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Dear Fellow Dog Lovers,

We may not have had a large number of dog adoptions in the past week (10), but three of them were long-term favorites of many, including me, and we are thrilled that they have finally found their forever homes. More on them a little later. Here are the Blog Dogs who were adopted during the last week.

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And now a word from three of them.


And here is Oscar/Springer and his new people.

SpringerUpdate: Just got this from his foster after Oscar’s first night in his new home: “Just got a call from new mom and she says he did great last night and they are in love already!”





With the cooperation of staff and dedicated volunteers, WHS now has play groups six days a week! This was our goal after the Aimee Sadler training and we made it. Play groups are incredibly good for the dogs in relieving shelter stress and great for staff and volunteers as a way to better evaluate each dog in a setting other than inside a kennel or during a brief behavior evaluation. Sunday morning was busy, but I did get a chance to overhear some interesting conversation.

Chester, a nine-year-old Basset Hound mix, did his best for my picture, but didn’t quite get what I meant.

Page_02Lucy decided to demonstrate.


When volunteer Harmony and I were trying to get better pictures of Cinders, little Boo Boo felt ignored.


Meanwhile in the Rough & Rowdy side, Blossom (adopted the next day) tried to impress Love Bug with her athletic skills.





Hello. I’m a gentle giant hoping for a new family who will love me.

I know what you’re thinking…that I fall in love with almost every dog I meet at the shelter. Well, you’re right, but wait. There are some whose personality and back story are grabbers, such as Champ. While I was taking pictures of new dogs on Sunday afternoon, this beautiful boy was surrendered. His owner, since Champ was a puppy, had died. Champ is a ten-year-old Siberian Husky mix. He is a gentle giant at 103 pounds. He walks perfectly on leash, is house-trained, and gets along with other dogs and doesn’t pay any attention to cats. He took my treats politely and enjoyed the attention that Diane and I gave him. This lovely old dog is looking for a quiet retirement home, leisurely walks, and a person to love and curl up next to in the evening. Both Diane and I totally fell in love with this sweet boy. Let’s get him a great home quickly so he doesn’t have to stay in the shelter for long. Calling lovers of older dogs!

DSCN3791DSCN3784Here this sweet boy was today with Steve. He seemed to be feeling sad.





It’s a miracle that I’m here in Oregon. Oh, and my name is Miracle, too.

I met this shy girl on Sunday, also. Miracle is a recent transfer to us from an overcrowded shelter in California through our S.T.A.R.T. partner, so we don’t know her history. She is recovering from a cold at the moment, so is in the ISO kennels, but still very much available for adoption. Miracle was fearful at first when Wendi and I met her, but she slowly started to warm up as we spoke softly to her and she began to take the hot dog bits I offered her. The worried look in her eyes didn’t leave, however. Miracle is a Dalmatian/Boxer mix and we think she is about four years old. She would do best in a calm, quiet home with either adults only or one with older children. We’re hoping her forever family will find her very soon.






I’m a very happy girl and you would be lucky to adopt me! Did I convince you?

I’ve been waiting for this cheery gal to be available for adoption and this week she is. Meet Oswin, a two-year-old Lab/Siberian Husky mix who can hardly hold in her excitement about life. She is looking for a family who is active and who will continue training classes that she has taken and loved. She needs a family with older children, as little ones make her nervous. She also shouldn’t live with cats or any small furry animals, as she likes to play chase. Oswin has been in play group and does well with some dogs, but is picky about her playmates, so will need to have a shelter dog-meet with any dog she would live with, and it shouldn’t be a dog who is smaller than she. Oswin walks great on leash, she is treat-motivated and loves to learn new things. She is affectionate and loves to go on adventures. She will make the right family a wonderful companion. She enjoyed spending time with Jolene last week.


And here she is with Jeff on Sunday.





I’m told I am a very handsome boy and I’m looking for a home.

This is Houdini, a two-year-old, 60-pound Pit Bull Terrier mix, one of our newly arrived California S.T.A.R.T. dogs. He was surrendered when his person went off to college. This boy is friendly, smart, and treat-motivated. He will be a breeze to teach new skills to. He was feeling a little uncertain in his new state and I couldn’t get him to smile no matter what crazy sounds I made. As you can see by his expressions, he wasn’t impressed by my silliness. He is active and will need a family with older kids or just adults who will continue with his training. He can be a little possessive of his toys, so will need some training on that issue. But he has great potential and could surely use a loving family. He has very sincere eyes. Here he is with Francis.


DSCN3670 DSCN3678




My name is Lucy. I’m a good girl, but am stressed here at the shelter.

Lucy is a two-year-old Collie/Australian Shepherd mix. I wrote about her last week and was certain that she would be adopted by now, since she is the whole package. She walks politely on leash, takes treats gently, knows several commands, plays fetch, and gets along with other dogs. On Sunday I felt sorry for this sweetheart, as she is showing signs of stress being in the shelter environment. She isn’t smiling as much and seems sad. I’m really hoping she’ll be adopted very soon, she’s such a wonderful dog. Here she was with Wendi.

DSCN3656She did, however, become interested in Wendi’s treats after the interview.

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Emelynn’s Pick of the Week!

We first met Isabella last Wednesday, shortly after she arrived at WHS. She is a one-year-old Blue Healer mix. She was surrendered due to the health of her owner and she was very scared by all the new sounds and activity of the shelter. Emelynn took her outside and, after a walk, the two of them sat down together for a long time. You could see Isabella visibly start to relax and settle leaning on Emelynn. After awhile, Emelynn started to read and that was fine with Izzy.

DSCN3555 DSCN3535 DSCN3529

Both Emelynn and I were relieved to find out the next day that Isabella was spending some time at foster Jolene’s house. Here’s what Jolene sent me about her stay.

“Isabella is a wonderful, little dog.  She has been with me a week or so because kennel life was stressful to her.  She is young, full of energy and very smart. With that, she would do well with Frisbees, balls, being a jogging partner or running on the beach or taking hikes.  She would do well with a family with kids and cats who are comfortable with her and want to play, exercise and train with her in a nice-sized back yard.  Before she came to me, she did not have too much time spent with other dogs, and had to meet my four large dogs.  She seemed understandably hesitant, but did do fine with them.  I gave her a little extra time with each one and then added one more at a time.  She did well, but never having a chance to meet other dogs, she was unsure how to play.  She is relaxing around them and learning.  More socializing with dogs will make her a more comfortable, relaxed dog in different situations.   She loves to be with people and snuggle.  She is house trained and rides well in a car. She knows sit, down, come, and stay. She sleeps in a crate and is an excellent walker on a leash and will look up at you to check in and get direction.  She wants to play and learn and will be a good family watch dog.”

Here are a couple of pictures Jolene sent.

IMG_1486[1] IMG_1490[1] Isabella is a terrific girl. We are so hoping she will be found by her forever family quickly.




Everyone at the shelter thinks I’m very special. You will, too!

Titan has won the heart of just about everybody he meets. I mean, just look at this face!

DSCN3127Titan is an eight-year-old Shar-Pei mix. Here he was with Ian on Sunday.


DSCN3132 DSCN3124If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know that volunteer Marianne falls in love with just about every dog she meets. (Yes, I know that sounds familiar!) However, some dogs climb right into her heart and don’t let go. Titan is one of those special dogs. So Marianne had no choice but to take him home for a respite. Here is her report with pictures.

“What a fantastic dog. Please help me find him a home. Titan is house-trained, great with my two mellow dogs, does not get on furniture unless invited, LOVES to play with toys, gets SUPER excited to go for a walk, is very polite, and knows commands like sit, stay, shake, down, go to your bed. He rides wonderfully in the car and was really good for his bath last night. Shar-Peis can be quite aloof and somewhat grumpy—NOT Titan. He is affectionate, and when he is happy his tail wags his whole body. He loves to be petted, and wants to be near his human, but not in a clingy way. Dogs like Titan don’t come along every day. I’m so lucky to have him at my house for a few days.”

10387043_10204364996617276_3000376171171739831_o 1374133_10204360889434599_1097586818013083318_n10475263_10204361123400448_897124829074349827_nSo…who wants to adopt this wonderful guy?

Marianne brought him back to the shelter today. She and Caroline took him for a walk.





 I’m just a pup! Will you take me home?

I don’t usually feature youngsters, as they get adopted very quickly, but I’m making an exception for this cutie. His name is Trevor and he is a five-month-old Pit Bull Terrier mix who is another California S.T.A.R.T. dog. We do know that he was found as a stray. He doesn’t seem to have had much socialization with other dogs or people, so is a bit shy at first, but warms up quickly and gets along with other dogs. He’s learning to walk on a leash and he’s working on some commands. This little guy (40 pounds) is going to grow up into a big boy and training classes now will ensure he becomes a great family dog. I don’t think it will take long for this pup to worm his way into an adopter’s heart. Here he was on Sunday with Jolene.





I’m still here waiting for my right family fit!

I’ve written about Nico several times before. He is an Australian Kelpie/Pit Bull Terrier mix. He is two years old and weighs about 50 pounds. He’s been at WHS since July. He’ll need a home with experienced owners but no cats. Nico loves people and is hoping just the right family will find him. Volunteer Linda has been spending time with this eager, smart boy, working on his manners. Here they were on Sunday during training.


Nico was the first dog I took out this afternoon and was I ever impressed with his improvement! He was very polite in his kennel and when we exited and reached a door, he sat on command and waited for permission to pass through. Once on our walk, he was excellent on leash, never pulling; he checked in with me often. I found it curious, though, that he chose to walk on the railroad ties rather than on the path.

DSCN3914We stopped every so often for a couple of hot dog bits.

Page_2And sometimes just to relax and talk.

Page_4Nico is a good dog. He has some special needs (no cats, no fences he can climb), but he is smart, eager, and highly trainable. We all hope the right person will find this deserving boy soon.





I know I’m not young, but I will cheer you up when you’re down and listen to you tell me about your day…every day.

This is Jack and he is 12 years old. His owner had to surrender him because of declining health and Jack is hoping for a new person to love. He is a Jack Russell mix and one of the calmest, nicest dogs I’ve ever met. He will make someone a wonderful companion for a long time. He has won the hearts of everyone at the shelter including Marla’s. She enjoyed spending time with this gentle soul today.



That’s it for this week!

Remember, if you see a dog on my blog whom you are interested in meeting, try to make arrangements to get to the Willamette Humane Society soon. Some dogs are adopted more quickly than you might think.

You can reach me at adoptanoregondog14@yahoo.com