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Dear Fellow Dog Lovers,

Maybe it’s the spring-like weather we’ve been having, but dog adoptions continue to go at a rapid clip. Last week there were twenty-three! Some of the dogs were at the shelter for only a couple of days! And some wonderful news is that the bonded seniors Bebe and Scooper went home together! Here are the Blog Dogs who have their own families.

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With the bright sunshine, there was a great deal of conversation during Sunday’s playgroup. The platform seemed to be the center of attention.

Staff dog Graceland and Freya enjoyed playing hide-and-seek with Whitney Rose.

Page_4Page_5But when it was time to trade places…


Tara had a feeling and she was right!



Volunteer Tom sent this photo to me of another playgroup. That’s Tom on the platform and Ben is his dog. Ben wanted to make something crystal clear.





I’m not sure what all the fuss is about!? My ears?

Some new S.T.A.R.T. dogs from overcrowded California shelters arrived at WHS a few days ago. One of them is named WonderEars. He is a three-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix. Here he was with Emelynn on Sunday.

DSCN1171This boy is one active character. He has had little training, and our WHS classes would be fantastic for him to learn manners and have fun at the same time. He is eager, happy, and excited to be alive. He will need an adult home without cats and will need to meet any dog he might live with. His person will have to be up to the challenge of training and have the energy to give this boy the activity he needs. But what a joy he will be! One cannot help but laugh when you see all of his different ear positions! I’ve never seen anything quite like him!

Position #1: Crossing my ears for a forever home.

DSCN1160Position #2: I call this getting to the point!

WonderEars - Version 2Position #3: He went that-a-way!

WonderEars - Version 3Position #4: Yes, I can look like a normal dog.

WonderEars - Version 4Emelynn and I really enjoyed meeting this bundle of energy.





I’ve been told I have a very expressive face. Some say I look like a teacher.

Meet Ruthie, a two-year-old, five-pound Chihuahua mix. Despite her very serious look, Ruthie is a happy, playful little girl. She does well in playgroup and loves to be held or to hang out in your lap. I have actually seen her smile, though I haven’t caught it on camera. Here she was with Caroline on Sunday.

DSCN0917When I took this picture, I felt an instant bond with Ruthie. Being a retired elementary teacher, I have given the “teacher look” many, many times. 🙂 Ruthie does it to perfection!

Ruthie - Version 2




Yep, I’m Cassidy’s favorite! I could be yours, too!

When I saw staff-member Cassidy on Sunday, she asked if she could have her picture taken with Mira, a two-year-old Dalmatian mix. Like Cassidy, I fell in love with Mira when she arrived at WHS last December. She was adopted, but came back to us because she was too active. Mira would love to get additional training in our WHS classes. She already knows some commands, but can be distracted when she sees other dogs, so would benefit from working on focusing her attention. She would ideally like to be the only pet in the family. She should not be in a home with cats. Mira is learning to walk very nicely using a Halti (as she is wearing here) and doesn’t mind it. Mira would love to go on adventures with her new family and could be a fun hiking partner. Cassidy and I, along with Mira’s many other fans, hope she’ll find the perfect home very soon.





I’m READY! How about you adopting me right NOW?!

Major is a very energetic one-year-old German Shepherd mix who is looking forward to an exciting life with someone ready for FUN! I mean, look at the grin on that mug! Major has not had much training, but is very treat-motivated (he knows I am holding hot dog bits) and would be an eager and quick learner. He will be a terrific companion for outdoor activities and will happily try any new fun adventure you have in mind. Because of his size and exuberance, Major needs a home with older kids. Here he is with Jolene.

DSCN1339The joy in his face is contagious!

Major - Version 3Here Major is later on Sunday afternoon with Tyler. Yep, he’s still grinning!





I may be little, but everyone thinks I’m adorable!

Caroline and I met Dougie for the first time last Wednesday before he was adoptable and were amazed at what a polite little guy he is. Dougie is a ten-month-old youngster who is a Chihuahua/Basenji mix. Since he is still a puppy, he’ll need lots of exercise and would be a perfect candidate for our WHS training classes to learn all about being a grown-up dog. He already knows how to sit when asked and certainly doesn’t need to learn how to be affectionate! This little boy is a keeper!





I may not be a smiler, but I’m a sweetheart just the same!

This is Ani, a four-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix who is such a doll. She is gentle, knows several commands, gets along with other dogs and although she never lived with kids, was good with them when they visited in her former home. She is a little timid, so older kids would be best to live with her. Her only issue is that she can jump over a five-foot fence. If you’re looking for a calm, easy-going, loving new family member, Ani may be the one for you! Here she is with Jolene.

DSCN1316 - Version 2And here was Ani today with Sandra after having been spayed.





I’m an uncomplicated best friend. I think I should be yours.

Oh my goodness, what a wonderful senior. I met Tyson for the first time this afternoon when Joan had him out for his walk. Tyson is a ten-year-old Lab mix. He scored very well on his behavior assessment and would be a perfect dog for a family wanting a gentle, loyal, and trusting friend. He is house-trained, knows several commands, and is simply a perfect boy. The shelter is stressful for any dog, older ones especially. We’re hoping this sweet gentleman will get his forever home very soon.





I may be small but I’ll be a huge part of your heart if you adopt me!

Penelope is an eight-month-old Chihuahua mix who weighs only four pounds. Caroline started calling her “Teeny-Tiny” which seemed to fit, since the word “Penelope” seems longer than she is! This little girl is playful with other small dogs, but overwhelmed around the bigger guys. Her favorite place is in your arms. With her size and shyness, she would do best in a home with adults only or one with older kids. Since she is still a puppy, WHS training classes would be a great idea so that she will grow into a confident, happy adult. I love her ears!

DSCN1261Here she is with Jolene.





You say you’re looking for a lap dog? Well take a look at me!

Arlo takes the image of a lap dog to a whole new level. Just ask Joan! This big boy is a two-year-old Rottweiler/Shepherd mix. When I met him today for pictures, I asked him to sit. He did—on Joan. Arlo is an active, smart, and eager boy looking for a family who will take him on adventures with them. He knows several commands and will be a quick study for many more since he is very treat-motivated. He came to us from another shelter where he had been found as a stray. He did great on his behavior assessment, but because of his size and enthusiasm, he would need to be with older kids. What a beautiful boy this is!





I’m still a youngster looking for a family to grow up with!

Steve spent some time with newbie Rue, an eight-month-old American Staffordshire/Australian Kelpie mix who is such a cute little girl. Since she is still a pup, she needs a patient family who will teach her how to be polite. Rue loved my hot-dog bits, so will be easy to train. She’d be a super student in our training classes. Rue is spunky, happy and eager to please. Steve enjoyed his time with her.

DSCN1500 DSCN1494




I’m goofy, I’m fun, I’m the life of the yard! I’ll love you to the moon and back!

A newbie that I needed to get some pictures of today is Bubba, a six-year-old German Shorthaired Pointer/Weimaraner mix. I saw that Joan was having a grand time with him out playing, so I walked out to see them. This is what I saw walking into the yard. I knew right away this boy is a goofball! Bubba (the name fits him) is a joyful, enthusiastic, the-glass-is-half-full kind of dog. He is house-trained, has lived wonderfully with children, and did great on his behavior assessment. He’d like an active family who will give him playtime, then let him curl up with them in the evening. These pictures will give you an idea of the personality of this wonderful boy.


Page_1He knows several commands and even did well with “stay” for Joan.





I’m very shy, but as you will see, I do warm up and then I’m cuddly!

When Emelynn first brought Bombon out for pictures, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get any good ones. He is a one-year-old Chihuahua/Pomeranian mix who is oh, so cute, but extremely timid. He would not come close to me and wouldn’t get near enough to Emelynn for a picture with her.

DSCN1535But later in the afternoon after all of the dogs had been walked, Emelynn took Bombon out again for some quiet bonding time. I was just getting ready to head home when I saw the two of them sitting on a bench. Bombon had not only warmed up enough to cuddle with Emelynn, but he even took hot dog bits from my hand. This little guy will need a patient, understanding family, but boy, will he be worth it when he learns to trust them!






Last week I got a nice comment on my blog and in it the lady mentioned that she had adopted Sam from us last November. I immediately asked if I could get an update on him and she said she would. Here was a picture I took of Sam when he was at the shelter.


And here is the wonderful update. Sam is a very lucky boy!

“This is Sam. I adopted him a year ago in November. I have my 87-year-old Mom living with me, and thought she needed a companion to keep her company while I am at work. Sam has been a great fit! He is devoted to Mom (mostly because she feeds him, I think) and his mellow personality has made him a favorite with other family members, when they come to visit. Sam has a girlfriend—my sister’s dog, who barely tolerates his affection. But is he ever cute, chasing her around like Pepe La Pu!
I am so thankful that we found Sam at WHS. I can’t imagine how we got along without him! Keep up the great work you all do. Truly you are enriching lives, both for humans and animals!”



Many of you will remember Dixon. He was a long-time favorite of many staff and volunteers. Here he was during his long stay with us.

DSCN8252And here is the latest update from his family.

“So many pictures of Dixon, I have a hard time choosing! Over the past year, Dixon has taught us a lot about him. He doesn’t care for small, yappy dogs. We are getting ready to go to a class to help him with his social skills with all dogs smaller than he is. He’s been an awesome addition to our family. Dixon loves to remind us to take play breaks. He has shown a great skill in letting my husband know when his sugars are off or if my sister is going to have a seizure. Dixon has been camping with us, swims almost daily in the summer. But we have learned he hates to have cold paws or to go out when it’s raining. He’s one spoiled pup. His grandma sent him a rain jacket and is just waiting for us to measure his paws so he can have boots when it’s icy or frosty out.”

20150107_123408 20150103_112630 Dixon 20150127_211710

On that happy note, that’s it for this week!

Remember, if you see a dog on my blog whom you are interested in meeting, try to make arrangements to get to the Willamette Humane Society soon. Some dogs are adopted more quickly than you might think.

You can reach me at adoptanoregondog14@yahoo.com