Dear Fellow Dog Lovers,

It was a great week for the initial Spring adoptions at Willamette Humane Society! There were twelve dog adoptions, seven of them being Blog Dogs.

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I was at the shelter when Jake’s new person came to meet him and take him home. Jake is now enjoying a half acre of fenced yard, plus hikes in a nearby state forest! This boy hit his jackpot of a home! Here he was about to leave the shelter.





I had an adventure last week! And I survived!

Jolene’s new Swim Dog last Friday was Jax! Since Jax is very nervous in new situations, Catherine, our WHS trainer, suggested he have a “support dog” go along. So Lilly and I went to swim class at Bailey’s Journey, too, for Jax’s moral support. We all had a great time! While Jax learned that he can actually swim and that the water wasn’t so scary after all, Lilly had a BLAST and didn’t want to get out of the water EVER! Jax is a one-year-old Kelpie mix looking for a home with a woman and a dog pal. Lilly is an eleven-year-old Schnauzer/Jack Russell mix who is bonded with her brother, Roscoe. They are looking for an ACTIVE retirement home. Here are some pictures I took of our fun.

DSC_37302Page_4 Page_3 Page_1 DSC_37442 DSC_37532 Jax and Lilly Swim!When out of the water in between her swims, Lilly loved rolling around on the towel to dry off while making little contented murmurs.

Page_2They were two tired pups in the car on the way back to the shelter! And by the way, while Jax had to be lifted into the car on the way to swimming, he hopped up into the car by himself next to Lilly when we headed home!

DSC_38992 Page_2 (1)Jax has come a long way since he first arrived at the shelter in December. This is not to say Jax has overcome all of his timidity. It still takes him time to warm up to a new person. But he has improved enough that we believe, in the right home, Jax will flourish. His adoption package includes weekly coaching appointments along with his person to help ensure his continued progress in social skills. He is especially nervous around men and children, so a home with a woman and without kids is what we are hoping for. And since Jax LOVES other dogs and is a rough and rowdy player, going to a home with another big and exuberant dog pal would be ideal.

On Sunday, I decided to take Jax into the training room for a little Nose Target training (teaching him a skill that he can be successful at in challenging environments). Jax has so many shelter people who love him, he has his own “behavior team” working to help build up his confidence. Marianne and Daniel joined us. First we played a little while to relax.

Jax Jax Jax

Then we worked! When he moved toward Marianne’s hand, he got a treat.


Soon he was touching her hand for a treat. This work is called a “shaping exercise” and builds confidence and positive associations with new places.

JaxAfter all that concentrating, it was time for a little relaxing outside. As you can see, once Jax gets to know you, you will not find a more affectionate, loving, playful boy.





Daniel AND Marianne’s Pick of the Week!

What a difference some good food, some baths, some love make! Maisy, a ten-year-old Lab mix, has had some hard times in her life, but since she’s been at WHS, she has blossomed. She’s gained weight, gotten the spring back in her step and is such a happy girl! She’s looking for a home without cats, and would need to meet any canine sibling. She so deserves a wonderful forever home! Here she was this afternoon with Marianne and Daniel, two of her biggest fans.

DSC_40302 DSC_40352 DSC_40322 DSC_40442  And she now feels like playing!

Maisy Maisy MaisyMaisy may not be the prettiest or the youngest dog at the shelter, and she has scars on her legs and body from a rough previous life, but you’ll never meet a more affectionate, people-loving dog anywhere. We’re hoping her perfect family will find her very soon.

MaisyMaisy does get a little tired of my taking pictures all the time!

MaisyToday Maisy got a wonderful surprise…a trip to the park with Marianne and staff members Rachel and Greg. Here they were leaving the shelter.

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I’m still hanging out with Kya at my foster home. Still waiting for the perfect person to come and adopt me so I have a real home of my OWN!

Opie is a two-year-old Plotthound mix who has been waiting for his just-right fit of a person since June 28th. After Opie tore his ACL, volunteer Sherrie decided to take him home to foster before and after leg surgery to repair his torn muscle. To say Opie has settled into Sherrie’s pack is an understatement. But a foster is not the same as having your very own family and home. Here are Opie (left) and Kya playing tug. Opie needs an active and experienced dog person and he’s so hoping that person will find him soon. Here is Sherrie’s update this week:

“Opie has settled well in to home life.  He uses the dog door to go in and out.  When he and Kya are roughhousing, they have made mad dashes for the door and almost ripped it out with how hard they hit it!  He is very much a person dog.  He follows us everywhere.  When I am not home, he will spend time in my room on my bed just waiting.  The dogs know when we arrive home and if out will be waiting at the door when we come in from the garage.  Opie will sit and wait for me to put his food dish down and tell him he can eat.  He is up to 71lbs. and is high energy.  He and Kya play hard and I find nips and marks on each of them from their roughhousing.  I find that Opie’s biggest issue is still his escalation.  When he and Kya play and they have escalated, if I try to engage with him he does jump up on me and is mouthy and forceful.  I have to get him de-escalated before I can interact with him normally.  He has some acid reflux issues so he gets a Pepcid in the evening every day or every other day. He did great at a Prison event when the shelter took dogs, and had so many inmates handling him and petting him and did not have any incidents.  I feel like he has come a long way since being in our home and getting love and attention from our family and our dogs.” 

Opie’s adoption package includes a WHS Check In and Chill Out class. 

Opie2OpieIf you haven’t already seen Opie’s movie, here it is, made before he left the shelter for Sherrie’s house.




We may not be youngsters, but we’re young at heart!

Lilly and Roscoe are eleven-year-old brother and sister Miniature Schnauzer/Jack Russell Terrier mixes. They have been at the shelter since February 25th. Because they had three holds on them, I have never written about them. But Roscoe has had some medical issues and is being evaluated which takes time. All three holds have been released, and so these two are available again. We are still investigating Roscoe for possible bladder stones. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be visited and put on hold for when Roscoe is medically cleared. These two are very young at heart and have lots of energy. They are barky in the kennels, as they think that anyone going by should stop and say hi. But once outside, they are delightful. They love to go on walks, will sit instantly when asked, and will take turns taking treats. They are smart, affectionate and LOVE attention. When Jax needed a “support dog” to go swimming with him, we chose Lilly who loved every second in the water and turned out to be a wonderful little swimmer. These little characters have been waiting for a new home for a long time. We’re hoping someone will put a hold on them so that as soon as Roscoe is ready, they can both go home forever! Here they are on Sunday.

Lilly and Roscoe Roscoe and Lilly Roscoe and LillyThey actually patiently waited for their treats when we put them back in their kennel.

Lilly and RoscoeWe had a great surprise this afternoon when former Wednesday dog walker Angie (now living in Arizona) stopped by for a visit. So of course, she had to pose for me, and Lilly and Roscoe were only too happy to help.





Martha says I’m very handsome even if I don’t smile.

I met Harlow for the first time on Sunday and I was very impressed. He knows several commands including sit and down and is very affectionate. Harlow is a six-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix. He loves being with people more than with other dogs. He would like to be the only pet in the family and is not one who should go to dog parks. While he gets along with some dogs, he doesn’t care for others. He is sensitive to having his ears and feet touched, so a family with older children would be best for this big boy. He was very polite with me and took treats gently. He seemed to already have fallen in love with Laslo before I arrived on the scene!

Harlow Harlow Harlow Harlow Harlow Harlow




I don’t think I’ll be here long, but while I am, I’m hangin’ out with my friend, Francis!

Hemi, our resident gentle giant with a great sense of humor, was in high spirits on Sunday. Everyone has fallen in love with this big boy and he has a hold, so may be going home very soon. Hemi is a seven-year-old, eighty-one pound, Greyhound/German Shorthaired Pointer mix. He has a wonderful history with kids and loves other dogs. He is very well trained and immediately sits and lies down when asked. He is strong and loves to explore and hike, but can also be calm and quiet. While he has never actually lived with a cat, he has been around them and respects their space and does not chase them. He loves people (especially children) and is looking for a loving home in which to spend his retirement years. But before he actually retires, how about some hikes and adventures? Our WHS trainer, Catherine, wrote this about our boy in playgroup: “Can play with ANYONE. Great, social, super fantastic player. Big and little dogs both. No prey drive observed. Just great play skills. Runs like the wind. Does not like to be last dog in the pen!” Could he BE any more perfect? Francis is one of his biggest fans.

Hemi HemiSince it was Easter Sunday, Hemi just had to tell Francis some corny jokes!

Cartoons 3:27:16




Caroline’s Pick of the Week!

Yep, you guessed it, Caroline is another huge fan of our boy, Hemi and the feeling is mutual.

DSC_41802 DSC_41822 DSC_41832




My Pick of the Week!

I usually don’t have a weekly pick, but today I do. Stormy has won my heart and I so want him to find a great family. He’s an eight-year-old Lab mix who is looking for his perfect retirement home. He gets along well with everyone and is listed as PG +5. He’s looking for peeps who are home most of the time. When he’s left alone, he is quite vocal, so apartment life is not an option for this boy. Jolene has taken him swimming and he had a fantastic time, loving every minute of chasing a tennis ball in the water. Also he was a spring camp dog a couple of weeks ago and got this glowing report from our trainer, Catherine: “Stormy was a ROCKSTAR with the kids. A bit overexcited at first – gentle mouthiness easily solved by having him carry a big ball. Once he settled, he had gentlemanly manners with all the kids. Enjoyed the handling, attention and walking. Sweet boy. Well trained. Does not pull on leash.” I’ve written about Stormy several times and I’m hoping that the next time will be to say he has been adopted.

DSC_42062 DSC_41952 DSC_41982Kisses for Caroline!





You know how you’ve been looking for a dog who likes kids, dogs, and CATS? Well, look no further, you’ve found me!

Gypsy is a ten-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix. She is really looking forward to a new home. She has been an outdoor dog her whole life and, while she is a little nervous about coming inside, she is really happy that she’ll be an indoor/outdoor dog. She will need a little help in house-training, but she promises to be a quick learner. Gypsy has also lived happily with children, other dogs, and (drum roll) CATS! She is gentle and sweet, taking treats politely, and sitting when asked. This girl is a keeper! Caitlin fell in love with her.

GypsyI love her face!





I’m a happy, eager boy and I know stuff! I’m one of Jolene’s favorites!

Clancy is a one-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix who was found as a stray, so we don’t know his history. He is an energetic sixty-six pounds and LOVES all treats. He is smart, eager to learn new things and is a quick study. Jolene found him to be a delightful boy who walked well on leash and was good about paying attention to her. Because of his size, older children (10+) would be best for him in his new home. Clancy is eager to play rough and rowdy with other dogs, but should meet any new canine he’ll be living with. He knows some commands and is going to make someone a wonderful companion.

DSC_42352This is Clancy’s pensive look.

DSC_42372What a handsome young dog!





After my dental procedure, I’ll be ready to go home!

Bobbin, a four-year-old Lab mix, is still at the shelter while staff is looking for a vet to perform some dental work that is more complicated than the shelter can do in-house. But he’s not a bit discouraged or unhappy. He loves all the attention he receives from volunteers. Here he was with Caitlin on Sunday.

BobbinAnd these pictures were sent to me by another one of his fans, Thursday dog walker volunteer Kate.





A special visit from some special Girl Scouts!

What a wonderful end to the afternoon we had today! Girl Scout Troop 10050 arrived with bunches and bunches of goodies for our dogs, our cats, and even the WHS people! They brought Girl Scout Cookies for the humans, cat food, dog food, cat toys, dog toys, puppy and kitten formula and homemade dog treats! It was like Christmas in March! Here are some pictures of their wonderful visit.

Sooooo many goodies!

DSC_00022 DSC_00172 DSC_00192 DSC_00142Volunteer Manager Anna and I introduced Hemi to the girls.

DSC_00342 DSC_00282They also met Gypsy.

DSC_00382Thank you, thank you, Girl Scout Troop 10050! You are our future animal caregivers and I know you will do a great job!

And on that happy note, that’s it for this week!

Remember, if you see a dog on my blog whom you are interested in meeting, try to make arrangements to get to the Willamette Humane Society soon. Some dogs are adopted more quickly than you might think.

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