Dear Fellow Dog Lovers,

The excitement of the Christmas season is upon us and the shelter dogs have high hopes of being in their forever homes before the 25th. With this in mind, several have donned Christmas attire for fun…well, I think it’s fun, anyway. But first, here are the lucky Blog Dogs who were among the fifteen shelter dogs adopted during the last week.

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I was especially thrilled about Jameson and Baxter’s adoptions, as they were long-termers who finally were found by their forever families just in time for the holidays!

I was at the shelter when two of the winners went home. First, Duffy. I knew as soon as I met his people that he is going to have a wonderful life.


And Hazel was as goofy as ever with her new peeps, who fell hook, line, and sinker for her.

DSC_84332 DSC_84402 DSC_84442



News Flash!

Volunteer Tom Midgley’s touching video story entitled “Dog Gone Lonely” wins BIG BUCKS for WHS!

Last week the Petco Foundation, along with their partner, Halo Pets, awarded their Holiday Wishes 2015 Grant Campaign recipients. Willamette Humane Society won $10,000 (!) for our own volunteer Tom’s video story about his life-long love of dogs and his recent adoption of our Sally. You may remember Sally from several blog posts. Here she was before she knew she would become a much loved star in Tom’s life and movie.


Here are Tom and Sally at the award celebration.



And here is the award-winning video! Congratulations and thank you, Tom!




Are you an experienced Shepherd owner? Then come and meet handsome ME!

Maverick is a five-year-old Shepherd mix looking for a person who understands his breed. Maverick loves people, to the point that he will “resource guard” them from other dogs. Because of this, Maverick should be the only dog in the family. He is a very smart guy, knowing the commands sit, down, leave it, wait, and okay. He is house-trained and is not destructive when left alone loose in the house (he does not like to be crated). He will chase squirrels and can easily jump a four-foot fence. This friendly, eager boy will be a perfect companion for the right person. He even willingly posed with a Santa hat with volunteer Harmony.

Maverick Maverick Maverick




Caroline’s Pick of the Week!

Bella is an eight-year-old Dalmatian/Pit Bull Terrier mix. She is house-trained, calm, and has a great history with children. She still is playful, but also gentle and would thoroughly enjoy hanging out with her peeps at the end of the day. She walks well on leash, took my treats gently, and knows a few commands. As an older girl, she is looking for a family to love and be part of before Christmas. Here she is spending time with Caroline on Sunday. Although she wasn’t especially excited about the Santa hat, she was her usual cooperative self when I put it on her.


Some of us are more excited about wearing silly hats than others. Bella was not particularly fond of it and let me know.

Christmas Cartoons 2015 (1) Bella




I’m looking better every day! I can’t wait to be part of a family again!

Joker is still waiting for a new, and this time, forever family. This is his second time at WHS. If you are a regular blog reader, you’ll remember that Joker is a four-year-old German Shepherd mix who has come to the shelter twice, both times with hair loss. He will need a person who will be able to give him the TLC that he needs which includes nutritional food and some medicated baths. Joker is a sweet boy who does have some food-guarding issues, so needs to go home with adults. He is house-trained, smart, and will be a terrific best friend for some lucky person. He is one of volunteer Diane’s favorites.

DSC_84922  DSC_84892




Yep, I’m Marianne’s favorite! Watch what I’ll do for her!

As volunteers, we all have our favorites. And when a dog who has been a favorite comes back to the shelter…well you can imagine the love is even stronger. Such is the case of Marianne and Titan. Here is his story in Marianne’s words:

“Titan is the amazing Shar-pei I came very close to adopting a little over a year ago. In fact, he stayed at my house for a couple of days, and he was so much fun. Sadly he was recently returned to the shelter by the family that adopted him, so let’s get him into a forever home! He weighs about 58 pounds, is nine years old, and is a really sweet guy. He is somewhat aloof as is typical of his breed, but he is really friendly after he warms up to you. He would need to meet any potential canine siblings, and would do well with kids over 8 years old or so. He does chase cats, so a cat-free home might be best. He doesn’t require much exercise and would be easy to have around. I LOVE him, and It has been sad for me to see him back at the shelter; but the right person is out there for him.”


DSC_86462 DSC_85312  DSC_85352 DSC_85342




I’m quite shy, but once I get to know you, I promise to be your best friend!

One of the new arrivals at the shelter is Tiger Lilly, a ten-year-old Border Collie/Rottweiler mix. Tiger Lilly doesn’t know why she is at a shelter and the noise and suddenly being with strangers is confusing and stressful for her. She had to be  surrendered because of the health of her person, but of course, she doesn’t understand that. Tiger Lilly is house-trained, gentle, and scored very well on her behavior assessment. She would do well with older children. She would like to be an only pet, since that is what she knows. I’m so hoping she will be adopted before Christmas! Here she was with Sandra. Some dogs prefer to wear hats their own way.

DSC_86352But, being the very cooperative girl that she is, she posed again.





We’re a little on the “fluffy” side, but we’ll go on a diet right after Christmas at your house!

Bubba and Sissy are brother and sister, but they don’t have to go home together, though they certainly would like to! They are Welsh Corgi mixes and are about as adorable as they can be. They have great history with kids, cats, and dogs. They are very people-oriented and while they will play with other dogs, they prefer to hang out with their peeps. Their only issue (and they don’t like to talk about it) is that they need to lose a few (well, more than a few) pounds. But that should be a breeze with more exercise and fewer treats after the holidays. Here they were today with Kim and Jolene.






I’m older than some dogs, but I have a lot of life and love still to give you if you give me the chance!

Bo is an eleven-year-old Hound mix. He was originally adopted from WHS in 2005, but he is now back, having been found as a stray. He is now older but very spry for his age with a spring in his step. He is affectionate and looking for a quiet retirement home with older kids or just adults. He won’t be much trouble, as he is quiet and calm. He loved my treats today and was so cooperative about posing with a Santa hat! I love this senior boy and hope he is found by his forever people before Christmas!

DSC_85732 Page_2 DSC_85662 DSC_85692




Really? Really? THIS will help me get adopted? I think not!

While almost all of our dogs took dressing up for this post in stride, there was one who wanted you to know…


After I explained to Polly Pocket that complaining would not get her adopted, she decided that a Santa hat wasn’t so bad after all! Polly is a two-year-old Chihuahua mix who is a bit shy at first meeting, but she warms up quickly and is a delightful little girl. She is house-trained and would do best in a quiet home with older kids or just adults. She is a cutie and I bet she will be in her forever home before Christmas Day! Here she was today with Marianne.

DSC_85832 DSC_85792




I’m hoping for a new person really soon! I’m fun, I’m small, I’d be your new pal!

Koda is a five-year-old Fox Terrier mix. She is playful, happy, and affectionate. She needs to go to a home with no children, as she can be possessive of her space. She does well with other dogs and has been a great player in the shelter’s play groups. Koda is house-trained and walks well on leash. She took my treats nicely and was fine with wearing a Santa hat. What a cutie she is! She had a great time with Sandra today.

DSC_85562 DSC_85532 DSC_85542




I’m having my surgery soon! I’ll keep you all posted!

Opie, our Plot Hound foster boy, sent along a few more pictures from his time at  volunteer Sherrie’s house. Here he is sharing the couch with Harley.

Opie at homeAnd here he and Sherrie are about to head in for his leg surgery. We’re all hoping for the very best for our boy’s recovery.

Opie going for surgery2






Dakota’s last day at WHS was VERY busy! First her morning walk. Then Jolene took her swimming.

IMG_04092 IMG_03952 IMG_04042Then she went for her afternoon walk. Later, her forever family took her home! And here is the picture they sent that evening. Dakota (aka Delco) is fast asleep after a BIG day.”
Sleep well, sweet girl. You are going to have a wonderful life!





Jameson’s family couldn’t be happier with this super boy! Here’s what they wrote the day after taking him home. “Adopted Jameson on Friday and already he’s attached to our son, Evan. Very protective over him. He’s great, relaxing, and active all at once. Perfect!”

12377622_10205250426449292_3114876938560790616_o2 12367016_10205452211084941_1490497475_n2 12358001_10205251112706448_1384821441_n2




I was thrilled to get another Rosco update!

“Just a little update on Rosco. He’s still doing great! We have even trained him to be good with water. When we first got him he was terrified of the bathroom/water. Now he hops in the tub! He plays with other dogs, and is amazing with small kids. He plays really gentle with them, and gives them lots of kisses. He’s an amazing dog.”

Oh, how I love these pictures!

12362677_10207790122008009_4490357573502057494_o2 12363152_10207790124928082_3834044673608958818_o2 12356955_10207790123728052_3609138804022012192_o2




Subaru’s Share the Love Event!

Here is part of a press release from WHS about this year’s Share the Love Event by Subaru.

Capitol Subaru in Salem has again chosen Willamette Humane Society as their local hometown charity for customers to support in addition to national charity options: ASPCA®, Make-A-Wish, Meals On Wheels Association of America®, and National Park Foundation. From November 19, 2015 to January 2, 2016, Subaru will donate $250 for every new Subaru vehicle sold or leased to the customer’s choice of available charities.

BJ Andersen, WHS’ Executive Director wrote: “Capitol Subaru has supported Willamette Humane Society for over twenty years!  We want to thank them for this renewed, phenomenal opportunity. This thoughtful gesture allows our community to open the floodgates of Subaru of America’s generosity to care for animals at the shelter.”

During the 2014 Holiday Season, Subaru purchasers selecting Willamette Humane Society as their charity choice channeled $33,056 to serve animals in need!  Capitol Subaru and Willamette Humane Society leaders hope that new Subaru buyers will help raise $25,000 or more during the 2015 season.


That’s it for this week!

Remember, if you see a dog on my blog whom you are interested in  meeting, try to make arrangements to get to the Willamette Humane  Society soon. Some dogs are adopted more quickly than you might think.

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