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Dear Fellow Dog Lovers,

It was a perfect fall day in Salem this afternoon and both the walkers and dogs enjoyed it. But before talking about adoptable dogs, here are the Blog Dogs who have been adopted in the past week.

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When I arrived at the shelter on Sunday morning, volunteers Linda, Jolene, and Ali were busy working with Opie and Athena on their skills. Both were doing great and have shown much improvement in their behavior since arriving at WHS. They loved working for treats!

DSC_05282 DSC_05272

Yep, it’s me. Still here waiting. Sure wish my forever person would find me!

A little later, I found Opie and Jolene relaxing after “school.” Opie came to WHS on June 28th. He was adopted once, but while Opie enjoys hanging out, he is no couch potato and the home wasn’t the right fit. Opie is an almost two-year-old Plothound mix. His manners continue to improve under the wings of Jolene and Linda, and he now walks very well on a loose leash. He is the perfect dog for an active person, someone who likes to exercise with a best friend. Opie would love to go jogging or hiking. He learns quickly and is treat-motivated. He loves to play fetch and will bring the ball back, drop it, and wait for it to be thrown again. Opie’s adoption package includes a WHS training class called Check In and Chill Out, a great way for him and his new person to bond. If you’re looking for a high-energy, fun, and eager partner, Opie may be just whom you’ve been waiting for! He’s a favorite of many at the shelter who are so anxious for him to finally be found by his person.

DSC_05512  DSC_05602DSC_05552




In case you’re looking for a little girl who would be this happy to see you every day… I’m the one!

I met Dottie for the first time on Sunday and was smitten. Dottie is a three-year-old, sixteen-pound Terrier mix. She is one of our transfers from California through ASPCA, so we don’t know what her past history is, but she has been a sweetheart since arriving at the shelter. She is house-trained, treat-motivated and knows several commands. When asked to sit, she either sits or lies down, she’s not sure which one you are asking for, so often does both. Caroline and I both were impressed with this girl’s manners. I have a feeling she’ll be adopted quickly.

DSC_06022 DSC_05822DSC_05612DSC_05622





I just got here to Oregon, have a little cold, but can’t wait to meet my Oregon family, whoever they are!

This happy little guy is Jacob, a Beagle/Boston Terrier mix. At twenty-three pounds, he still considers himself a lap dog, and that’s just fine. He is eager, attentive and knows some commands. He loved my treats and seemed very anxious to please. He’s another one of our California ASPCA dogs. As you can see, Tyler got a kick out of this little character, too.

DSC_06982 DSC_06992Jacob




No one has adopted me yet, so you’re in luck!

I first wrote about Athena last week. She is a two-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix who came to us from one of our shelter partners where she was well-loved, but not adopted. She’s hoping that her perfect person will find her at WHS. She is working on not reacting to other dogs and did great with Opie in the morning, as you saw in the opening pictures. Athena is a true ball dog and loves to play fetch as long as you will throw the ball. She enjoys spending time with people and will work happily for treats. She is such a smart and treat-motivated girl that our rewards-based training classes at WHS would be terrific for this high-energy, delightful dog. Ali enjoyed working with and then relaxing with Athena on Sunday.

Athena and AliAthena




Let me introduce myself…I’m Nugget, Swim Dog Extraordinaire!

Yep, Nugget, a twelve-pound, six-year-old Miniature Pinscher, is volunteer Jolene’s new Swim Dog. Twice a week one of our shelter dogs is invited to swim therapy class at Bailey’s Journey and Nugget is the new lucky one chosen. And if he follows in the paw prints of his predecessors, he’ll be adopted very soon. Here he is with Gracie on Sunday.

DSC_07592Here’s what Jolene wrote about Nugget’s first swim lesson: “Nugget was a super swim dog! He seems very comfortable in the water and is a strong, fast swimmer. He rode nicely in the car and was polite to everyone at the pool. He ignored one large dog, and gave one bark at another, but was very well behaved. Really a fun little dog.”

IMG_01372 IMG_01322If you are looking for a new best friend in a little dog, Nugget might just be the one. His owner had to give him up due to the person’s health, but Nugget has obviously been loved very much. He is a bit shy at first, but soon is crawling into your lap and loves to snuggle. He is both calm and affectionate. He has lived a rather sheltered life and not been around cats, dogs or children. So maybe older children or just adults would be good. Nugget is house-trained and loves to go for walks. He really is a delightful little character.





I’m a young, active boy looking for someone who loves adventures! You?

Icabaud is a two-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix who was found as a stray and then transferred to us from another shelter when he wasn’t adopted. He’s really hoping his new person will find him at WHS. This friendly, happy boy had some skin issues when he arrived, but with some medication and baths his hair is growing back and he’s looking much better. Icabaud loved my hot dog bits and does sit when asked. He had a fun time outside with Daniel on Sunday.

DSC_05402 DSC_07692




I’m quite shy and worried about getting a new home. But everyone here tells me it’s going to be okay.

Little Natalie, a one-year-old Terrier mix, has a constantly serious expression. She is another ASPCA transfer and must be quite confused about all that has happened to her in her short life. She is hoping for a family who will help her gain confidence and convince her that she is safe and secure. Natalie, though nervous, has a sweet, affectionate personality and feels the best if she’s in your lap. Here she was on Sunday with Ali and Linda.

DSC_06312 DSC_06192 DSC_06452




The name’s Sputnik and I’m ready for high-flying adventures with you! (As soon as I’m over my cold, that is!)

Sputnik is a four-year-old Miniature Pinscher/Chihuahua mix and is adorable (but don’t tell him I said that). Another California ASPCA dog, this boy can’t wait for his new family. At twenty pounds, he’s the perfect lap dog and he’s house-trained to boot. At the moment he is recovering from a cold and is in the ISO kennels, but is still adoptable from there. He’s going to make some family a wonderful friend. Tyler got a huge kick out of him on Sunday. He has such a cute face!

DSC_07412 DSC_07322 DSC_07202 DSC_07272




Caroline’s Pick of the Week!

People who know Caroline will not be surprised that Duke is her pick of the week. She loves big, goofy dogs, and Duke fits the bill. Duke is a six-year-old Lab mix. He is just about as perfect as he is goofy. He knows commands, is house-trained, has lived with another dog and cats (!) successfully. He loves children and is gentle with them. He scored so well on his behavior assessment that he is rated PG5+. This guy has it all. His only issue is that he’s a bit overweight…too many treats and he’s trying to cut back, but oh, those hot dog bits!

DSC_09482Is he a ball dog? You bet he is!

DSC_10072 DSC_10412 DSC_10102 DSC_10522If you are a long-time reader of my blog posts, you will recognize the lady on the right in the picture below. Angie was a Wednesday afternoon dog walker before she and her family moved to Arizona. We were thrilled when she stopped in today during a visit to Oregon. Once a WHS dog walker, always a WHS dog walker! 🙂

DSC_09552What a great face!






Remember sweet Nala? I first wrote about her on July 22nd. Here was this beautiful girl when she was at WHS.

NalaLast week I got this terrific update about Nala’s happy new life.

“When we got home from picking Nala up, she made herself comfortable right away! She loves running around in our big back yard and playing catch as my husband Marty throws her tennis balls; at least until she chews all the way thru them. She loves to chew. 🙂 One of the pictures is of Nala today outside enjoying the sunshine. She loves napping and cuddling on the couch, especially after she has awakened me way too early in the morning. She also loves car rides. She was so happy in the car after getting her staples out a few days ago. She’s very curious and is always checking things out and wants to be wherever we are. The photo of her next to the counter is the look she gives us anytime we are preparing or eating food in the kitchen. We just can’t say no to that face! She especially loves pumpkin. Thanks for taking such good care of her until she came home with us. She seems so happy to be here and gives us unconditional love! We just try and return the favor.”

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That’s it for this week!

Bianca2Remember, if you see a dog on my blog whom you are interested in meeting, try to make arrangements to get to the Willamette Humane Society soon. Some dogs are adopted more quickly than you might think.

You can reach me at adoptanoregondog14@yahoo.com