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Dear Fellow Dog Lovers,

It’s been busier than usual at the shelter with WHS summer camps starting. The first Camp Paw Paw for the younger set was last week and this week started the first Jr. Trainers Camp for older kids. They are great hands-on opportunities for children to learn how to care for animals. Camp Paw Paw explores many different kinds of critters with visits from various animals in the community as well as our shelter dogs and cats. In Jr. Trainers Camp, each participant is paired with a shelter dog for the week and learns how to care and train “their dog” to make it more adoptable. Great programs for both the kids and animals! All camps are full for this summer, as usual!

We had some excellent adoptions in the past week. Here are the Blog Dogs who found their new homes.


I was so happy to report on my WHS Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/AdoptAnOregonDog) that Reggie and Sammie, the bonded Doxies, went home together!

I am always excited when I am at the shelter to see one of “my” blog dogs goes home. This was the case on Sunday. As I was photographing new arrivals, I saw a family spending a lot of time in a yard with Nikita. I had my fingers crossed that they would fall in love with this sweet, though somewhat challenging, young lady. I was thrilled when later I saw them heading toward their truck with Nikita at their side. I ran over to ask for a photo and they graciously posed for this family shot.

DSCN0052And here they are in the truck about to head for home. I have no doubt that Nikita knew she had hit the jackpot. DSCN0059I especially like this shot of a touching moment and the beginning of a long friendship.

DSCN0056And that’s not all! Shelley, the mother in the family, wrote this update on my WHS Facebook page. “Nikki slept on our bed all night. She is a love. We have lined up classes, one-on-one with our family and the trainer, starting Saturday. She definitely needs work on a leash and with focus when on a walk, but in the house and back yard, she does better than expected! And she has done well with all the guests who have come to the house to meet her.” Nikita had been at the shelter since May 12, but yesterday made the wait totally worth it!


In Sunday’s play group we had a total of 22 dogs in the two big yards. A few were play group volunteers’ dogs, but most of them were our shelter dogs. As always, it was so good to see them racing and playing and getting the chance to just be regular dogs. Here’s what I overheard.

Gem, a three-year-old Beagle wanted so badly to play with Victoria, a Cairn Terrier mix. But at nine years old, Victoria wasn’t into a strenuous running game.

Page_05 Page_06Ziti is a four-year-old Shih Tzu mix, and though she has only one eye, she sees just fine. She did feel a little shy in her first play group, but little Axel took her under his paw.


For the last two weeks, Riley (volunteer Julie’s dog) and little Axel hit it off and loved playing with each other. I liked the two simultaneous play bows.


In the “rambunctious dog” yard, Jax, a one-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix and Rudy, an eight-year-old Lab mix, discussed my picture taking.

Page_09Then there were quiet times. Here is sweet Molly, a seven-year-old Shepherd mix just hanging out under the platform by herself for a while. There will be more on her later in this post.


Here is Clay, a three-year-old Boxer/Mastiff mix, chilling with volunteer Tom.


Meanwhile, in the “mellow yard,” there was quite a gathering in one place with volunteers Jeff and Sarah. Do you think these dogs like people?

DSCN9726New Training Video

Do you have a dog who is a hard puller when you try to walk him/her? We shelter volunteer dog walkers face this challenge often. Annie, the WHS Certified Pet Dog Trainer and BJ, the Volunteer Manager, asked volunteer Linda and me to produce a training video that will help walkers learn some tips to make walking more enjoyable for both the walker and the hard puller. It was not difficult to decide on whom to pick as the “subject”—Gilbert! Here’s the video.

My name is Big Tony and I’m looking for a new home. Yours?

I had quite a few new dog pictures to take on Sunday afternoon and, as always, the Sunday walkers were happy to help Sarah and me get them done. Here is Wendi with Big Tony, a nine-year-old Lab mix. Tony is such a great older dog. He walks well on leash, is gentle and loves people. This week Tony is enjoying being a camp dog. Because of his age, he’d be happiest in a quiet home where after a walk around the neighborhood, he can snooze next to his person.


Are you looking for the perfect family dog who plays fetch? That would be ME!

Here Molly is again, this time with Sarah. Though Molly is seven, she still has lots of energy and loves to play fetch. She’ll return the ball to you and drop it at your feet. She gets along with everyone, even the rowdy dogs in play group. She walks well on leash and takes treats politely. She is pretty much a perfect dog!

DSCN9911Calling all Beagle people! I’m waiting for you!

I really believe there are “Beagle people.” They fall in love with a Beagle’s cuteness and enjoy their joyful, nose-to-the-ground, always adventurous personality. For those families, meet Jem, a three-year-old purebred Beagle. Here she is with Cindy on Sunday. Jem loved play group and dashed happily around. She is smart and knows some basic commands. She will be a perfect fit for a Beagle-loving family!


I’m a big-hearted, goofy dog looking for a fun family!

This is a newbie, Lenny, a one-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix. Lenny is a delightful character who will keep some lucky family laughing as long as they keep up with his energy. If you want a jogging or hiking partner, Lenny would be perfect. He is working on his leash manners, but he’d rather just crawl into your lap. He is such an affectionate boy, that it was a challenge getting pictures, as he kept trying to crawl over to me to snuggle. Here he is with Andrew on Sunday.

DSCN9892Sarah immediately fell in love with him, too.

DSCN0031And we laughed out loud when he did this when I was trying to get good pictures.

Page_10I love this shot which shows his keen interest in everything. Lenny is a terrific boy!


My name is Miss Baxter and I like to explore! We could explore together!

Miss Baxter is a Jack Russell Terrier mix and is six years old. True to her breed, she likes to go on adventures, so will need a fenced yard and an active family. She is enjoying being a camp dog this week and loves the kids’ attention. Here she is with Wendi on Sunday.

DSCN0021Volunteer Joan sent me this picture on Tuesday of Miss Baxter with new volunteer Alyssa.

Alyssa Sanders

Axel’s happy Sunday afternoon

If you read my blog regularly, you know Axel well by now. This two-year-old Boxer mix has been at the shelter since April and has quite a support group of volunteers working on his adoption skills. On Sunday afternoon, after all of the pictures of new dogs were taken, we took Axel out to a yard to play with his favorite big ball for awhile, then it was more training time. He did great! Here is the report in pictures.

Page_01Page_03Page_04DSCN0063 Page_02DSCN0066 DSCN0079 (1)

I’m new here and I’m not sure what to expect.

Sarah and I both instantly liked Madera, a three-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix. I have always felt that a Pit Bull Terrier’s eyes are the most expressive of any kind of dog. Madera has a gentle disposition. She takes treats gently and walks well on leash. She knows some commands and would like to learn more. I am hoping that this sweet girl gets a new home very quickly.


Luna’s Respite

I first wrote about Luna in my June 12th post. She is a four-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix who is still waiting for her forever home. Here she is today with volunteer Kathy. Luna is happy, affectionate, and a bit of a tank. She needs the kind of practice in the training video above, as she can be a puller on leash. Our WHS training classes would be perfect for this girl. She would be a great jogging partner and would enjoy relaxing with her family after a vigorous run.

DSCN0110Volunteer MaryAnn took Luna on a respite last week and this is her report about this big-hearted girl.

“Luna is a very sweet girl and quite photogenic.  All she wanted to do was lick my face, and sit on my lap! She followed me around the house, and in my backyard, so I can tell she will be a very loyal dog to her future human. She listens very well, and is quite a goofball! I noticed she had a very strong nose, so I played a game with her. I put two plastic cups on the ground, one empty, the other had a piece of chicken. Both cups were upside down, and she had to figure out which one had the chicken bite in it. She got it right every time! Whoever she goes home with will be a very lucky person!”

Here are the pictures MaryAnn sent. What a beautiful dog!

IMAG0833-1 IMAG0830 IMAG0817 IMAG0815

For the Doxie people!

Yep, I believe there are “Doxie people,” too. And for you (you know who you are!) here is a sweetheart! Meet Bud, a three-year-old Miniature Dachshund. Here he is with volunteer Grace. Bud is three years old and quite the charmer. He is playful, treat-motivated, and likes to crawl into your lap. I’m sure a Doxie lover will scoop him up very soon!



Please don’t judge me by my kennel presentation.

Jax is a very handsome one-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix. Here he was last week with Emelynn.

DSCN9702 Jax’s kennel greeting isn’t the best. He is very excited to meet new people and can be jumpy. However, once outside of his kennel, he is a different dog. I spent some quality time with him this afternoon. He walked calmly on leash and did not pull once we were outside. We went to the big yard and he had a great time playing. He took my treats gently and was so happy getting to romp. He will be a great dog for an active family which is looking for an energetic, joyful boy. He loves play group and gets along with our other dogs. I hope these pictures give a better feel for what Jax is really like.

DSCN0102 DSCN0094 DSCN0092 DSCN0088 DSCN0087

Emelynn’s Pick of the Week

As I said last week, I’m thrilled that Emelynn is back walking dogs. If you are a long-time reader of my posts, you will remember that each week I posted Emelynn’s current favorite. Today I’m starting that feature once again. Today’s pick was Nugget, a two-year-old American Staffordshire mix. When I asked Emelynn why she picked Nugget today, she said she loved Nugget’s playful personality and her eagerness. She said Nugget loves to chase after a ball, though she isn’t great at returning it. Emelynn also discovered that Nugget seems to respond well to the snapping of fingers when given a command. Here are the two new friends this afternoon.

DSCN0206 DSCN0209Page_1

Yep, I’m a star!

It seems fitting to close this post with the star of the training video—Gilbert. Here he was today with volunteer Tricia. Gilbert is a two-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix who is such an eager and happy dog (as you can tell in this picture). He loves to play fetch, knows basic commands and is learning to walk politely on leash!

DSCN0085That’s it for this week!

Remember, if you see a dog on my blog whom you are interested in meeting, try to make arrangements to get to the Willamette Humane Society soon. Some dogs are adopted more quickly than you might think.

You can reach me at adoptanoregondog14@yahoo.com