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Dear Fellow Dog Lovers,

It was another great adoption week at WHS! There were twenty dogs who found new homes since last Wednesday! Thirteen of them were Blog Dogs and here they are.

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Here is a picture staff sent me of Nico and his new family leaving the shelter.



It was a fun play group on Sunday for both dogs and the humans watching them.

Springer (an appropriate name for such a high-jumper) wasn’t as interested in playing as he was supervising from a self-designated post.

But the most interesting character I found to watch was Pearla, the tennis-ball-loving shepherd. She spent the first part of the time scouring the yard for any wayward tennis balls. (We don’t allow toys in play group as a precaution against canine disagreements.) Finding none, she improvised.

Page_3Page_4So much for the water bucket.




And so, the rest of play group time…


Meanwhile, Springer and Gunner were discussing their positions.



Magnolia and Rockie just enjoyed hanging out in the pool. Rockie thought no one could see him.





Project Fence!

We Dog Walkers do our best to keep all of our shelter dogs secure as we walk them around the WHS property. However, there have been times when a dog has slipped his harness, or been so startled that he has yanked free of the walker and dashed off. When that happens there is an instant rush of everyone available to find and catch the loose dog. Since the WHS property is not fenced, an escape artist can cause a real problem. Such was the case a few months ago with a very shy and nervous dog named Hugo. During his morning walk, he suddenly yanked the leash out of the walker’s hands and dashed away. Hugo was missing for three days during which staff and volunteers searched for him. Thankfully, he was seen across Turner Road and successfully recovered, hungry and dirty, but otherwise fine. It was after this event that volunteer Barb Cash began Project Fence, with the hope of raising enough money to fence in the WHS property so that no more dogs would be in danger. Here is the poster she made with a picture of Hugo. We are hoping people will contribute to our fund so that the fence can be built very soon. Volunteers are doing all the labor, we just need money for supplies.

WHS Project Fence - Hugo PosterThe construction has already started. Here are volunteers hard at work last week.

IMG_4075 IMG_4071




My name is Springer…and it fits me!

I first met this character when I arrived at his kennel and he greeted me eye-level as he leaped straight up on his side of the door. This youngster can jump straight up from a standing position! I didn’t have any trouble remembering his name after that. Springer is a one-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix who arrived from California. He can’t wait to explore Oregon with new people. He will need an active family who will give him the time and training he needs to grow into the wonderful adult he wants to be. Classes here at WHS would be ideal for this young boy. Here he is with his new friend, Ian, on Sunday.


And here was Springer today. Still as happy as ever.


However, I found out he is NOT a water dog. Nope, he wasn’t getting into the pool, no way, not even for a hot dog bit!


While Springer and I were hanging out in the big yard, Marianne came to visit.





I’m looking for a quiet adult home where I can be the only dog for you to love! Is it yours?

Meet Molly, an eight-year-old Border Collie/Australian Shepherd mix. She will be the perfect companion for the right home. Molly is quiet and gentle. She has had some uncomfortable experiences with children so does not like being around them, and needs to be in an adult-only home. She loves adults and would be a very easy dog to have around, as her favorite place to be is curled up at your feet. However, she does love to go for rides in the car and she is very polite on leash. She took my hot dog bits nicely. Molly also doesn’t enjoy being around other dogs; she prefers just being with her people. If you’re looking for a loyal, easy companion, Molly may be the perfect fit. Both Caroline and I enjoyed our time with this sweet gal.

DSCN9580 - Version 2 DSCN9584 DSCN9581 2

Here was Molly today with Joan. Molly is quite a love bug!

Molly and Joan




Some family is going to be mighty lucky to adopt me! Martha said so!

Oh my goodness, when I met Jasmine, I was so taken with her personality! This girl is a nine-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback mix. She is smart, eager and doesn’t seem at all like a senior. She is house-trained and has lived happily with kids, a cat, and a male dog. She doesn’t care for other female dogs, however. She has two habits she isn’t proud of, but she knows you need to know. She will get into the garbage if it is left available and she is unsupervised. She also will need a high fence. She may be nine, but this girl has been known to go for an adventure, jumping a six-foot fence. Both Jolene and I instantly liked this very polite, happy dog and hope she’ll find the perfect home very soon.





Tennis ball? Did someone say tennis ball? Don’t worry, I’ve got it covered!

Yep, that’s a tennis ball in Pearla’s mouth, no surprise there. Pearla is a seven-year-old German Shepherd mix and will make some family a wonderful new companion—just make sure to have tennis balls handy…or a water bucket! Here she was with Alexis on Sunday. What a sweetheart she is! She walks well on leash, takes treats gently, and is content as long as she has a tennis ball handy.

DSCN9656 2




They say I’m fourteen. But no one believes it!

If you could have seen Magnolia in play group on Sunday, you would beg to differ about her age. This girl is energetic, happy, and well-behaved. She is a Retriever mix. She walks well on leash, is house-trained, loves to play with other dogs, likes to hop in a pool to cool off (see play group photo above), and loves kids. What more could you ask? Don’t be put off by her age. This dog will make some lucky family the perfect addition for years to come. Jolene and I both were smitten with her.





I’m back and looking for just the right fit of a home as the only dog.

You’ll remember Draco from last week when he was so patient as Emelynn and I gave him a bath. He is a five-year-old Border Collie/Lab mix who is looking for a job. He likes to keep busy, as Border Collies do. He’d love to go to training classes such as agility, so that his mind is active. He has also decided he’d like to be the only dog in the family. I think Draco was feeling a little discouraged on Sunday and I couldn’t get him to smile with Ian. However, he didn’t mind helping himself to the hot dog treats in Ian’s pocket. I hope he’ll get another new home quickly.

DSCN9659 DSCN9670




The people here say I’m a real cutie. Do you think so? How about adopting me, then?

This is the second time little Bosco has been at WHS. He was adopted two years ago, but his family is now moving and are unable to take him with them. This is great luck for some other family who will find a perfect little companion in Bosco, a Lhasa Apso mix. He is house-trained and lap-trained (yep, the boy loves to cuddle!). He would do well in a family with older kids who wouldn’t over-handle him. His favorite toy in his former home was a knotted sock, just so you know. He enjoyed his time with Gracie.






I’m quite shy and Oregon is a brand new place for me. I hope I get a home soon.

Gunner is a four-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix who arrived at our shelter from California. The first time I met him last week he was so shy and nervous I couldn’t get him to even look at the camera. I felt so sorry for him. But by Sunday he was settling in and was much more relaxed. He enjoyed play group and got along fine with the other dogs. He would do well with older children. He’s a good boy who hopes to find a home where the family will be patient and understanding while he adjusts to his new life. Jolene and I really enjoyed our time with this good boy.

DSCN9603 - Version 2




Yep, I’m a puppy. Yep, I’ll need patience and training. Yep, I’m worth it!

Meet Sugar Cane, a three-month-old Pit Bull Terrier mix who is a fun, energetic, and happy little character. If you are ready for the challenge and joy of puppyhood, this little man could be just the ticket. His adoption package comes with everything you need, including a WHS training class appropriately called “Surviving Puppyhood.” Here Sugar Cane was on Sunday.

Sugar Cane3

And this is a new kind of “cone” one wears after being neutered. Sugar Cane did not find it humorous.

Sugar Cane




I really am a good boy as Martha found out today!

I spent some time today with Parker, a Pit Bull Terrier mix whom I hadn’t gotten to know yet. This two-year-old walks very well on leash, and while he is very food-motivated, took my treats gently. He already knows some commands and is highly trainable. He’s going to be a great family dog.






I’m still here. My name’s Buddy. Do you need one?

I also spent some time with an old friend, Buddy, who is still waiting for his perfect fit of a family. Buddy is a four-year-old American Bull Dog/Boxer mix. Although large, at 73 pounds, Buddy is gentle and walks great on leash. He likes nothing more than just hanging out with his people. Buddy does not do well with other dogs or cats. He must be the only dog in the family. But he’s all the dog you’ll need. I’m hoping someone will adopt this big love very soon. Here he was hanging out with me this afternoon.

DSCN9827 DSCN9828




Emelynn’s Pick of the Week!

It was not hard for Emelynn to pick her pick this week, since I asked if she wanted to meet Abby, a ten-year-old Weimaraner/Lab mix. Abby is as gentle as they come. She would love her retirement home to have kids in it and wouldn’t mind another mellow dog, and…believe it or not, she wouldn’t even mind sharing her family with a CAT! This girl has it all! Emelynn fell in love with this sweetheart and we both are hoping that she will be going to her new family very soon!

DSCN9901 DSCN9929






For all of the Yettie fans (and there are MANY!) here is an update from his new family.

“Hey! Just wanted to do a little update so far on Yettie (now known as Winston). He’s adapting quite well… we’re definitely learning some of his quirks lol. He’s so very calm and sweet, loves playing with our friend’s 170-pound Great Dane. Does wonderful with our two kittens and our dog, Kahlua. He even has met our horse! The first time he met the horse, he gave one warning bark to let us know she was there, but now she doesn’t even phase him. He was a little unsure of riding in the car at first, but now he loves it… always walks right up to it when we first go outside and wants to get in. It’s pretty comical having him and our other dog in the back seat of my car together… he takes up so much more room than our Lab does ha ha! He did wonderful at the Minto Brown dog park this last weekend, got his lovely rabies shot so we can go get him groomed and take care of the matting. It’s gonna be so nice when those are gone! He’s definitely a protector! I’ve noticed that at night he will sleep where he can see us and the front door… I swear he’s making sure we’re safe! We will definitely be doing some obedience classes this fall! He most definitely likes to wander… even out of a six foot fence (not sure how he managed, he’s a tricky one!) But we’ve got some other things we’re trying to keep him occupied with while outside… usually just taking a walk with me. I’ll be sure to update again! I’m definitely very thankful that he’s in our lives!”

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That’s it for this week! I won’t be posting next week, as I’ll be taking the Aimee Sadler week-long workshop provided by WHS. So I’ll see you in two weeks!

Remember, if you see a dog on my blog whom you are interested in meeting, try to make arrangements to get to the Willamette Humane Society soon. Some dogs are adopted more quickly than you might think.

You can reach me at adoptanoregondog14@yahoo.com