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Dear Fellow Dog Lovers,

As I start this post, it’s Tuesday evening and while I usually begin with adoptions, tonight I’m going to start with a luncheon I attended today. Fellow WHS dog walker and friend, Laurel, invited me and another dog walker, Beth, to a luncheon at the Governor’s Mansion with Oregon’s First Lady! Laurel was the high bidder for the luncheon at last fall’s WHS Bowser’s Boo Bash. First Lady Cylvia Hayes is a WHS supporter and offered today’s luncheon as a gift to the shelter. Laurel invited several other of her friends and we all met at the mansion at noon. The First Lady even invited any of the guests’ dogs to come along, and Laurel brought Serena and Zuzu. Here are some pictures from today’s fun adventure.

First Dog Tessa welcomes Zuzu to the mansion.

DSCN0037Zuzu meets First Cat. First Cat is not amused.

DSCN0051Serena, Laurel, Zuzu, First Dog Tessa, First Lady Cylvia.


Beth, First Dog, First Lady


First Lady, First Dog and meDSCN0131

It was a delightful time! It’s wonderful that the First Lady of Oregon is also a strong animal shelter advocate! And by the way, Tessa is a great First Dog!

There were some happy Blog Dog adoptions this week, as usual.

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Sunday’s play group was a mixture of little and big dogs. Everyone got along and had a grand time.


Comet came to WHS as a stray and was so timid and nervous. It was great to see him actually playing with other dogs and finally looking happy.


Charlie had arrived just a few days earlier and was adopted Sunday afternoon. Page_3

Riley is an eleven-year-old Irish Setter mix who felt, as the elder dog, he should take charge of the group.


No explanation is needed for this one.


Almost home!

After play group, Sarah and I started our usual photo shoots for newly arrived dogs. We were taking Roary, the eleven-year-old Irish Setter mix, out for pictures, when a young woman said that she was his future owner. It turned out that Brooke had come to the shelter looking for an older dog, either an Irish Setter or a Retriever, very soon after Roary arrived. It was love at first sight. Here are Brooke and Roary on Sunday. She came to spend some quality time with him even though she would not be able to take him home until Thursday, after he was neutered. Thank you, Brooke, for opening up your heart and home to a senior dog!

DSCN3816I’m going home RIGHT NOW!

After Roary, we started taking pictures of another newby, Liam. I was taking a photo of dog-walker Garth holding Liam, when staff member Kim came to take him to his new family who had just adopted him. Still, this picture is so cute, I decided to include it this week.


I’m a happy girl looking for a family to have fun with!

One of Sarah’s current favorites is this happy girl, Amelia, a three-year-old Lab mix. Since she came to us as a stray, we don’t know her history, but from what we have seen at the shelter, Amelia is a super dog. She loves going to play group and gets along well with other dogs. She is very friendly to everyone and knows some commands like sit and stay. She is a very active girl, so will need a family who will go on adventures with her…hiking? jogging? She’ll be ready for anything her new owners have in mind. She will also be some lucky person’s very best friend.

DSCN3798I’m looking for a quiet, calm home.

Zoomy is a Miniature Dachshund/Pomeranian mix and is quite shy at first meeting. But once he spends a little time with you, he becomes quite affectionate. He has lived with other dogs and cats before and done fine (as long as the cat does not run). He needs a home without small children, as he gets nervous around them. Older kids who will respect his personal space would be fine. He really is a great little fellow hoping for a new home very soon.


I’m very shy, but give me a chance and see what a good boy I am!

Comet is a two-year-old Lab/Dalmatian mix. He was found as a stray and when he arrived at WHS, he was very frightened and stayed at the back of his kennel. Every time I went by his kennel, I tossed in a couple pieces of hot dog. He would just look at them, but I noticed when I went by again that they would be gone. Staff and volunteers gave him special attention and by the next week, he was coming to the front of his kennel for treats, though he still was hesitant. Last Sunday was the first time I saw him begin to relax. Sarah and I took him out for pictures. He also came to play group and enjoyed playing with the other dogs. Comet is able to climb over fences when he gets stressed, so he’ll need an appropriate yard.

DSCN3952  DSCN3976And that brings me to today, Wednesday. When I arrived at the shelter, I was anxious to spend some more time with Comet. We went out in the grass and just hung out for awhile. He was affectionate and happy. These pictures show some of his personality.

DSCN4087 DSCN4071 DSCN4069 DSCN4060 DSCN4056 DSCN4054Staff and volunteers are hoping that a patient and understanding person will fall in love with Comet and give him the security of a home and family.

Yep, I’ve got a great grin and a personality to match!

A new arrival whom I met today is Chase, a four-year-old Lab/German Shepherd mix. Debbie and I took him out for pictures and were very impressed with his manners and personality. Chase walks very well on leash; in fact, if he is walking faster than you are, a quick tap on his leash and he instantly slows up to walk beside you. He takes treats gently, gets along with other dogs, and has a good history with children. Deb observed that he’ll make an excellent running or jogging partner. He is simply a great family dog. Some lucky people will be getting a wonderful new addition when they adopt him!

DSCN4202 - Version 2 DSCN4198

I’ve been working on my issues!

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know this guy very well… Rockstar. You may remember he was returned after finally getting adopted due to house-training issues. Well, I have some great news. Annie, the WHS Certified Pet Dog Trainer, has been taking Rockstar home with her for some training. This afternoon she brought him back to the shelter while I was there and was happy to tell me about his excellent progress. His house training is much improved and she is confident he will soon be able to be trusted. In addition, he has been very respectful of her cats AND chickens! It was so good to see this goofy boy again. He has never met a dog he hasn’t liked and he matches his play style to the dog he is playing with. He’ll need an active family, as he loves to race around the yard. His manners have improved so much through the help of Annie and volunteer Linda. He’s becoming the great dog that he has always had the potential of becoming. Here he is today with volunteer Kathy. The silly boy just wouldn’t smile for me today. That intense look he is giving me is for the hot dogs bits he knows he’ll get after posing.


I’m going home soon!

I took this quick photo of Roary with Richard this afternoon. He’ll be going home with Brooke tomorrow. I know you are going to have a great rest of your life, big boy!


Looking for a Jack Russell Terrier? Take your pick!

Two more newbies are sharing a kennel, but don’t have to be adopted together. Meet Candi (left) and Cowboy, both Jack Russell Terrier mixes. Candi is two years old and Cowboy is three. Here they are today with Kathy and Bethany who thoroughly enjoyed their company. I was amazed at their sitting on command for my pictures. Both were very treat-motivated and eager to work for hot dog bits. Candi has been outside a lot and so needs a little work on house training, but as smart as she obviously is, that shouldn’t be a problem for long. Cowboy needs to be with older kids or adults. Both of these dogs are bright and fun little guys waiting for new families of their own.

DSCN4172Candi Cowboy

Need a loving though slightly timid Miniature Dachshund in your life?

If you dare to meet Lucy, you will fall in love with this sweet little nine-month-old girl on the spot. Lucy is a bit shy at first, but as Debbie and I found out, it doesn’t take long for her to decide you are a great new friend. She likes to be held (as you can see) but when we placed her down in the grass, she was happy to trot along beside Debbie. She still needs a little work on house training. She has lived with children before and done well. Lucy is a gem.

DSCN4238 DSCN4245


I’m still here…waiting for you.

Yep, Bella is still waiting. Bethany took her out this afternoon for some quality time in a yard. Bella is a one-year-old Shepherd mix who is hoping for an active family, as she loves adventures. She’d love to be your jogging or hiking partner. She has been waiting for her new family since December 2. I hope she will be found by her new people soon.



Remember Elvis and Sato from last summer? Here is what their WHS profile said about them: Our story is a sad one. We were kept in a very small kennel for a very long time so we both have arthritis and will need long term care and a gentle life style.

The boys Elvis and SatoDSCN4544These two sweet boys won the hearts of everyone they met at WHS. They were adopted by WHS volunteer Ashlee and last week she sent me an update. Their names are now Dolce & Gabbana.

The boys

“Dolce and Gabbana are doing so amazingly! I work at Twin Oaks Vet Hospital. My doctor does chiropractic and acupuncture with them. Both boys have had X-rays and are a mess inside. Both are on medications as well as taking herbal and joint supplements. They can now run around like puppies and are getting better every single day!

They are such a joy and a blessing to me and my family. They go to the dog park on Sundays, are Petco regulars, and we still visit the shelter often.

My little celebrities have fans everywhere we go. I am in the process of possibly getting them to become therapy dogs. They literally hug people and sit with children with disabilities. They complete me and impress me every day.”

On that happy update, that’s it for this week!

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