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Dear Fellow Dog Lovers,

I’m happy to be back writing another adoptable dog post after a week off. There were twenty-three dog adoptions during the past two weeks! Here were the Blog Dogs who got to spend their first Thanksgiving with their new families.

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I was especially thrilled that Axel, who had been waiting for his new person since October 1st, finally went to his forever home. Also, two extremely shy dogs, Trevor and Mr. Darcy who were very stressed in the shelter environment, were adopted and are now feeling the love of being part of a family. And three dogs with medical issues—Oscar, Jackson and Burke—found people who opened their hearts, knowing that they were taking on added concerns, but did so anyway. WHS has much to be thankful for!

There were two other adoptions that happened on Sunday that I’d like to mention. This bonded pair, part of the Holiday Wings of Rescue transport, were in the ISO kennels and I was determined to get a picture with both of them looking at me while Caroline held them. It was quite the challenge. At times, only Caroline was looking at me! But I was pleased when I got this shot. So even though they were adopted later that afternoon, I had to post this pic!

Scffron and BoogerAnd here are Saffron and Pepper going home!





I’ve been gone for a while, but now I’m back and hoping for a new home.

When I saw Macks‘ picture on the WHS website a few days ago, I recognized him right away. I had taken his picture in September of 2011. Macks is now a senior, at twelve years old. He’s a twenty-four pound Dachshund mix lap dog. Esme spent some quality time with him on Sunday. Macks will need a home where garbage is securely locked away from inquisitive noses (don’t ask). He would do best with someone home most of the time, as he sometimes has accidents if he doesn’t get outside often enough, and he is not a dog who enjoys being left in a crate. However, if you are looking for a devoted companion who will lie in your lap, go for strolls around the neighborhood, and then snooze by your side, Macks might be your perfect fit. He is a loving and sweet boy.

Macks Macks





Martha says I’m her current favorite. I could be yours, too.

I know I tend to fall in love with shelter dogs quickly, but when I met Scrumpy, it was instant. This sweet boy is an eleven-year-old Spinone Italiano mix. I think it was the sincerity in his eyes that went straight to my heart when I met him. Scrumpy is an easy-going elder statesman. While he enjoys a game of fetch or tug, he is totally content just sitting around with his peeps in casual conversation, never interrupting when you’re talking, and he thinks everything you say is fascinating. This boy has an excellent history with kids, dogs, rabbits, and chickens. I can’t say enough good things about Scrumpy. He should go to a home with older kids since he’s beginning to show his age and needs gentle handling. But if you’re looking for a great listener and friend, Scrumpy it is! Here we were on Sunday.

ScrumpyScrumpy Scrumpy




I’m pretty popular with the staff and volunteers here. They think I’m adorable!

I heard about Missy before I saw her. In fact she has been spending more time in staff’s offices than in her kennel! Here she is with staff members Stacy and Rachel.

11235048_10153259545088861_3284763327634734379_nMissy is a ten-year-old English Bulldog mix. Her devoted owner was brokenhearted that she had to give Missy up after falling on hard times, but she did it to give Missy a better life. Missy is house-trained and thinks she’s a lap dog. She is beginning to show her age and has some resource-guarding tendencies, so she’ll need a home with teenage kids or just adults who will be gentle with her and not bother her when she’s eating. Missy LOVES treats and belly rubs. Here she was outside on Sunday with Marianne.

Missy Missy Missy Missy




Koa’s in a foster home!

I’m very happy to report tonight that after catching a cold and having to be in the ISO kennels for a few days, Koa is now in a foster home getting better and enjoying being part of a family. He has been a very busy boy the last couple of weeks, however. Here he is playing fetch with volunteer Caitlin a couple of Sundays ago.




DSC_71262 DSC_70942If you read my blog posts regularly, you will remember that after being found as a stray in California, Koa has lived in either a shelter or training facility for most of his two years of life. He’s never had a family to call his own. All of us who have come to love this sweet lug of a dog are so hoping he’ll finally get to spend Christmas with his forever family.

DSC_70922Here Koa was last week at an outreach event! What a ham!

12249882_10153240630913861_7461098080209632941_n2 12244734_10153240631048861_2390836751875070478_o2




I’m older, but I’ll be just as devoted as a youngster. I promise to be good!

Marci is an eight-year-old, nine-pound Chihuahua mix. She was almost adopted once, but then the people changed their minds and picked another dog…a younger one. And so Marci waits, hoping that someone will come who will love her just the way she is. Since she is shy, she would do best in a home with older children or just adults. Marci has been overlooked by adopters since November 9th. She is quite stressed in the shelter environment and we’re hoping her wait for a forever home will be over soon.

Marci MarciMarianne is one of Marci’s biggest fans. Here they were today.

DSC_76002 DSC_75982




I’m in a foster home, too, and I’m having a blast! Now I want a home of my OWN!

If you read my blog each week, you know Opie well. This two-year-old Plotthound mix has been waiting for his just-right fit of a person since June 28th. After tearing his ACL, we didn’t want him to stand on his hind legs anymore, but trying to stop him from greeting people while in his kennel standing at eye-level was impossible. So volunteer Sherrie decided to take him home to foster while we waited for his brace to arrive. To say Opie has settled into Sherrie’s pack is an understatement. Here are some pictures of a very relaxed boy. Sherrie reports that Opie is learning house manners and doing very well with her dogs, Kya and Harley.

Opie sleeping Opie at sherrie's2 Opie and Harley (1)

Well, Harley might not be as fond of Opie as Opie is of Harley.

And here is a video Sherrie sent of Opie and Kya playing.




I’m not sure why everyone walks past my kennel. I really am a good boy!

Each week I watch the adoptions, hoping that Baxter will be found by his new people, but each week he is still sitting in his kennel waiting for them. He has been waiting since October 26th. Baxter is a two-year-old Shepherd mix. He is house-trained, has a good history with children, is mostly an indoor dog and is not at all destructive when left alone. He went to puppy class when he was a youngster and so knows basic commands. He is active and loves to play. He would need to meet any potential canine siblings. He worries in new situations and so seems worried a lot at the shelter, which is probably why I haven’t been able to get him to smile for my pictures. Here he was with Tim last Sunday. He has become a quiet favorite of many of us volunteers.





Caroline’s Pick of the Week!

There was no question who would be Caroline’s pick this week. This beautiful girl, Laika, is a three-year-old Siberian Husky mix. She came to us as a stray, so we don’t know her history, but she obviously has had training. She walks very well on leash, knows several commands and loves attention. She does have some resource-guarding issues, so should not go home with small children. But for someone who wants a hiking partner, Laika would be wonderful. She is also playful, loving a game of fetch. As you can see, Caroline is quite smitten with this beauty!

DSC_76132 DSC_76152 Laika




I was here before, now I’m back again. This time I hope my family will be forever.

Jameson is a four-year-old Rottweiler mix. He first came to us in a transfer from California last April. At that time his name was Kody. He was adopted quickly, but because of family health problems, he was surrendered back to WHS. Jameson is house-trained, enjoys games of fetch and playing with other dogs. He would do well with older children because of his exuberant personality and needs an active family. Jolene took him swimming and here is her report: “Jameson was today’s swim dog. He’s stressed in his kennel, and needs not only physical exercise, but a way to build his confidence and relieve his stress. He is a very cooperative boy, and very friendly. He was quite interested in watching the other dogs swim. Once in the water, he just went limp and floated. He would only move his front legs a little on his own, so Bailey’s Journey’s swim staff removed his life vest so he could do a little work. He only went in the pool twice so he didn’t get overly tired and ended with a good experience. He was able to climb out of the pool on his own after his second swim and was much more relaxed on the drive back to the shelter. He is a very sweet, trusting boy and everyone at the pool thought he was very handsome. Hope this terrific boy finds his own home very soon.”

IMG_03672 IMG_03712 IMG_03912A few days ago Jolene took Jameson on another outing, this time to Bush Park for fun and some instruction. She wrote: “He is working on leash skills, so we went around the park twice with a lot of stopping and starting. Other than that, he’s a good boy. No problem with other people or dogs, although squirrels were a bit of a challenge. He had a good time. He needed to get out of the shelter for an outing, as he was looking depressed, so hopefully he’s more relaxed tonight. Rides nicely in the car. He’s such a sweet boy, just needs some consistency and some work on walking nicely and not pulling.”

I happened to talk to some volunteers who walked Jameson after Jolene’s lesson with him and they were amazed by his improvement. He’s a smart boy! A WHS training class would be perfect for him.

Here Jameson was on Sunday with Daniel. I couldn’t get him to smile. We’re hoping this good boy has a new family by Christmas!






Trevor was extremely shy when I met him and I was worried about his adjustment to a new home.

TrevorI didn’t have to be concerned. Catherine, our Behavior Program Manager, sent me this great update about this sweet boy.

“Just a little update on our new boy, whose name is now officially Augie. We took the motor home to Champoeg state park from Wednesday to Saturday. Soooo many new experiences and people for him, so we were kind of worried. Well, he did amazingly well – met other family dogs and played happily with them, met at least 30 family members and friends of all ages and was shy but calm, got used to his collapsible crate and did fine when left alone for up to 4 hours, NO potty accidents the whole time, and he LOVED hiking the trails. He is so bonded to Maddie and us (lots of treat work for recall) that we let him off the leash for walks. He was like superglue. 😊 Maddie adores him and feels very comfortable telling him when to back off – but they have been playing a lot of chase, wrestling, and Maddie is even teaching him tug of war (though he tends to just let her have the toy). He is a joy. Loves tummy rubs, likes to lean into us, and is very mellow in the house. He is learning ‘wait’ before going through doorways, out of the car, and leaving his crate. He already responds to his name, and has excellent recall, checking in frequently. He also could not be better at the office where he goes straight to the dog bed and stays, even when I leave the room and close the door – not a peep of protest or distress. Amazingly, he does not seem to suffer from separation anxiety! He is still easily startled by sudden noises, but we have seen vast improvement there, as well. We are thrilled with him. ❤️”

IMG_05902 IMG_06002 IMG_05932 IMG_06042


Mr. Darcy

Another extremely shy and worried dog I was concerned about.

Mr. DarcyAnd here is his update.

“He is such a happy baby now, he still isn’t sure about his new siblings but things are going well. He spent the night hogging a king-sized bed. I wish his kennel cough would go away he is really sick, we are giving him meds and trying to help him out.”

Although Mr. Darcy has a bad cold, he is home and being loved. He couldn’t be happier.

12334172_10204047777269637_1616905475_o2 12299850_10204047776349614_1083357335_o2 12311816_10204047775829601_1450359441_o2



Burke was our hospice dog who won the adoption lottery when he became a member of a volunteer dog-walker family. Here is her update on this handsome boy.

“Burke is doing great!  He won over the rest of my family as quickly as he won me over at the shelter.  He’s gone from following us from room to room to letting us be in another part of the house without worry.  He adapted very quickly to our daily routines and along with his two “four legged” sisters remind us when it’s time to eat and that when I get home from the gym it’s their turn to go for a walk.  Whether he’s got two months or two years we’ll be thankful for the time we have with him.”

It takes a very special person to adopt a hospice dog. Thank goodness there are people who, knowing their heart will be broken, give such a dog the best rest of their life they could have.

IMG_04242 IMG_04292 IMG_04522



Who would have ever guessed that sweet eleven-year-old Sally would become an agility pro under Tom’s loving encouragement?





WHS News Briefs!

I was anxious to show you the WHS decorated Christmas tree at Salem Center, so snapped this picture a few days ago. We are hoping to win the $2000 prize for the most votes! All you have to do is: Text GIVE4 to 444222. You can vote every day until Dec 16th. The winner will be announced on Dec 17th. Let’s win for our shelter animals!

WHS Christmas tree 2015


Subaru’s Share the Love Event!

Here is part of a press release from WHS about this year’s Share the Love Event by Subaru.

Capitol Subaru in Salem has again chosen Willamette Humane Society as their local hometown charity for customers to support in addition to national charity options: ASPCA®, Make-A-Wish, Meals On Wheels Association of America®, and National Park Foundation. From November 19, 2015 to January 2, 2016, Subaru will donate $250 for every new Subaru vehicle sold or leased to the customer’s choice of available charities.

BJ Andersen, WHS’ Executive Director wrote: “Capitol Subaru has supported Willamette Humane Society for over twenty years!  We want to thank them for this renewed, phenomenal opportunity. This thoughtful gesture allows our community to open the floodgates of Subaru of America’s generosity to care for animals at the shelter.”

During the 2014 Holiday Season, Subaru purchasers selecting Willamette Humane Society as their charity choice channeled $33,056 to serve animals in need!  Capitol Subaru and Willamette Humane Society leaders hope that new Subaru buyers will help raise $25,000 or more during the 2015 season.


That’s it for this week!


Remember, if you see a dog on my blog whom you are interested in  meeting, try to make arrangements to get to the Willamette Humane  Society soon. Some dogs are adopted more quickly than you might think.

You can reach me at

WHS Christmas Tree 2015


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