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Dear Fellow Dog Lovers,

**Happy St. Patrick’s Day Eve**

Yes, it’s that time of year again, where shelter dogs and dog-walking volunteers joyfully don bright green attire for my blog post! (Okay, maybe “joyfully” isn’t quite the right word.) But first, there were seventeen dog adoptions last week, and these nine were Blog Dogs!

Page_1 Page_3 Page_2 Page_4 (1)Page_5Conrad had been increasingly depressed as he waited and waited for his right person. You’ll see a happy update on him at the end of this post.

And I happened to be at the shelter when sweet Darla went home with her new people. Darla came to us extremely shy and needed a family who would gently build her confidence. I knew she had won the jackpot of homes when I snapped this picture!

Darla goes home

Twister was also adopted very soon after he dressed up for St. Patrick’s Day and I didn’t have the heart to not put this picture in my post, so here it is along with good-sport volunteer Tyler. (This is Twister’s excited expression!)





Do you think this bow tie makes me look like a big dog?

Jingle loved wearing his bow tie. He thought it made him look quite dashing. Jingle is a seven-pound three-year-old Chihuahua mix. Yep, he’s a lap dog. He is not tolerant of rough handling, so needs to go home with older children (13+) or just adults. He is house-trained, takes treats nicely and to my happy surprise, he sits when asked (many little dogs haven’t been taught to sit on command). Jingle is a fun little guy with a good sense of humor. He is smart and eager to learn. Kylie had fun with him on Sunday.

DSC_01172 DSC_01232 DSC_01182Here was Jingle today with Kathy. He was eager to put the bow tie back on!





I LOVE St. Patrick’s Day! Caroline and I look so cool! And I’m her Pick of the Week!

Bobbin is such a happy dog! He was thrilled when I showed him his bow tie and his grin got even bigger than normal when he saw Caroline’s attire. Bobbin is a four-year-old Lab mix. He was born with his left front leg deformed, so while he’s a little slower than a dog with four good legs, he still enjoys short walks and then curling up with his peeps. Since he didn’t get much exercise in his previous home, he gets tired quickly, so will need an understanding family who will gradually build up his endurance on his good front leg. Caroline and I are head over heels for this gentle, sweet boy who has no idea he isn’t like every other dog.

DSC_01682 DSC_01722Bobbin has been neutered, so is sporting a cone. Today he wanted to show he’s a real couch potato, so he jumped up on a big chair in the hall after going for a short walk with Marianne.





I may not be a young lad, but I’ll be the best friend you’ve ever had!

I met Odie shortly after he was surrendered and like everyone else who has spent any time with this senior, I am smitten. Odie is an eight-year-old Border Collie mix who is showing his age, but it hasn’t dampened his spirit. He is having some arthritis issues in his back legs, so stairs are not possible. However, after he loses some weight (he doesn’t like to admit it, but he needs to drop a few pounds) his joints may improve. Odie has lived happily with kids, cats, and dogs. He is house-trained and when left alone, he just sleeps. He walks well on leash (though a little slowly) and lies down calmly during car rides. He loves balls and squeaky toys. Odie is a gentle old soul looking for a loving retirement home. He’s just about a perfect gentleman. He enjoyed dressing up and posing for my camera with Jolene on Sunday. We’re hoping he won’t have to stay at the shelter for long.

Odie3 Odie2




Daniel’s Pick of the Week!

Not all dogs are as happy as Odie was to dress up. Sebastian thought the whole idea was ridiculous. However, being a big fan of hot dog treats and the fact that he was not alone in looking ridiculous, he reluctantly agreed to pose. Sebastian is a delightful ten-month-old Pit Bull Terrier youngster. He has not had much training, so WHS classes would be perfect for him. He is a rough and rowdy boy in playgroup and can be rude to other dogs, so he would need to go home with a tolerant dog willing to teach him the dog social manners he missed out on as a puppy. He has never been around children or cats. Sebastian can be shy at times and is afraid of new situations. He’ll need a family who will patiently introduce him to the world and help him gain confidence. When he first arrived at WHS, he didn’t want to leave his kennel. Gradually with encouragement and treats, we convinced him it is safe to exit the building. Now he eagerly prances outside, but only going the one way he has come to trust. While Sebastian may be a bit of a project dog, he will be so worth the effort! He is an eager, affectionate boy who just needs a person who will give him the time and understanding he needs to become a wonderful best friend. He is Daniel’s current shelter favorite.


DSC_01312 DSC_01292




I’m one of Marianne’s favorite dogs EVER!

I heard about Apple before I met her. Marianne had already fallen in love and couldn’t wait for me to meet this sweet old lady. Apple is a twelve-year-old Rat Terrier mix who couldn’t be a more gentle, calm and loving dog. She has not had a very good life and has spent most of it outside. She is really hoping for a family with older kids or just adults who will give her the retirement home she longs for. She’d like a warm bed, a lap to curl up on, a short daily walk, some good food and lots of love. We’re hoping that someone will open their heart and home to this very special girl.

DSC_01772 DSC_01792




I’m new here, but I’m hoping to be adopted really soon!

Meet Dakota, a beautiful two-year-old Staffordshire Terrier mix. She is a calm, gentle girl who is house-trained, has lived successfully with a cat, and loves to play ball and hike with her people. While she enjoys being active, she also is a snuggler and enjoys evenings of curling up next to you. Dakota can be a bit picky about her dog friends, so will need to meet anyone she will be living with. This girl is the whole package. She walks well on leash, takes treats gently, is smart and eager to learn. Jolene and I both think she is a real keeper! We’re sure she won’t be at the shelter for long!





I’m already spoken for, but I’m too cute not to be in this post!

Rusty is a nine-year-old Yorkshire Terrier who has three holds, and will be going home very soon. I usually don’t post dogs who aren’t available any longer, but I couldn’t resist putting in this picture of Rusty and Laslo. They were both such good sports!





I’m very handsome and the bow tie looks great on me!

Reuben has come such a long way since he first arrived at WHS! This ten-month-old German Shepherd mix came to us a nervous youngster with no self-confidence with people or other dogs. After being worked with at the shelter, he went to a foster home, and is now back again and showing such improvement! He went from being overwhelmed in play groups to giving other dogs play bows to invite them to romp with him. He is becoming a “rough and rowdy” player with dogs he is comfortable with. He still can be overwhelmed by some dogs. Because he still needs some help in making friends, a Playgroup package is included in his adoption! Reuben has also begun to trust people more quickly and is a happy, eager, smart young dog. He is looking for a family with older kids (13+) or just adults who will continue to help him become more confident. He’s also looking better after putting on some weight. Reuben is house-trained. He will make some lucky person a loyal, devoted best friend. He has many, many fans at the shelter including Jolene and me. Today he was very cooperative about wearing his bow tie, though he thought Jolene looked a tad silly. Reuben is waiting for his perfect fit of a person and can’t wait to be a best friend.

DSC_33982Reuben (1)




I’m perfect. That’s it. Yep, you heard me right, oh, except for needing to lose a few pounds, that is.

Stormy may be the most gentle dog there has ever been! This eight-year-old Lab mix is looking for his perfect retirement home. He gets along well with everyone and is listed as PG +5. However, he wants you to know that before retiring he had a long career as a trained bird dog, so birds should not be in his future. Stormy does need to lose a few pounds, so walks around the neighborhood would be great and he does like to go out and about with his people. Speaking of his people, he loves to be with them, so he’s looking for retired folks or someone who is home most of the time. When he’s left alone, he is quite vocal (he’s not proud of it, but he just gets so darned lonely!). Apartment life is not an option for this gentleman. Stormy also needs to be crated when he is alone, so a crate is included in his adoption package. If you are a homebody and are looking for the perfect companion who will be a devoted pal, come and meet this wonderful dog. I mean, look at what he was willing to wear for pictures with Caroline! What a special guy!







Nitro was a a very stressed nine-year-old Dachshund when he arrived at WHS on February 6th. On the 8th, he went to volunteer Krystal’s house as a foster, where he quickly become a part of her pack. Here he was with his foster pals.


Then on February 25th, Nitro found his forever home. Here is his update.

“Hi Krystal, I thought I’d drop you a line to let you know Nitro is doing great. Sunday was the first time we left him home alone (with Ginny, of course).  I had intended to crate him, but it became obvious immediately that he didn’t like being locked up.  So, we just left the two of them loose in the house, which is normal for Ginny.  We were gone about an hour, and when we got back you’d think we’d left him for four days.  He was running around squealing and jumping up on us.  But the next two times we’ve left them home he was excited for us to return but he calmed down right away.  I think he’ll get used to it. He’s been to see our vet and got a clean bill of health.  He’s also walking better on leash. All in all, everything is going swimmingly!”

IMG_02922 IMG_02942 IMG_02862




You’ll remember that Conrad needed a very special home with no other animals.

ConradHe hit the jackpot when he was found by Kevin. Here is his update:

“Hello, This is Kevin. I adopted Conrad, he was renamed Buddy, (it “flows” easier for me). He’s mellow, seems to be getting settled in. Please tell everyone that took care of him that he’s in a good home and I will keep you updated and thanks again.  Kevin”





Here’s the latest picture of Emma and her puppy. Enough said!

Emma and pup2

That’s it for this week! Happy St. Patrick’s Day Eve!

Remember, if you see a dog on my blog whom you are interested in meeting, try to make arrangements to get to the Willamette Humane Society soon. Some dogs are adopted more quickly than you might think.

You can reach me at adoptanoregondog14@yahoo.com