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Dear Fellow Dog Lovers,

Grab your coffee and scone, then join volunteer Tom in reading this new post! Tom sent me this photo last week saying, “Martha, your blog makes my Thursday morning coffee taste better.” 🙂


Lots of happy dog adoptions during the past week. Here are the Blog Dogs who were adopted.

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It was a beautiful May morning for dog romping and that’s exactly what everyone did. There was lots of chatter in both yards. The mellow yard didn’t seem too mellow at times.

Little Poodle Winter really wanted to play with the bigger dogs but they acted like he wasn’t even there.

Page_2That didn’t stop Winter from trying. More mature Timkin saw a potential problem for volunteer Harmony, who was taking playgroup notes.
Page_4Meanwhile, Cecil and Virgil hung out with volunteer Ali on the platform.

Page_1Winter finally gave up and decided to take it easy.

Page_3Sometimes taking it easy catches on. Newbie Timkin took Winter’s suggestion to heart.
Page_6 Page_7And Crystal went looking for a person and found me.


In the Rowdy yard Abigail decided to be proactive about getting adopted.


Meanwhile Rusty took a dip.





No one understands why I haven’t been adopted yet. We’re hoping it’ll be soon!

Rosco remains one of my favorites as he continues to wait for his forever family to find him. While he may seem to be a handful in his WHS kennel, once he gets away from the shelter he relaxes and is a very well-behaved boy while out and about or visiting in a home. Rosco is a two-year-old American Pit Bull Terrier. At 59 pounds, he is a nice size for an active family. He is house-trained and knows several commands like sit, roll over, shake, and back (as in back up). He is treat-motivated, so training him is fun and he is a quick learner. Rosco would be so happy in a home with older kids to play with (but no cats). He has been on several respites with volunteers and they can’t say enough good things about this boy. Even though he has been at the shelter since March 8th, Rosco continues to be a happy boy, sure that very soon his perfect family will adopt him. Here he was on Sunday with Jacob, one of his many fans. How I love Rosco’s grin!

Rosco and JacobToday Rosco’s biggest fan came to spend some quality time with him. Ashley has taken Rosco to her home on respites and reports he has been such a good boy. She sent me this picture of them from this afternoon. You can actually feel the love.





I won’t be much trouble, I’m only eight pounds!

This little cutie is Crystal. She’s a seven-year-old Terrier mix. She loves to hang out with people. During playgroup, each time I was on the ground taking pictures, she tried to climb into my lap. She wasn’t crazy about playing with the other dogs, however, and let them know in no uncertain terms that she didn’t like them in her face. Then she’d go look for another person to snuggle with. She likes being held and is happiest when she has a person’s attention. She’ll make a great little companion for someone looking for a cuddle buddy. Here she was with Jolene last Wednesday.

Crystal and JoleneOn Sunday, Sam took her for a walk. She’s so comfortable in someone’s arms.

Crystal and SamCrystal




Looking for a gentle couch potato? That would be me.

Everyone has fallen in love with Tai Long. This big marshmallow likes nothing more than relaxing with his peeps. And there are many Tai Long peeps at the shelter! Tai is a four-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix who, at 74 pounds, still thinks of himself as a lap dog. He will be content with leisurely walks around the neighborhood, then stretching out on a couch to keep you company. He is house-trained, loves treats which he takes very politely, and will be a low-maintenance fellow. This boy is a keeper and deserves a quiet, loving home where he will thrive. He enjoyed spending time with Francis on Sunday.

Tai LongThis afternoon volunteer Marianne stopped by the shelter to pick up Tai for a respite around town. I caught these shots as they got ready to head out. Tai finally got a little annoyed with all my picture taking!

Tai Long and Marianne Tai Long and Marianne Tai Long and MarianneTai Long and Marianne Tai Long and Marianne Tai Long and Marianne




Could I BE any more affectionate?

Picture me busy taking pictures of dogs in playgroup. I’m on my knees so I can get good shots when suddenly I feel a very gentle nudge and a huge head slips under my arm. I hand my camera to Ali to snap a picture. Meet Timkin, a five-year-old Golden Retriever. At 112 pounds, this sweet and gentle boy needs a family who will help him lose about 25 of those pounds. He’ll feel much better once he can run and play more easily. This boy scored so well on his behavior assessment that he has been rated “G” which is the best of the best! Needless to say, everyone who meets this perfect boy falls in love, including me.

DSCN6560Here he was later in the afternoon with Jacob. Still smiling!

Timkin and Jacob




I haven’t found the right family fit yet! Maybe your family is the one if you like to play fetch!

Rosie is a two-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix. She still needs some training to walk more politely on leash and actually bringing the ball back to you (that’s where our wonderful WHS training classes come in) but she is such a happy, eager young girl. She LIVES to play with tennis balls. In fact if her choice is between a tennis ball and a hot dog bit, she chooses the tennis ball! She can be picky about her dog friends, so would need to meet any potential house mates. She enjoys people and with her love of tennis balls and treats, she’s fun to train. I’m so hoping she won’t have to wait much longer for her forever home. Sam enjoyed spending time with Rosie on Sunday.

Rosie and Sam




I’m a newbie here and I think it’s a fun place to wait for my new family!

Daniel brought Marlowe out for his photo shoot on Sunday and I’ve seldom met a more cooperative dog. Marlowe is a four-year-old Vizsla/Beagle mix. At 46 pounds, Marlowe is a medium-sized boy with lots of energy. He had great fun in playgroup on Sunday and enjoyed playing chase. He is treat-motivated and smart, so training will be very easy. He’s just a great dog! Here he is with Daniel.

Marlowe and DanielMarlowe




I’m a happy little girl looking for a lucky family!

Our Executive Director, BJ, called this little cutie a “teacup golden retriever” and that about sums it up! This is Paris, a two-year-old Dachshund/Miniature Poodle mix. She has a great sense of humor and plays fetch like the big dogs. At the moment she has a bit of a cold and so is in the ISO kennels. She still loves to play and she’s still smiling, however. Here she was with Marianne on Sunday.

Paris and Marianne





Emelynn’s Picks of the Week!

Virgil (left) and Cecil (right) came to us from a California shelter on April 10th and are still looking for an Oregon retirement home together. These Rat Terrier brothers have been best friends their entire eleven years. The boys are friendly, happy, and both have springs in their steps. They do well in playgroup and can’t wait to meet their forever family. Their adoption fee is two-for-one. Emelynn loves them, as you can see!

Cecil and Virgil and Emelynn

Virgil and Cecil (1)






Remember Rocky who became Ricky? He was such an exuberant boy with no manners and we all worried that no one would adopt him. Here he was when he was calm for a nanosecond at WHS.

RockyBut then Jo, who had recently lost her beloved dog, came to the shelter and met Rocky. It was love at first sight and she adopted him on the spot, renaming him Ricky. Here was a picture I took when she came back to the shelter on a visit.

Ricky and JoLast week I got this wonderful update from Jo.

“I just needed to send you an email to tell you how much I love my sweet Ricky. He has come so very far,  and is my new best friend. He brought me out of the depression after losing my precious Laura last August. He was a crazy nut at first, and I know he was at WHS for 3 months or more, but with the training we went through and me working with him, he is so darling! Hope all is well with you. By the way, my daughter made a magnet with one of the photos that you took!”



Pip’s new family wrote to tell me he’s doing great. They promised a real update soon, but in the meantime, here he is thoroughly enjoying himself at Minto Brown Park!


I’m going to be visiting family in Michigan the next couple of weeks, so my next post will be May 27th. See you then!


Remember, if you see a dog on my blog whom you are interested in meeting, try to make arrangements to get to the Willamette Humane Society soon. Some dogs are adopted more quickly than you might think.

You can reach me at adoptanoregondog14@yahoo.com