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Dear Fellow Dog Lovers,

With Fall coming and the starting of school, I always worry that our dog adoptions may decrease. So I was very happy to see that last week there were nineteen who went to new homes. Of those, here are the Blog Dogs.

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A few words about adoptions…

Hank, our loveable and very vocal Hound, found his person while wearing his Adopt Me vest visiting the State Fair with volunteer Luke and his family. When Hank got back to the shelter, he had to tell anyone who would listen that he would soon be going home. His new mom is over the moon with this silly boy and I’ll have an update at the end of this post.


Ariel, our wonderful, smart-as-a-whip but long-waiting girl, finally will have the perfect future for her abilities and personality. She was accepted into the Harbor Association of Volunteers for Animals (HAVA) Freedom Tails project. This program takes qualifying shelter dogs and matches them with a person serving time in a state prison. The dogs “give offenders an opportunity to learn about responsibility, caring, and love for another living being. They live with the offenders 24/7 for ten weeks. They are trained in basic commands, both verbal and hand, and in socialization skills.” At the end of ten weeks, the dogs are adoptable and find loving forever homes, “a home needing a new member is made whole, and the offenders find that sense of purpose in doing something that may have been missing for such a long time.” (http://www.hava-heart.org/freedom-tails) Ariel has a job with a farmer in Montana waiting for her to complete her training. Here she is outside the prison on her first day. We are so happy that this special dog will have what she wants most in life—a family and a job. You go, sweet girl!

Ariel new





Buddy, one of our long-termers, had a great day in play group last Sunday. Because of stress, he had become quite dog-reactive during his long stay at the shelter, so he had not been allowed in play groups lately. But during Aimee Sadler’s visit, we fitted him with a muzzle and let him play during several play-group sessions. He did so well that on Sunday, staff-member Jessi took his muzzle off and to our delight, Buddy happily continued romping with his friends. Here he is, taking a break, posing for my camera. Buddy is a four-year-old Bull Dog/Boxer mix. He is such a good boy and has been waiting so long for a forever home. If you need a large lap dog, Buddy is it!

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Here was Buddy later in the day on Sunday with volunteer Natalie. (He’s looking up at another walker who I found out later was making faces at him.)


This morning’s play groups were great fun. The highlight was watching Buddy and his new BFF Prudence. They would race around a while…


…then take some time to relax.

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I’m available for adoption! Pick ME! Pick ME!

Wilson, a three-year-old Shepherd mix arrived as a S.T.A.R.T. dog last May. Since he came to us as a stray from California, we don’t know about his history, but he had several issues in the beginning. Poor Wilson was afraid of so many things out in the world, like parked cars! He also had some issues with guarding food and was very underweight. It was decided to work with him for awhile before making him adoptable. One of his main trainers was volunteer Jolene (below). Gradually Wilson gained weight, got braver, and started acting like a happy dog. He began enjoying play groups with the more mellow dogs and we discovered he LOVED the pools. Last week it was decided that he had made the improvement needed to become adoptable! His many fans at the shelter are thrilled that this very good boy can now be found by his forever family. We hope that will be soon!

DSCN9127Here he is hanging out with me in one of the yards.

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Bruce meets Bruce!

Early Sunday afternoon, volunteer Bruce brought a dog who had just been surrendered to where I was taking pictures.

“What’s the dog’s name, Bruce?” I asked.

“Bruce,” said Bruce.

“No, I mean the dog’s name,” I said.

“Bruce,” said Bruce.

And that’s how I met Bruce, the dog, who was having a hard time believing that there was a human named Bruce, too.

Page_1Bruce is a nine-year-old Boxer mix who is the whole package. He is house-trained and has lived happily with other dogs, cats, and children of all ages. Everyone who meets Bruce falls in love with this boy. Whoever adopts him will be so glad!




I get along with everyone. Really, I do!

Budda is a new arrival. He is a seventeen-pound, one-year-old Chihuahua mix. He was a little nervous at our initial meeting, but he began to warm up to Marianne by the time our picture session was over. Budda is another all-star at relationships. He has lived happily with both other dogs and cats. He would do best with older kids who would handle him gently. Budda is a cuddler and definitely a lap dog. He is also crate-trained, an added plus. He would like a little help in fine-tuning his potty training. I have a feeling this little guy will find a new home quickly!

DSCN0717 DSCN0718




Yes, I really am the cutest thing you’ve seen in a long time!

Oh my gosh! When Jolene brought Sheniah out for pictures, I just smiled. What a face! This little Maltese/Bichon Frise mix is about five years old and was found as a stray. She is gentle, affectionate (as Jolene found out!) and pretty much the most adorable little dog you could imagine. I’m sure she’ll be adopted VERY soon! Enough said!

DSCN0777 DSCN0755




I’ve been waiting for my forever family for a long time. Other little dogs get adopted but I haven’t been. Would you adopt me?

Balboa is a six-pound, two-year-old Chihuahua cutie. He arrived from California last July. He had a cold and was lucky enough to get to go to volunteer Jolene’s house to recuperate. Now he’s back at the shelter. Here he was on Sunday with Natalie.

DSCN0736While we don’t know anything about his past, we certainly know what a great little dog he is now because of his time at Jolene’s house. And just to show you how smart this little guy is, he wrote up about his vacation himself! Here’s what he had to say.

“Hi, my name is Balboa. My foster mom called me Bo. I stayed with her until I was over my cold. All better now though! While I was there, I played with her dogs. They were big guys, but I loved them just the same. Well, everything is big to me, but these four dogs were almost 100 pounds each! Someone had to be the boss. 🙂 We played together, napped, ate dinner and took walks. I enjoyed their company. After playing with them, I would take a nap on my foster mom’s lap and snuggle a bit. I liked that, too. I got to ride to the store in her car. We went to Lowe’s and I met all kinds of people. I got a lot of attention there!  After dinner and more playing with my “buds,” I would go into my crate for a good night’s sleep. The next day I was happy and eager to play and learn again. My foster mom told me that I was a happy dog, easy to please, and good company.”

So there you have it! This little guy is ready for his new forever family. Some family is going to be mighty lucky! Here are some pictures taken during his vacation with Jolene’s family.

IMG_1177[1] IMG_1165[1]

This last one is with Smudge, one of his BIG foster brothers!IMG_1201[1]




I’m shy and a little nervous. I’m hoping for a calm, quiet home.

This is Ginger, a nine-pound, five-year-old Chihuahua mix. Ginger is shy, but given a few minutes, she crawled into Alexis’ lap where she stayed. Ginger is looking for a home without a lot of hubbub, and please, no cats. She has lived with other dogs just fine. Older kids who would not over-handle her would also be good. She needs consistency in house-training in order to be successful. Ginger is hoping for a family who will give her the time and attention she longs for. We’re thinking she’ll be adopted soon!





You know my BFF, now you can meet ME!

Prudence, Buddy’s new best friend, is a five-year-old Cane Corse/Rottweiler mix. At 84 pounds, she is is a BIG girl! She is also gentle, except when she’s roughhousing with Buddy. Since Prudence came to us as a S.T.A.R.T.-transported dog from California, we don’t know her history, but we do know she enjoys being with people (believe it or not, she considers herself a lap dog!) and seems to do well with other dogs, as we saw in play group today. Here she was with Bruce on Sunday. (She’s his current favorite!)





Yes, I know I have big ears, is there a problem with that?

Pulla is a newbie to the shelter. She is an Australian Shepherd/Pit Bull Terrier mix who is six years old. Pulla is a very active girl who loves going on adventures. She came to play group this morning and did well. She would love attending some of our training classes at WHS with a new person so she could learn to walk more easily on leash and other skills. Pulla is house-trained and seems smart and eager to learn. She’s hoping for an active family with older children. Here she was with Jolene on Sunday.





My name is Twinkie. I promise to be a great little friend to you!

Nine-year-old Twinkie, a Chihuahua who hasn’t had an easy life, is hoping to start a brand new chapter by being adopted into a loving home. All she needs is that loving home. At 12 pounds, she fits just right into your lap. She’s affectionate, liked my hot dog bits, and enjoyed spending time with her new friend, Bruce. She’ll need some pointers on house-training, but she’ll no doubt be a quick study with a little time and patience. Twinkie deserves a fresh start with people to call her own. Are you looking for a new best friend?







I’m on a diet and exercise plan to get ready for my new family!

Ian spent some quality time with Daisy on Sunday. Daisy is one of our S.T.A.R.T. California dogs who came to us looking for an Oregon family. She is an eight-year-old Beagle/Chihuahua mix who is as sweet as she can be. Because she is somewhat shy, it takes her a few minutes to warm up, but once she does, she’s a delightful little character. She’s put on a few too many pounds lately and is proud to say that she’s already lost two of them since arriving at the shelter and is hoping to shed a few more. Daisy is already house-trained. She has been in play group, but isn’t the rambunctious type, so would be happier just to hang out with her people. Could her people be YOU?

Ian and Daisy






Our vocal boy got a jackpot of a home for himself! I was so happy to hear from his new family on how things have been going so far.

“Thanks to a sweet young man I met at the state fair who was volunteering at the Humane Society booth, we, Danielle (mom), Phil (dad), Zachary, Harmony, Keith, Cameron, David & Jessy (all 6 kids), adopted Hank just 4 days ago from the Willamette Humane Society!  Hank is a three-year-young black and tan coon hound that we absolutely adore. He is fun, energetic, loves and sleeps with the kids and our perfect pup. We honestly couldn’t have picked a more perfect family dog. We are in search of a house to get out of our apartment so we can keep him in a more comfortable lifestyle. My oldest son is autistic and also has ODD and ADHD. Hank has opened a more loving and brighter side to him since he has been here.”

20140908_150636 20140908_101910

Guess Hank isn’t having a problem relaxing in his new home!




Remember Clyde? He was one of my all-time favorite dogs and was with us for a long time, adopted twice and returned before he found his wonderful forever home. Here he was with me when he was at WHS.

Clyde and me

Now, I knew that Clyde was smart, but imagine my surprise when I got this message from him and found out that he also has his own Facebook page! What a smart boy!

“Hi! My name is Clyde Flood. Mel and Jess adopted me from the Willamette Humane Society in April. They take such great care of me. Every morning I wake Jess up between 8 and 9:30 and she makes me a wonderful breakfast, then we’re off to the park so that I can get my exercise and play with my friends. We have met so many wonderful people and dogs at the park. Jess and I usually spend about two hours there, we spend most of our time playing fetch, and trying out my tricks. So far I’ve learned how to sit, sit pretty, shake, lie down, and roll over. I sit and wait before leaving and coming into the house and cars.  They have also been teaching me how to stay, come when called, and take a bow recently; I can’t wait to see what’s next in my training schedule. When we get back from the park, Jess gets herself ready for work and Mel and I spend most afternoons together working on my obedience and learning new tricks to keep my mind busy. Sometimes she takes me in to visit Jess at work, her co-workers tell me what a good boy I am and they wish I could stay there more often, but I have too much to do, and can’t be there all the time. Sometimes we get to go to the pet store and I get to pick out a pig ear for myself and watch the ferrets and other animals play. In May Jess took me to Seattle with her to visit friends, and I learned how to swim in Lake Washington. It’s fun to go swimming, and when we’re done I’m usually really sleepy and have to take a nap. I love the beach and Mel has taken me to visit her momma and dad on the coast where we get to go play in the sand. I love the way the sand flies around when I run around, but the ocean is too cold and wild for swimming; it’s ok to splash around in when the waves sneak up on you, though. I have been so happy living with Mel and Jess; they take such good care of me, and I take good care of them. It’s hard to believe that I met them only five months ago, and how much I’ve learned about being a good boy from them.”

IMG_20140525_224849_002 IMG_20140524_185012_538 IMG_20140607_181211_261 IMG_20140807_121638_204 IMG_20140720_125225_774 IMG_20140607_192132_814 IMG_20140805_075009_003

I’m so happy you are having such a great life, big boy!

That’s it for this week!

Remember, if you see a dog on my blog whom you are interested in meeting, try to make arrangements to get to the Willamette Humane Society soon. Some dogs are adopted more quickly than you might think.

You can reach me at adoptanoregondog14@yahoo.com