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NEWS FLASH! It was just announced that WHS has won a Holiday Wishes grant of $50,000 from Petco Foundation for a movie about Coco! I am so thrilled that movie-maker Meredith, WHS Development Coordinator, used some of my video and photos of Coco and her 13 puppies in the movie. What a wonderful day! Watch the video here!



Dear Fellow Dog Lovers,

The Christmas season is upon us and the shelter dogs and volunteers are getting excited as they anticipate next week when they’ll get to wear Santa hats in pictures for my post! (Okay, maybe I’m the one excited and everyone else is just sighing.) But we’re all hoping that our current furry friends will be spending the holidays in new homes with their forever families.

We had nine Blog Dogs adopted last week!

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I happened to be at the shelter when Kane’s person came to adopt him. If you are a regular reader of my posts, you know Kane well. As a twelve-year-old gentle giant, he had won the hearts of everyone he met, but still he had not found his forever home. On Sunday he did. First came the dog meets. Kane needed to prove he could get along with an aging Min Pin and Bonnie. Bonnie, now ten, was adopted from WHS as a puppy. None of us were worried about the meets. Kane loved playgroup and got along with everyone. After the successful meet-and-greets, I snapped these pictures. Gene, the potential adopter, was smitten and the only hesitation was that his wife had not yet met Kane. It was decided that Gene would bring her on Monday. However, after I arrived home yesterday afternoon and checked the website, Gene had adopted Kane and headed home. What a great retirement our huge, loveable teddy bear will have!

DSCN6180DSCN6174 DSCN6172This is Bonnie, adopted ten years ago at WHS.






Playgroup was active and busy for volunteers as we brought new dogs in to play and took tired ones back to their kennels. I did overhear a couple of remarks, however, as I shuttled dogs. Goodwin has been in ISO getting over a cold for the past several weeks and he was finally well and got to come out to play with his friends. He was ecstatic and let everyone know (over and over) how happy he was to be out and about again!


And Rusty asked volunteer Linda’s Will for his opinion.





We’re active girls hoping for families wanting to have adventures with us!

Jolene and I first met Luna last week after she had been brought in with her mother as strays. Jolene and I both could tell they were very nice dogs and had had some training. Luna is about two years old and knows how to walk on leash and sits when asked. She is affectionate and eager to please. She is listed as a Bull Terrier mix, but who knows what else?! She is a cutie no matter what she is!


And here is her mother, Starr, about three years old and some kind of Pit Bull/Lab mix. Starr is a little more reactive around other dogs than Luna is and will need some training work for that issue. But otherwise, Starr is just as delightful as Luna. The do not have to be adopted together. I hope they find homes before Christmas!





I’m looking for a retirement home with other retired humans!

Trusty Rusty is ten years old and is as sweet as they come. Both Ian and I fell in love with this older Shepherd mix who is looking for his perfect retirement family. Since he can no longer “hold it” for more than a couple of hours, he’ll need to be in a home where someone is home most of the time to let him out. He’d also enjoy going to work with his person, if that were an option. Rusty is also a bit of a magician, as his former people say he can figure out how to unlock doors so he can go on adventures (they also said he always returns home). Rusty is a loving, happy boy who just wants to be with his people all the time. He loves everybody and hopes for the perfect retirement forever home very soon.

DSCN5975 DSCN5971




I’m back and I’m just as good a boy as ever!

Buddy is a five-year-old Lab mix. His family loved him very much but could not keep him any longer. This boy is just about perfect. He is gentle, happy, knows some commands, walks well on leash and is treat-motivated. When he was here during the summer of 2013, he was a camp dog. Caroline instantly announced that Buddy is her new favorite at the shelter. We’re hoping he’ll find a forever home quickly.





I’m pretty new here. People tell me I’m a really cool dog!

Rusty is a youngster at one year old, so isn’t finished growing yet. He will probably reach about fifty pounds when mature. Rusty is a Redbone Coondog/Pit Bull Terrier mix. He already knows several commands and has pretty good dog manners, but will need his positive training to continue. Since he loves treats, teaching him new skills should be easy. He has a great time in playgroup and gets along well with other dogs. Here he is with Gracie on Sunday. I have a feeling he will be adopted soon!





Yep, I’m a smiling Pug. Got a problem with that?

See the grin on this Pug? Meet BooBoo a purebred six-year-old Pug. He’s a newbie who arrived at the shelter with his friend, Tally. They share a kennel but don’t have to be adopted together. BooBoo is a gentle little guy with a few extra pounds that he would like to shed with a new family’s encouragement. BooBoo is an eager, happy little guy. Ian had fun with him on Sunday. For all of you Pug lovers out there, this dog is a peach!

DSCN6077I can’t get over his grin!





I’m BooBoo’s good friend!

This little girl snuggled in Laslo’s arms is a five-year-old Chihuahua named Tally. She was surrendered with BooBoo, but they aren’t so bonded that they have to go home together. Tally is a bit shy, but took my treats politely and enjoyed being held. She is gentle enough for children as long as they are gentle with her. At seven pounds, she is definitely a lap dog!


Here the two are together with the boys.

DSCN6098And I couldn’t resist snapping this picture of Tally.





Need a jogging or hiking or running companion? Pick ME! Pick ME!

This beautiful German Shepherd/Siberian Husky mix is Anastasia. She was found as a stray, so we don’t know her history, but when Jolene and I met her last Sunday, we instantly recognized that she is a delightful, well-mannered girl. At 42 pounds, she is a bit underweight, so will enjoy all the treats that her new family will give her during training. We think she is about four years old. She sat when asked and took my hot dog bits politely. She seems to be a gentle, though active, dog. I don’t know her well, but I bet she will make a wonderful family addition. And what a beauty!





Yep, we’re still here! Looking for a couple of great pals?

Of course, I had to take a picture of Cecil and Penny. If you read my post last week, you know that these two siblings are so hoping to go home together, as they are tightly bonded. Penny needs Cecil to boost her confidence and Cecil takes looking out for Penny very seriously. They are two-year-old Chihuahua mixes. Their adoption fee is reduced if they go home together. They are looking for a calm, quiet home where they can relax and feel safe and loved. Here they are with Diane, Noah and Gracie.






Do I look worried? Well, I guess I am a little concerned.

When I met this boy on Sunday, I was so touched by his furrowed brow. This is Musafa, a fifty-eight-pound Pit Bull Terrier mix. Ian and I tried to reassure him that he’ll find a new home soon, but his worried look didn’t disappear. This beautiful boy is house-trained and walks politely on leash. He is treat-motivated, so learning new skills in positive ways will be a breeze. He loves people, but can be picky about his dog friends, so should meet any dog he would be living with. He likes to play fetch with tennis balls and would probably make a great running or jogging partner, too. He would love to be someone’s best friend so that he can stop worrying.

DSCN6159Notice how in the usual Pit Bull style, he likes to lean against his person.





My name is Mira and I’m looking for an active family to be mine!

Mira is a Dalmatian/Pit Bull Terrier mix and is two years old. She is very affectionate to people, treat-motivated and a quick learner. However, she loves to jump and boy, can she jump! Mira will need a six-foot or higher fence so that she doesn’t go on her own adventures. She’s a little underweight, so giving her yummy treats while working on her dog-to-dog skills will be great. Mira would probably do best as an only pet and she would love all of the attention. Here she was with Wendi on Sunday.

DSCN6146And here she was with Caroline last Wednesday. Did I mention that she is very affectionate?

DSCN5832 Mira and Caroline DSCN5824Mira will take a special family with the patience and understanding to help her become the best friend anyone could ask for.






If you are a regular reader of my posts, you will remember lovable Gilbert. Here he was during is long, long stay at WHS. When Gilbert came to us, he had a fractured leg and after an operation, he went to volunteer Jolene F.’s house to recuperate. This ever-cheerful boy was quite the challenge. He had such a good heart but was soooo strong. (He was our “demo dog” when volunteer Linda and I made a training video on how to walk strong, pulling dogs.)

Gilbert Gilbert was finally adopted, but it was not long before he was back at WHS. By this time Gilbert was firmly planted in Jolene’s heart and even though she already had three other large dogs at home, Gilbert joined the pack. Now, on his one-year adoption anniversary, Gilbert has sent me an update. He knows what a lucky dog he is!

“Merry Christmas everyone. I wanted to let you know that I just had my one-year anniversary with my adopters. One year ago Jolene and Charlie adopted me! I have been very happy and spoiled. I play, run, nap, and share treats with my brothers. I have also met 10 foster dogs who have spent time at my house and I have loved them all. I will be 4 in January and Livin’ The Dream! Here are some pics of me hanging out at home and with some of my foster friends.”

image_4 image_8 image_6 image_9 image_7 image_10 image_2 imageThat’s our Gilbert! Such a helper dog with making fosters feel at home and safe.



Remember our sweet Mary who was adopted by her little girl, Kaiya? Here’s the picture that said it all when they met.

DSCN3585Well, Mary’s family recently moved to a bigger house with a bigger yard! Heather sent me this video of Mary in her new playground.





Remember, if you see a dog on my blog whom you are interested in meeting, try to make arrangements to get to the Willamette Humane Society soon. Some dogs are adopted more quickly than you might think.

You can reach me at adoptanoregondog14@yahoo.com