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Dear Fellow Dog Lovers,

It’s been a slower week at WHS with only eight dog adoptions, but spring is around the corner, so I expect an upsurge of our dogs finding their forever homes soon. In the meantime, these three Blog Dogs are happily adjusting to living with their new families.

Page_1 Page_2Remember last week’s love story when Julius fell head over tail for Ruby?

Page_4Well, Jules couldn’t go home right away, as he needed to be neutered and have a dental exam. It turned out the poor guy had to have five bad teeth extracted. He needed a few days to recover from both surgeries, but by Sunday he was feeling enough better for Lee to pick him up. I got to see him during the adoption paperwork with Lee and then watched as they headed home to see Ruby.

DSC_29102 Page_1 (1) Page_2 (1)




I won’t be able to be a jogging partner, but I’ll love you just as much as any dog can!

This beautiful boy is Bobbin, a four-year-old Lab mix. He is calm and affectionate and scored very well on his behavior assessment. He was born with his left front leg deformed, so while he’s a little slower than a dog with four good legs, he still enjoys short walks and then curling up with his peeps. He doesn’t realize he’s different from other dogs and is a very happy boy. At the moment he has a medical hold so that he can be assessed more fully, but in the meantime he is hoping to meet his forever family. Caroline and I spent some time with Bobbin, most of which involved laughing at his jokes!

Bobbin Bobbin Bobbin  BobbinWhen I arrived at WHS this afternoon, the first dog I walked was Bobbin. Even though he had been neutered and was wearing a cone, and even though it was raining, his spirits were not dampened!





I’m very shy and looking for just the right person to love me!

I met Nessie for the first time several weeks ago before she went to a foster home. Nessie is a three-year-old Dachshund mix. Here are the pictures I took of her then with volunteer Sandra. Soon after these shots, Nessie went home with volunteer Jolene F. and here is what Jolene writes about this sweet but very timid girl, in Nessie’s own words:

“Hi, my name is Nessie and I am a Doxie mix. I am 6″ tall and 18 lbs. I would love to meet a retired couple or person who wants a faithful four-legged friend. Are you looking for a short walk partner, a best friend, or a snuggler? I may be your gal. I will give you comfort, warmth, good company and my attention and, oh yeah, kisses. I love to take a walk each day to help keep my girlish figure. To the mailbox, neighbor’s house, or working in the yard, all sound good to me. A little fresh air and then a nap would top off my morning. I just love to be in your company. I live with four large foster dog friends now, but I would also be happy with just one or two to keep me company. Older cats would be ok, if they are respectful of my space. I am house- trained, but accidents do happen. I also love car rides. I am not crate trained, but who needs a crate when a nice comfy pillow and blanket, by the side of your bed, would do? I don’t know any fancy tricks, but I do know how to love and be a good friend.”

Nessie NessieNessieAnd here was Nessie on Sunday when Jolene brought her in for a visit. Natalie was very patient and understanding when Nessie was nervous about coming out of a kennel, but once outside, she relaxed with Natalie.

DSC_30222 DSC_30242 DSC_30272




Caroline’s (and my) Pick of the Week!

Darla is a very timid and very sweet three-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix. She looks worried in her photos because she IS worried. She is frightened by the noise and activity at the shelter. What is wonderful about her is that even though she is nervous and uncomfortable, she tolerates meeting many different walkers, each with their own slightly different way of interacting with our dogs. Since she arrived on February 25th, we have seen Darla gradually become more relaxed, though she is still unsure of herself. She has amazed everyone with her enjoyment of playgroup romping with little dogs; bigger, rowdy dogs overwhelm her. Darla will blossom in a patient, understanding home with older children or just adults. She is house-trained, walks well on leash, and just wants to be able to settle in with a quiet forever family of her own. Caroline absolutely adores her.

Darla Darla DarlaI am totally smitten with this gentle soul. After all the dogs had been walked this afternoon, Marianne and I spent some time with Darla inside. She is slowly gaining confidence in this new environment.

DSC_33102 DSC_33222Volunteer Allen took Darla home for a respite this week and had this to say about her: “We very much enjoyed having Darla for the night. We were a little worried that she wouldn’t chill out at all but then she crawled up into my lap totally unsolicited. She fell asleep like that almost immediately. She is a very sweet, and seemingly even tempered dog. We took it slow with her and I think that will be the trick for whoever takes her home.”

In her short time with us, Darla has won the hearts of everyone she has met. We’re all hoping this sweetheart will find a perfect forever home very soon.





Hi there. I’m new here and looking for a family to love me! I like to hike, do you?

Devi was brought to us as a stray, so we don’t know much about her, but she is a Shepherd mix and is roughly two years old. She is extremely people-pleasing, knows several commands, and loves to work for treats. She seems to be a little picky about her dog friends, so would need to meet any potential housemates. Her adoption comes with a WHS Check In and Chill Out class which will be great fun for both her and her new people. She seemed to enjoy posing for my camera since treats were involved. Jolene liked her as much as I did!

Devi Devi Devi




I’m looking for a home with children, since I like them a lot! But no goats, please.

Meet Raven, a one-year-old Flat Coated Retriever/Lab mix. Raven has been an outdoor farm dog and is looking for a family where she can be an indoor/outdoor dog. She’s used to having space to run and loves children. She also loves goats, which has been a problem, since she thinks she should herd them, so her next home should be goat-free. Since she’s been an outdoor girl, she will need a family who is willing to work with her both in house-training and general indoor manners. To help with this, a Check In and Chill Out training class in included in her adoption. She is beautiful, smart, and eager. Here she was with Laslo on Sunday.

Raven Raven Raven




I may not be as big as lots of other dogs, but I will be just as much fun!

This is Rex, a stray who came to us from another shelter. He is a Dachshund mix and is about two years old. He scored well on his behavior assessment, but should not go to a family with small children, as he’s quite energetic and might be too much for little ones. Rex is treat-motivated and loves to be in your lap, as Gracie found out. He does know how to sit when asked and has been okay with other little dogs in playgroup. He’s a nice little guy.

Rex Rex




I was here before. I’m looking for a new family with a fenced yard. Do you have one?

I met Gus two years ago when he was a youngster here at the shelter. He was adopted, but now he really needs a secure five-foot-fenced yard. Gus is a four-year-old Shepherd mix. He has lived with older children (13+) and a cat happily. He has played on the rough and rowdy side in playgroup and done well. Gus is not especially treat-motivated, but loves people and wants to please. He was somewhat shy when he came back to WHS and didn’t like my camera, but is doing better now. He is house-trained and is a very sweet boy. I’m hoping his new family will find him quickly.

Gus GusHere he was today in the rain with Marianne.

DSC_33072   DSC_33052




I’m a big boy, but I know stuff that will impress you! I would make a great jogging partner!

Buck is a two-year-old Lab mix who came to us from another shelter where he was much loved by staff and volunteers. But when he didn’t get adopted, he came to us hoping to find the family he is looking for. At seventy-two pounds, Buck is a very big boy, but he is polite and knows how to both sit and lie down when asked. In fact, he will usually go from a sit to a down just in case you’re going to ask. He took my treats gently. Buck is quite active, so will need a family with older kids and enough time to give him the exercise he needs. He can be selective about his dog friends, and seems to get along with females better than other males. And if you are looking for a “ball dog,” you have come to the right kennel! This big guy will make a great family addition. Here he is with Jolene.


Buck Buck




I’m a bit sensitive about over-handling; other than that I’m awfully good!

Jingle is a three-year-old Chihuahua mix who weighs a mere seven pounds. Yep, perfect for a lap dog, which he likes to be. Jingle is not tolerant of rough handling, so needs to go home with older children (13+) or just adults. He is house-trained, takes treats nicely and unlike many small dogs, will sit when asked. Linda enjoyed spending time with this little man on Sunday.

Jingle Jingle




I’m looking for a special home with a person who will understand me. Is it you?

Conrad, an eight-year-old Rottweiler mix, arrived at WHS on February 11th. This people-loving dog has not had an easy life and when he came to us, was very thin. While he is a senior, he still has lots of energy and will need exercise and a securely fenced yard. Conrad is not comfortable around children or other dogs. Therefore, he is waiting for an adult who will give him the attention and love he craves, but will be able to also give him the life he needs. No off-leash roaming, no dog parks, no being left outside if his person is not home. Conrad is house-trained, walks well on leash, takes treats gently, knows several commands, and wants to please his person. He sits quietly in his kennel, waiting and hoping that just the right person will find him and take him home. While Conrad is not the right dog for just anyone, he is the perfect dog for the right person. He has become one of Marianne and my favorites.

DSC_33332Conrad Conrad




Does walking on leash come naturally? I think not!

Amanda, a five-month-old pup, has a very firm “hold” on her, and I usually don’t feature dogs who are certain about their adoption. However, I can’t resist showing you what I witnessed when Amanda was taken on her first-ever leash-walk with Marianne. It’s all a matter of point of view…

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I was thrilled yesterday when I received this wonderful update about a dog who was adopted four years ago! I remember Dorothy. Here was her picture when she was at WHS. She was seven years old at the time.

Dorothy:PinkertonAnd here is her update:

“Hello, 4 years ago I adopted a little terrier mix from your shelter. I went in to deliver blankets and towels and came out with a dog. That was not my intention. And I never considered myself a small-dog person, having had German Shepherds. This little dog drew my attention because my newly deceased mother-in-law’s name was Dorothy. When I saw you named the dog Dorothy in honor of the Wizard of Oz, it all made sense.
I renamed her Pinkerton because my son is a detective. She’s my constant companion and an absolutely delightful addition to my life. She spins in circles with happiness when I come home from work. You would think I had been gone for days instead of just a few hours. She loves children and allows herself to be petted by anyone who stops to give her attention when we go for our daily walks.

Thank you for all you do to save these lovely animals.
Signed: Pinkerton’s best friend, Rosa”


And on that very happy note, that’s it for this week!

Remember, if you see a dog on my blog whom you are interested in meeting, try to make arrangements to get to the Willamette Humane Society soon. Some dogs are adopted more quickly than you might think.

ConradYou can reach me at adoptanoregondog14@yahoo.com.