Dear Fellow Dog Lovers,

I went to WHS early on Sunday so that I could get video of the public playgroup that staff member Jessi runs for family dogs. It is a wonderful opportunity for friendly dogs to participate in an hour-long romp. It’s great socialization for the dogs and a chance for their people to observe and learn some of the body language dogs use to communicate. Since it is supervised by staff and trained volunteers, it’s both fun for the dogs and educational for the owners. To help get the news out to potential participants, I made this video to explain how the program works.


There were twelve dog adoptions in the past week. Some were newbies who got adopted before I ever got a chance to write about them on a post. We love it when they find new homes so quickly. Two of them were a bonded pair who arrived on Sunday and I snapped these photos of them with Marianne and Caroline. Their names are Monkey and Mya. I fully intended to write about them in this post.

Monkey and Mya Monkey and MyaBecause they were a bonded brother and sister, we worried about how quickly they would find a home together. We needn’t have worried. They were adopted on Monday by their new person.

Also on Sunday, Marianne brought her sweet older dog, Patience, a former WHS shelter dog (twice), to hang out for a while. It was so good to see one of my all-time favorite dogs again!


Here are the blog dogs who were adopted this week.

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I’m young, little, and shy, but I’m very excited about getting adopted soon!

At nine pounds, Julia is definitely a lap dog. She is a still a puppy at six months old and is a Miniature Dachshund mix. Since she came to us via our ASPCA partner in California, we don’t know her history with kids, dogs, or cats. She will need a person who will be patient and gentle, as Julia is fearful of sudden movements and would rather be in your arms than on the ground. In fact, she would prefer to be carried everywhere. With time and understanding, this little girl will become a wonderful companion. Here she is in Caitlin’s arms on Sunday.

Julia Julia




I know I need a little work on my leash walking, but I promise I’ll try really hard to do it right!

What an adorable girl Bella is! This seven-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix is thirty-two pounds of “let’s play!” She may be a little older, but she still has the energy of a young dog. She knows she will need some reward-based training on walking politely on leash as well as not jumping up to take the ball out of your hand during a game of fetch. But this gal loves people, attention, and treats, so her instruction shouldn’t take long. I haven’t been able to get her to smile yet, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t happy. Daniel enjoyed hanging out with her soon after she arrived.

Bella BellaBella arrived from California with a lump on the top of her head. So after having it removed, she was wearing a cone last Sunday when Tim and Natalie took her out. Still no smile.





I’m new here and still a puppy. I have a lot to learn. Do you want to teach me?

Meet six-month-old Cherie Baby, a Chihuahua mix who is looking for a family who wants a low-maintenance youngster. Cherie is only five pounds, so fits very easily into your lap. She is affectionate, calm, and treat-motivated, making her a perfect student to teach. Another transfer from California, we don’t know about her past, but we do know that she is going to make some lucky family the perfect little best friend. Jolene enjoyed spending time with her.

Cherie Baby Cherie BabyCherie Baby




I know I’m big, but I’m still a puppy!

This boy may look like an adult, but believe it or not, Theodore is only six months old! An Australian Cattle Dog/Akita mix, he is going to be a BIG dog! Theo is house-trained and knows some commands, although “stay” is not one of them yet! He is a happy-go-lucky youngster who will make a terrific hiking or jogging partner. He’ll need lots of exercise and a WHS training class would be wonderful for him. Here he was on Sunday with Caroline.





What a difference a few days make! I’m feeling much braver now!

This extremely sweet girl is Honey Bear. She is an Australian Kelpie mix and is one year old. When I first met her on Sunday after she arrived from another shelter, she was very nervous and shy and had to be coaxed out of her kennel. Once out, her tail was tucked and she most hesitantly took my treats. Today she seemed like a different dog! She met me at the front of her kennel and was eager to go outside. She happily greeted everyone she met on her way out the door. Honey is a wonderful mid-size at 42 pounds. She still jumps at sudden sounds or movements, so a calm home with patient people will be needed to build her self-confidence. Marianne and I both fell head-over-heels for this beautiful sweetheart. And yes, she has one blue and one brown eye. We hope she is adopted very soon.

DSC_13012 DSC_12962 DSC_12922




Daniel’s Pick of the Week!

If you are like Daniel and me who fall for big-headed goofy Pit Bull Terriers, then Bodhi might be the one you’ve been waiting for. This high-energy yet gentle boy is one year old. He loves romping with other dogs in play group, going for walks with his peeps, and hanging out. He scored very well on his behavior assessment and his only stipulation is no cats (they are too much fun to chase). This happy-go-lucky big boy is looking for a home with a family who will give him the exercise he needs and then wants to cuddle in the evening. We love his smile!

Bodhi Bodhi DSC_15362Marianne took him out today and he loved her attention.





Yes, I need a special food, but other than that, I’m perfect!

Daisy is a six-year-old Yorkshire Terrier. She is pretty low-key and affectionate and will do very well in a home with older children or just adults. She has a history of bladder stones, so will need to be on her special food for the rest of her life. At only five pounds, she’s a lap dog for sure. She scored well on her behavior assessment and will make a wonderful new best friend. She spent some fun time with Colby on Sunday.

DSC_11182 DSC_11372




Caroline’s Pick of the Week!

A new dog arrived at the shelter today and is he ever a delightful character! Taz is a BIG boy at 72 pounds, and being only a year old, he has a ton of energy but a gentle side, too. Caroline fell in love the moment she met him and we took him out to the big yard to get to know him a little. Being a Lab mix, he believes life is one big party. Did I mention he is BIG?

DSC_15122 DSC_13732Taz was very excited about the tennis ball and would race after it when Caroline threw it. However, it was another story when we called him to bring it back.

DSC_14302  Such a happy boy!

DSC_14702 DSC_14402

To my delighted surprise, he not only knows how to sit when asked, but “down,” too. And he was remarkably gentle asking for and taking treats.


He is just such a happy dog!


Taz is house-trained and looking for an active family who will continue his training and give him the exercise that he needs. He loves playing with other rowdy dogs, but because of his youthful enthusiasm and lack of dog manners, he needs playmates who are tolerant and won’t take offense at his lack of finesse. 🙂





Please don’t make me look at the camera. Is this pose okay?

This is Squirt, a two-year-old Silky Terrier mix. Squirt is somewhat shy, but warms up once he gets to know you. He didn’t, however, like my camera on Sunday. He is a calm, laid-back little guy who has lived happily with older children and another dog. He would prefer a home without cats. With some patience and understanding, Squirt will be a great lap buddy. Here he was with Tim.


I’m going to be gone visiting family next week, so my next post will appear in two weeks.

That’s it for this week!


Remember, if you see a dog on my blog whom you are interested in meeting, try to make arrangements to get to the Willamette Humane Society soon. Some dogs are adopted more quickly than you might think.

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