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Dear Fellow Dog Lovers,

In case you think that April Fool jokesters are only human, think again. Here’s four-footed prankster Charlie’s version of dog humor in Sunday’s play group!


March ended with many wonderful dog adoptions. Here are the Blog Dogs who went to new homes during the last week.

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Sunday’s play group was especially easy for me, as I didn’t have to worry about snapping pictures. Volunteer Karen’s husband, Charlie, came to observe the dogs romping. Charlie is an excellent photographer and brought his camera along for fun. He kindly said I could use any of his pictures and so all I had to do was listen to the chatter as he snapped away. Here are the results. Thank you, Charlie!

It was Chuck’s first time in play group, and he and Blackie hit it off as good buddies.


Charlie was still feeling pretty smug about his April Fools’ joke.

Lady is hoping for a haircut soon! Blackie didn’t have much empathy.

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Grommet has been really trying to improve his chances of getting adopted soon. I overheard him telling Tanner all about it.


Chuck is having a lot of new experiences at the shelter.


Breezy was enjoying being alive!


Grommet was very impressed with Will and Tanner’s athletic abilities.


I’ve been waiting for a new family for a long time. I’m a good dog!

Grommet has been waiting at the shelter since the end of January. His kennel presentation needed some work, but has improved greatly (as he was saying during play group). Sunday he had a great time romping and was polite to everyone. He is a six-year-old Lab/Chow mix. He needs a secure yard and wants to be mainly an indoor dog. What a fun and affectionate boy he is! Here he was with Sherrie on Sunday.

Update: I got this note from volunteer Linda about Tuesday’s play group. “Grommet got playful with the water buckets. He was emptying them out and carrying them around by the handles. Pretty darn cute!” This guy deserves a great forever home!

DSCN9622 Here are a couple of excellent shots that Charlie took of Grommet during play group. What a handsome dog!

CH140330_WHS_Playgroup_049 CH140330_WHS_Playgroup_029

Here was Grommet today sitting with Joan, one of his biggest fans. In fact, Joan took the guy out a second time today after everyone else had been walked.


Did you hear about my April Fools’ joke?

Charlie is quite the character. He seems to always be smiling and believes life is just great. He is a six-year-old purebred Lab. Charlie is well mannered, usually walks politely on leash, and loves other dogs and people. He cannot, however, be around cats, as he is sure they are meant to be chased. Here he is with Jacob.

Charlie and Jacob

Steve took Charlie out today and I caught them heading back in.


Charlie is always happy!


Why are you making such strange noises?

Meet Shyler, a one-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix. Since he was found as a stray, we don’t know his history, but he is quite gentle and shy. He had just arrived on Sunday and Bill had him out for his first walk. He took my hot dog bits politely, but wouldn’t smile for a picture. Instead, by his expressions in the pictures below, I think he thought I was nuts as I made all kinds of noises to try to get a grin. From what I’ve seen of him, Shyler will make a great family addition.

Shyler and Bill2 Shyler and Bill


I’m an eight-pound bundle of cuteness!

This is Breezy, a six-year-old purebred Maltese who is looking for a quiet home. She had a great time playing with other small dogs Sunday and later enjoyed snuggling with Bruce. She can be nervous around new people. I love her face and expressive eyes.

Breezy and Bruce

Chuck is my name and I’m a keeper!

Chuck loved posing with Susan and Madelyn; in fact, he loved being their center of attention. Chuck is a ten-year-old Chihuahua mix who will make a terrific companion in a calm home. He had a good time playing with other dogs, but would be very content to just go for walks around the neighborhood. He’d like the exercise to help lose some of those middle-age pounds. He then would be happy to curl up on your lap in the evening.

Chuck and Susan and Madelyn

I’m very nervous in the shelter. I’m hoping for a home soon!

This is Tinker, a ten-month-old Chihuahua with giant ears. She was quite uneasy on Sunday, but being with Jeff and Alexis helped ease her nervousness. She preferred to be in Alexis’ arms rather than on the ground. With the shelter environment being overwhelming for this little girl, we’re hoping she’ll be adopted quickly.

Tinker, Jeff and Alexis


I’m new here. Could you be my person?

I know I’ve said it before, but there is something in the sincerity in a Pit Bull Terrier’s eyes that makes me melt. You won’t be surprised to know that I have fallen for yet another big-headed-sloppy-kissing dog named Daz. He loved my hot dog bits and took them very gently. He knows how to sit and loves to cuddle. He was a little bewildered about being at the shelter, and looked at me so longingly when I left. As you can see, Wendi fell for this big boy, too! More on him later in this post.


They tell me this cone is not permanent! I certainly hope not!

Bilbo Waggins is a four-year-old Schipperke mix who is usually a very happy boy, but due to having to wear a cone since being neutered, he is a little down. Joan assured him that the cone was only for a few days, but Bilbo was not convinced. I happened to find this pair sitting quietly after their walk this afternoon. Joan said Bilbo is a real cuddler and walks well on leash. He liked my hot dog bits and agreed to pose even in his cone, but refused to smile. He was found as a stray, so we don’t know about his history, but he’ll make a new family a wonderful addition.

DSCN9985 DSCN9989Here he was before having to wear a cone!


Life hasn’t been easy for me, but I have high hopes since coming to WHS!

Captain is a four-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix who came on a S.T.A.R.T. transport from a high-population shelter in California, so we don’t know about his past. When he arrived, his right eye had a bad case of glaucoma, and needed to be removed. Captain recovered and adapted quickly to being a one-eyed dog. He loves people and is very active. He would really prefer to be the only dog in a family, as he is picky about his canine friends. He takes treats gently and knows some commands. Unless he gets over-excited, he walks well on leash. We’re hoping for a fresh new start in life for this boy with his very own forever family. Today he enjoyed spending time with Jolene.

DSCN9994 DSCN9996

I’m a new arrival and I’m looking for a great forever home!

This delightful boy is named Rodeo and he is seven years old. He came to us as a stray, so we don’t know much about him. He is quite active and happy, though he could use some additional training on polite leash walking, as he pulls some. He is a Shepherd/Lab mix. Emelynn took him out to the big yard to see if he was a ball dog; he wasn’t, but did enjoy romping around freely. He’s a very nice dog and would make a great jogging partner.

DSCN0030He has a beautiful coat!



 Emelynn’s Pick of the Week!

Jane was adopted and returned last week. It was not her fault at all, and the adopter was very sad that she had to be returned. She did wonderfully in the adopter’s house and with children. I was not surprised that Emelynn chose her to be her pick today. Jane is a two-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix and while she can be a bit shy, she has come a long way since she first arrived at WHS. The pictures from today speak for themselves. We hope this sweet girl will find her new home quickly.

DSCN9955 DSCN9956DSCN9975DSCN9969 DSCN9982 DSCN9980

I’m a little nervous about being in a shelter, but I’m a good boy!

Apache is a one-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix who came to us from a California shelter. He is a bit uneasy about his new surroundings, but Jolene was very patient with him today and he loved her attention. Apache is a big boy with lots of energy, so will do best with older kids and an active family. He would love to take some WHS training classes. He is eager to please and won both Jolene’s and my hearts.

Apache Apache2

Relaxing on a spring afternoon.

After all the dogs had been walked today, I took Daz out for a second time. Since he was neutered yesterday and is wearing a cone, we couldn’t romp, so we sat in the grass and I told him what a good dog he is and he munched hot dog bits and gazed out over the yard.







Remember Skipper, now Diesel, from a couple of months ago? He came in as a stray, missing a back leg and terribly overweight. He was fostered, then adopted by Brittany, a WHS staff member. She has done wonders for this sweet boy who has slimmed down and now has his own wheelchair!

DSCN6337His remaining back leg is in critical need of cruciate ligament surgery. Diesel’s many fans are raising money for this new beginning for him. Here is a fun way you can help! The first date is tonight, but there is another one next week!

Diesel's Fundraisers--Pietros & Roadhouse

Pee Wee

I was thrilled when I got an update about Pee Wee last week. Here he was when he was at WHS.

DSCN9921And here is his update!

“We adopted Pee Wee, a 4-year-old mini poodle mix, on March 20. He had just been neutered, and today he had his follow-up with the vet and we got to take his ‘cone collar’ off! He wasn’t completely house trained when we brought him home, but he has done well due to staying on a feeding and potty schedule. He is playful but also calm and content. The very best thing about this little dog is how great he is with our 2-year-old son. They have become very good friends. Our son can’t wait to get home from daycare to see his doggy. We have a few things to work on such as walking on a leash and not jumping on people, but he seems to be a quick learner and we are really enjoying having him as part of the family.
The Diehl family”

IMG_20140320_183647_982 IMG_20140322_181626 IMG_20140322_181031_465 IMG_20140315_131539_040


Bella was brought into WHS and adopted the same day! I never even had the chance to meet her. However, her adopter sent this picture of Bella with her own little boy, Kenny. It looks like a great match!


That’s it for this week!

Remember, if you see a dog on my blog whom you are interested in meeting, try to make arrangements to get to the Willamette Humane Society soon. Some dogs are adopted more quickly than you might think.

You can reach me at adoptanoregondog14@yahoo.com