by Christmas. Here are the Blog Dogs who got adopted during the past week and are already settling in with their families.

Page_1  Page_2  Page_3  Page_4  Page_5Before I leave adoptions, I want to tell you about a very special one. Karma came to WHS last August as a rescued START dog from California. She is about six years old. Her scars, damaged eye, filed-down teeth and shut-down personality all were the result of her being a “bait dog” in a dog-fighting ring. Jen Kaser, the WHS shelter manager, took Karma home as a foster. As Karma learned that she was now safe and loved and no longer had to be afraid, she gradually began to trust. She has become an affectionate, happy girl, often hanging out in Jen’s office at WHS, getting pats and hugs from staff and volunteers. Last week she was officially adopted by Jen and her family. Here Karma was recently when I visited Jen in her office.

DSC_0008And here Karma is this afternoon taking a nap at home. What a great new life for this deserving girl!


Play group was a wet one, but there was lots of chatter anyway. Charlie, now a regular, discussed the rules with newbie Hailey.

Page_1 2

Later, Charlie had second thoughts about appearing too assertive.

Page_3 2Being the boss makes one quite popular!

Page_5 2Sweet Dezzie had a quiet moment with Linda.

Page_2 2I love this shot of volunteer Tom hanging out with Chispa (black), little Radar (staff member Kim’s rescue dog), and Tom’s Border Collie, Ben.


As usual, I had some new dogs to photograph for the WHS website, but in between “photo shoots,” I shot some Sunday volunteers.

I’m shy and quiet. Please get to know me.

Jamie was spending time with one of my current favorites, Kiwi, a shy, three-year-old Lab/Pit Bull Terrier mix. Kiwi is a gentle, quiet girl who is easily overlooked in her kennel. Some family will be very lucky to discover her and take her home.


Sarah and Sara

Here is volunteer Sarah with one of our current favorites, Sara, a ten-year-old Chihuahua. Not only does little Sara have a beautiful face, but she is also a gentle and well-behaved girl. Later in the afternoon I happened to stop in the Small Dog room. While the puppy in the kennel next door was jumping and barking, Sara was sitting quietly at the front of her kennel, hoping for her forever family to arrive.


I’m new here. I’m a little confused. I hope I get a home soon.

This is Teddy Girl, a one-year-old Lab mix who seemed unsure of why she was at the shelter. Andrew spent some time with her helping her to adjust. Teddy Girl needs to be the only dog in a family, as she doesn’t like to share food or toys with other dogs, though she’s great with people. She needs to be adopted by an understanding family who will help her work on resource guarding.


Need someone who will cheer you up? That’s ME!

Another newbie to the shelter is Ronnie, a five-year-old Lab mix who smiled all during my picture taking. Ronnie has lived happily with older kids and even cats! He loves to ride in the car. He likes to run but enjoys quiet time with his people, too. Ronnie is simply a great dog hoping for a new family of his own very soon!


I have lots of BFFs! (Best Friends Forever!)

We walkers today had a pleasant surprise when the clouds cleared and the temperature rose, making it a wonderful afternoon to spend with shelter dogs! Rockstar and I took the opportunity to head out to the big yard to hang together for a while . Rockstar is an eight-month-old Lab/Pit mix who is every other dog’s best friend because he plays so politely with all sizes. In fact after all the dogs had been walked today, Volunteer Manager BJ asked Sarah, Bethany, and me to take Rockstar, Charlie, and her dog, Zoe, out for a play date. They had a blast. Rockstar loves to pose for my camera!

DSCN9285Well, most of the time he likes to pose!


I’m Dezzie and I’m the best girl ever!

Every now and then a dog comes to the shelter who is just about perfect. (“Just about” meaning please, no pesky cats!) Dezzie has lived happily with other dogs and is great with small children and everyone else. She is house-trained, walks well on leash, takes treats gently, and has become an instant favorite of mine. She is a five-year-old Bull Dog/Pit Bull Terrier mix. Here she is today with Bethany. What a happy, gentle girl she is!


I’ve been here quite awhile…will my new family come soon?

Mohave came to WHS as a shy new mother of nine puppies. She did great in her foster home where her true personality began to shine. Now that her puppies are all grown up and adopted, Mohave is ready to start on a new life of her own. She is a two-year-old Shepherd mix. She had a great time in play group on Sunday romping with her canine friends. Today Larry spent some time with her. I’m hoping her forever family will come and take her home before Christmas.


I’m hoping I can be an indoor family dog for the rest of my life.

Another dog I met for the first time on Sunday is Kiko, a seven-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix, who is a perfect boy. He is gentle, calm, and wants only to be a family dog. Kiko has lived his whole life outside and really hopes that a new family will let him be inside with them. He walks great on leash, takes treats well, and likes everyone, including other dogs and children. Kiko has quickly become a staff and volunteer favorite, including one of mine and as you can see, Debbie’s.

DSCN9270Page_1I was gone awhile, but now I’m back, hoping for a new family before Christmas!

Gus was adopted, but it didn’t work out, and now he’s back at the shelter, hoping for his perfect fit. Gus is a an eleven-year-old Dachshund who is looking for a calm home with maybe some older kids. He enjoys quiet times relaxing with his person, but also can be playful. He’s a good boy. Here he is today with Bethany.


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Also, if you see a dog on my blog whom you are interested in meeting, try to make arrangements to get to the Willamette Humane Society soon. Some dogs are adopted more quickly than you might think.