Dear Fellow Dog Lovers,

The first week of 2016 has been a good one for dog adoptions! There were a total of eleven adoptions, six of them being Blog Dogs. I was especially excited that Sarah and Sammie went to the same home!

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January started out with icy conditions, and living in the hills of West Salem, I didn’t venture out on Sunday. But thankfully, Team Captain Sherrie and her dog walkers showed up to make sure our dogs all got out for their morning potty break! These people are incredibly dedicated!



I’m over my cold! Wouldn’t you like to meet me?

This is Zelda, a two-year-old Chihuahua mix. She was one of our transfer dogs from California through ASPCA on December 20. She almost immediately developed a cold, so went into the ISO kennels to recover. Now she is all better and back with the regular adoption dogs and can’t wait for a new family to come and adopt her. Zelda is quite shy and when Daniel and I first met her last week in ISO, she at first turned her head away and didn’t want to look at us. However, we sat down on the floor and talked quietly and soon she was crawling into our laps to snuggle. Zelda will need a family who will give her the time to warm up and feel secure. So if you’re looking for a small (12 pound) lap dog whose gaze will melt your heart, come and visit with this sweet little girl.

Zelda Zelda Zelda Zelda Zelda




Caroline’s Pick of the Week!

Meet Buddy, a four-year-old English Springer Spaniel mix. Buddy is going to need an experienced owner, as he has developed some issues which include resource-guarding toys and food. He will need to go to a home without children. He does enjoy the company of some dogs. He loves to play fetch and will drop the ball for you when he returns it so you will throw it again. He knows several commands and is curious, friendly, and easily engages with a person. He is an active boy and will need daily exercise. He’s very handsome and will be a terrific friend in the right home. Caroline fell for him immediately last week.

Buddy Buddy Today Buddy was ready to PLAY BALL! I went to a yard with him and Caroline to snap some actions shots of this terrific boy.




DSC_92142It was almost like watching a dog ballet.

DSC_91842 DSC_91822 DSC_91772 DSC_91782 DSC_91732 DSC_92492And when it was over, Buddy was happy to pose for a picture with Caroline.





Looking for a big best friend? Yogi’s your guy!

Yogi is a three-year-old German Shepherd mix and, at 75 pounds, he’s a very big boy. However, he walks great on leash and sits when asked. Yogi is shy and nervous in new situations, so although he has a good history with kids, he’d probably do best with older ones. He has spent his life as an outdoor dog and is really looking forward to being an indoor/outdoor dog in his new home. He will need exercise and will be a great jogging or hiking partner.

Yogi Yogi YogiHere he was today with Kim actually smiling!





I’m new to Oregon and I caught a bit of a cold, so I’m in ISO right now. But I have a hold, so I hope to be going home soon!

Pluto is an eight-month-old Rat Terrier mix who is full of life and can’t wait to grow up with his new Oregon family. Since he came to us from California through ASPCA we don’t know his past, but from what we’ve seen since he’s been at the shelter, he’s going to be a terrific family member. Caitlin fell for him the minute she met him. And I have to agree, he has an adorable face!

Pluto Pluto Pluto Pluto




Yes, I’m a very nice, happy boy and no, I don’t smile much.

Murphy is a one-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix. It’s his second time at WHS. He needs a home with no cats, as he wants to play too much with them (which is why he’s back). He’s great with older children and other dogs. He knows several commands and is very treat-motivated, so training will be fun with this youngster. Murph can get quite excited when playing and will need regular exercise. He also would love to come to WHS classes, so he can get more yummy treats and learn new stuff! Jolene worked with him this afternoon, but try as we did, we couldn’t get him to smile.

DSC_93012 DSC_93022 DSC_93062




I’m a newbie and I’m looking for a new home with YOU!

I met a new arrival today and what a delight he is! This is Cecil, a one-year-old American Bulldog/Dalmatian mix (we think!). He came to another shelter as a stray and was transferred to us to find a new home. Cecil is a big boy at 61 pounds and very active. He’s had little training, so will need to learn some basic manners which would make him an ideal WHS training class candidate. Cecil may need some work, but what a sweet boy he is! He does sit when asked (some of the time) and takes treats gently. He has a happy, eager personality and wants to learn how to be a perfect family member. He wanted you to know that he posed very nicely for pictures with Marianne, and he hopes they will help to get him adopted quickly.

DSC_92852 DSC_92832 DSC_92822




I’m cute, polite, and I like cats. What more could you want in a Pug?

Another newbie I got acquainted with today is Pepper, a three-year-old, sixteen-pound Pug mix who is looking for a new home where she can be the only dog. She just might be the most gentle treat-taker I’ve ever met. She is an adorable little character who is well-mannered, loves people, and likes and is respectful of cats. She is active and would like a family with older kids. Kathy fell in love with Pepper and so did I.

DSC_93182 DSC_93342So this is how polite she is. When I offered her a mini-pancake, she took a very small nibble, then waited for me to offer her more. She then slowly munched the whole thing.






A Dream Come True!

Joker is a four-year-old German Shepherd mix who has been at WHS several times because of skin issues which have resulted in hair loss. However, the great news is that our staff has determined that if Joker stays on a prescription food, he’ll be fine! We all love Joker and want him to find a forever home soon. Though I have known Joker and written about him many times in my posts, he had never mentioned that ever since he was a pup he had dreamed of sitting in a police car. Today his dream came true! Marianne had brought him out for some new pictures.

DSC_93602 DSC_93662So there we were, shaking hands and taking pictures when a police truck pulled in the driveway. The officer stopped and told us they were just training. When they saw Joker’s ears perk up and his eager expression, they parked and wanted to meet him. Here is the rest of the story in Joker’s own words…

Page_6 Page_1 Page_5 Page_2 Page_3 Page_8 Page_7 Page_4What a wonderful and exciting event for our sweet boy!





I got another Rosco update last week. Just another update on my boy. He’s so great with children, and had tons of fun on Christmas. He was playing tug of war with Jack. He’s the sweetest.”

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That’s it for this week!

Remember, if you see a dog on my blog whom you are interested in meeting, try to make arrangements to get to the Willamette Humane Society soon. Some dogs are adopted more quickly than you might think.

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