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Dear Fellow Dog Lovers,

Koa would like to say…

Happy Thanksgiving from shelter dogs (1)Since I have a friend visiting next week, I won’t be writing a post and so the shelter dogs and I wish you a happy holiday a little early.

We had eleven happy dog adoptions during the last week. Three of them were especially exciting. Here are the Blog Dogs who now have forever homes.

Page_1 Page_2 (1)As you might have already guessed, Elsa and Anna’s many fans at the shelter were thrilled when one of our new mother/son volunteer combos fell in love with these girls and decided to give them a forever home.

In addition, there were more high-fives when Captain Nemo’s foster mom, Jean, brought Nemo in for a meet with potential adopters Sunday afternoon. The “potential” part didn’t last long as you can see in Nemo’s adoption picture. I was so glad I was at WHS when he found his new people! Think everyone is happy?




I’m getting my brace!

Last week, I wrote about Opie‘s need for a custom-made leg brace and the fundraiser that WHS was holding to raise the needed $900 for it. We were thrilled when not only was the price of the brace donated in three days, but enough that his eventual leg surgery will be covered as well! Opie has been waiting for his just-right fit of a person since June 28th. After he tore his ACL muscle, we didn’t allow him to dash around the yard playing with his friends or his beloved stuffed animals. With a brace, he’ll soon be able to romp again without further damaging his leg. Opie is a two-year-old Plotthound mix.

Opie thanks (1)




I was Jolene’s Swim Dog last week! Does that mean I’ll be adopted soon?

I wrote about Koa and his history last post. This two-year-old Pit Bull Terrier has spent most of his two years in shelters or a training facility. He deserves a real home with his own people. He’s a big, rambunctious boy and needs a home with an experienced person with no small children or cats. Volunteers have been taking Koa to outreach events where he has been a perfectly behaved star. Here he was with Daniel last week.

KoaHe was especially excited when he was chosen as Jolene’s swim dog on Friday. Here’s what Jolene wrote about his afternoon:

“Koa is a good choice for a swim dog. He was happy to have an outing and settled right onto the backseat of the car. Rode very quietly to Bailey’s Journey for his swim exercise. Don’t think he has ever gone swimming. He was perfectly content to move his front legs and just let the life vest hold him up. That all changed when the vest was removed and he had to do some work. He was a tired boy when we were done with our three times in the pool.
He was friendly and greeted other people at the pool, and is just a happy boy in general. No issues with waiting his turn, toweling him down, and he was very tolerant of having the drying drops put in his ears. He did a little splashing in the pool, so consequently got some water in his ears (as well as getting staff wet). He will have a  good night’s sleep tonight!”

IMG_03142 IMG_03182 IMG_03562We’re hoping it won’t be long until Koa has a home to call his own!




Caroline’s Pick of the Week! “I’m hoping for an active Hospice home.”

We know that line sounds a bit contradictory, but if so, you haven’t met Burke!

BurkeThis beautiful boy is a nine-year-old Chocolate Lab mix. He has a slow-growing lymphoma (cancer). Because there is no cure for his condition, he is considered a hospice dog. However, he may very well live another two years, though it’s not a certainty. In the meantime, this boy is a bundle of energy because, you see, he doesn’t know he’s sick and he feels absolutely fine. Burke is a fun-loving bouncy dog who is house-trained and knows some commands. He can be a bit pushy in his play with other dogs (as I said, he feels fine) so would need to meet any potential canine siblings. We’re hoping someone will give this boy his forever home however long that may be. Here he is with Caroline who said today, “We’ve got to get this boy a hospice home!”





We’re still waiting for you! Mother and son for the adoption package of one!

Lola and Ben are a very bonded pair. Lola (left) is ten and Ben is eight. Lola is Ben’s mother. They need to go home together. As you can guess, they are Jack Russell Terrier mixes. I’ve gotten very fond of them and had to laugh last week when I went into their kennel to put their harnesses on and an argument broke out between them on who would be harnessed first. But it was over as soon as it started and they both happily trotted out the door with me and Caroline. Ben is a ball dog through and through. Lola is not. Here is Ben loving every minute of our ball time. He actually flies through the air to catch a tennis ball and doesn’t seem to ever tire out. He also drops it in front of you when he returns it.

Lola and Ben

He anxiously awaits my throwing a tennis ball.

Ben BenHe drops it in front of me and waits excitedly for me to pick it up.

Ben Ben BenThis mother and son have been waiting for a new home since October 8th. I hope they don’t have to wait much longer.




I may look serious, but I’m really lots of fun!

I have written about Baxter before, but he still hasn’t been found by a new family. This sweet boy is a two-year-old Shepherd mix. He is house-trained, has a good history with children, is mostly an indoor dog and is not at all destructive when left alone. He went to puppy class when he was a youngster and so knows basic commands. He is active and loves to play. He would need to meet any potential canine siblings. He worries in new situations and so seems worried a lot at the shelter, which is probably why I haven’t been able to get him to smile for my pictures. He’s been waiting for a new person to love since October 26th. I’m hoping I can report his adoption very soon! Here he was on Sunday with Caitlin.

DSC_66082Kathy spent some quality time with Baxter today. He’s such a good boy!





I’m new here and very uneasy. I’d like a person to come and take me home!

Trevor is a three-year-old Border Collie mix. He came to us from another shelter a few days ago having been found as a stray. He is a gentle, sweet boy who is overwhelmed by the activity and noise of the kennels. He didn’t want to take any treats from me and shied away from my camera. Here he was on Sunday with staff member Bri. I’m hoping that this boy will realize soon that everyone is here to help him find his forever home.



Oh, what a difference a couple of days make!

Trevor was the first dog I walked today, hoping that he wouldn’t be as shy as he was on Sunday, and I didn’t need to worry. He was so much more relaxed. Even though he had on the dreaded post-neuter cone, he was happy!

DSC_67132 DSC_67262 DSC_67142




I’m back, everybody!

For those of us who love block-headed dogs, Jake, a four-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix, dove right into our hearts. This playful boy gets along with other dogs, cats and loves children (though his rambunctiousness would be too much for toddlers). He was adopted from WHS and was much loved by his family, but with a new baby combined with Jake’s playfulness and size, they made the difficult decision to surrender him. I met them on Sunday and could easily tell how much they love Jake.

JakeHere he is with Laslo.

DSC_66932 DSC_66942Sunday evening I received these pictures from his former family. They hope they will help in getting him adopted to another great home.

IMG_21242 IMG_21282 IMG_24612




I’m new here, too. I’m a little uneasy with all of the activity.

I happened to be at the shelter on Monday and saw this very nervous newbie just after he arrived. I had to meet him. He is a stray from another shelter and staff named him Mr. Darcy. When I stepped into his kennel, he immediately melted against my leg and I was hooked. Of course I had to take him outside for a little quiet time and Marianne joined us. Staff thinks he is a Vizsla/Pit Bull mix and is about two years old. He took my treats very gently and just wanted to be next to us even outside. Notice how he leaned against Marianne. We’re hoping that his worried furrowed brow will soon relax.

DSC_67052Mr. Darcy Mr. Darcy

Mr. Darcy was the second dog I walked today, hoping he would be less uneasy, and he was. After our walk, I took him into a yard and though he isn’t a ball dog, he happily ran around sniffing. When I called to him, he came racing back to me.

DSC_67312 DSC_67382 DSC_67342

At the end of my shift, I took him out again and Marianne joined us. After spending time with him, she decided to have him be the demo dog in the Kennel Buddy class this evening. He’ll love the attention!

DSC_68792 DSC_68832



I’m in ISO with a bit of a cold, but I’m still adoptable! Come meet me!

Little John is a one-year-old Jack Russell/Havanese mix (we think) who came to us from California through our partnership with ASPCA, so we don’t know his history. He is a very affectionate little guy and while he gets over a cold, he’s in our ISO kennels. He seems to get along with other dogs, but would like to meet any dog he would live with. I’m really surprised John hasn’t gotten adopted yet. He’ll make some lucky family a delightful new best friend with his cute under-bite smile. Here he is with Diane on Sunday.





WHS News

Salem Mall Contest!

There are two upcoming fundraising activities that will bring in much-needed money for Willamette Humane Society’s cats and dogs. First, the Salem Mall Tree Contest begins on November 21st. Staff and volunteers have been planning this year’s WHS Christmas tree entry and McNary High School National Honors Society Club came to the shelter to help make the decorations. Here are staff members Anna and Chelsea working on the trimming. You can participate by voting for the WHS tree. Text GIVE4 to 444222. You can vote everyday between Nov 21st and Dec 16th. The winner will be announced on Dec 17th and wins $2,000 for their organization.  Let’s win for our shelter animals!

Chelsea & Anna Decorating the Tree


Subaru’s Share the Love Event!

Here is part of a press release from WHS about this year’s Share the Love Event by Subaru.

Capitol Subaru in Salem has again chosen Willamette Humane Society as their local hometown charity for customers to support in addition to national charity options: ASPCA®, Make-A-Wish, Meals On Wheels Association of America®, and National Park Foundation. From November 19, 2015 to January 2, 2016, Subaru will donate $250 for every new Subaru vehicle sold or leased to the customer’s choice of available charities.

BJ Andersen, WHS’ Executive Director wrote: “Capitol Subaru has supported Willamette Humane Society for over twenty years!  We want to thank them for this renewed, phenomenal opportunity. This thoughtful gesture allows our community to open the floodgates of Subaru of America’s generosity to care for animals at the shelter.”

During the 2014 Holiday Season, Subaru purchasers selecting Willamette Humane Society as their charity choice channeled $33,056 to serve animals in need!  Capitol Subaru and Willamette Humane Society leaders hope that new Subaru buyers will help raise $25,000 or more during the 2015 season.



Happy Thanksgiving everyone! My next post will be on December 2nd.

That’s if for this week!

Remember, if you see a dog on my blog whom you are interested in  meeting, try to make arrangements to get to the Willamette Humane  Society soon. Some dogs are adopted more quickly than you might think.

You can reach me at adoptanoregondog14@yahoo.com

Happy Thanksgiving from shelter dogs (1)