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Dear Fellow Dog Lovers,

It was another busy week at Willamette Humane Society and I have lots to report, but first, there were fifteen dogs adopted in the last week, several of them brand-new arrivals who were in and out so fast I never wrote about them! Lucky pups! Here are the Blog Dogs who are now in their new homes.

Page_1 Page_2Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you, that’s the Lilly/Roscoe duo who have been waiting a long time for Roscoe’s medical issues to be determined and resolved so they could go home. On Sunday these two seniors left the building and I snapped this photo as they said goodbye.


Another very happy story is that this little girl, Suzie, came to us just last week from another shelter where she wasn’t adopted and within two days of becoming available, she went to her new home. I was thrilled to be there for her departure, too.


Oreo has been our shelter pup since February and in a foster home doing very well. Sunday she finally went to her forever home with her new person. She will be part of many fun adventures and have an active, happy life. Both she and her new peep are very lucky.





Are you ready for the excitement, fun, and commitment of a puppy? YES? Pick ME, pick ME!

In the spirit of full disclosure, I have never raised a ten-week-old puppy. In fact, until last week, I had never even had a ten-week-old pup overnight. But as I was leaving the shelter two Sundays ago, there was Bam Bam, having just arrived at the shelter, needing an overnight foster until a more long-term one could be found.

Bam BamHow could I say no to that face? You’re right, I couldn’t. And so began what I call, A Night to Remember.

Bam BamWe would play hard for ten or fifteen minutes.

DSC_46012And then, like all puppies, he suddenly did this…

DSC_45682More play…


DSC_45872 And this… over and over again.

Bam BamTo my amazement, Bam Bam actually slept solidly from midnight until 5:30 a.m. when he suddenly jumped up and ran to a potty pad and did his business! He’s on his way to being house-trained.

Bam BamBam Bam is a Yorkshire Terrier mix. He’s going to be such a good little dog as he grows up! He’s in a foster home now, waiting to be adopted from there. If you are interested, contact our Foster Coordinator at foster@whs4pets.org.

Bam Bam




I’m learning so much at Field of Dreams! Now I can’t wait for my forever home! Is it yours?

If you read last week’s post, you saw that volunteers Linda, Karla, and I went to visit Lola where she is being trained and fostered at Field of Dreams Kennel.

DSC_00162Lola is a one-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix who arrived at the shelter last December as a stray. She went to foster at Field of Dreams so she could work on better interactions when meeting other dogs. Lola can be a bit over the top in her greetings and is learning to be calmer at first meet with both dogs and people. In order to do this wonderful girl’s progress justice, I decided to make a video to show you. Here is Lola in person!





I’m still waiting for my new home. I’m kind of nervous being at the shelter and would really like a home of my own.

Guiseppe is an eight-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix who is extremely shy and shelter life is proving to be very hard on this sweet boy. He has been an outdoor dog his whole life and so we assumed he was not house-trained. But we were wrong! Volunteer Allen took Guiseppe for an overnight respite and reported that after he thoroughly checked out the backyard, he went into the house without hesitation. He loved watching TV in the evening and turned out to be quite the couch potato. He also slept soundly through the night and let Allen know when he needed to go out. Guiseppe will be his new family’s best friend. He would love to live with a dog who would help build his confidence about the world. He has lived with other dogs, done great with children, and even cats. Here he was with Laslo on Sunday. And Marianne wrote this about our boy today: “Guiseppe did fantastic today. He walks so well on a loose leash now. He seems much less stressed.”

DSC_50962 DSC_51022 DSC_51062 DSC_51052




I’m still Marianne’s favorite shelter dog! I could be your favorite forever dog!

Late on Sunday afternoon, after I’d finished taking pictures of all the new dog arrivals, I found Marianne out in the big yard with Maisy. Maisy is a ten-year-old Lab mix who has lived through some hard times in her life, but since she’s been at WHS, she has blossomed. She’s gained weight, gotten the spring back in her step and is such a happy girl! She’s looking for a home without cats, and would need to meet any canine sibling. Maisy may not be the prettiest or the youngest dog at the shelter, and she has scars on her legs and body from her previous life, but you’ll never meet a more affectionate, people-loving dog anywhere. And, by the way, she has quite a sense of humor! We’re hoping her perfect family will find her very soon.

Maisy and Marianne Maisy and Marianne Maisy and Marianne Maisy and Marianne Maisy and Marianne (1) Maisy and Marianne




Caroline’s Pick of the Week!

As is often the case, Caroline already had her favorite of the week picked out when me met on Sunday. And it was a newbie I hadn’t yet met. But it didn’t take me long to realize just why he was Caroline’s current favorite. Meet Little Joe, a six-year-old German Shepherd.Little Joe Little Joe

Joe is an extremely well-behaved, smart boy whose training has been excellent. He knows many commands, is gentle and easy to walk, and he LOVES to play fetch. Joe is “dog selective” which means he likes some dogs and doesn’t care for others. In play group, he loves to participate in herding games with like-minded big dogs. If he goes home with canine siblings, they will have to meet first. Joe is treat-motivated (but is allergic to pork). He should not go to a home with small dogs or cats. He likes children, but older kids would be best due to Joe’s size and energy. If you’re looking for a dog to take on hikes or runs, Joe would love to join you. Here he was playing fetch with Caroline. Little Joe is going to make someone a fantastic companion.

Little JoeYep, caught in mid-air!

Little Joe Little Joe Little Joe Little Joe




I’m a little older than some of the dogs here, but I still am young at heart!

What a lovely dog Mei Mei is! This ten-year-old Siberian Husky/Retriever mix has a personality that is just about the best! She is gentle and loves people. She scored very well on her behavior assessment. She has lived with dogs and cats and done well. She does frighten easily and wants to run when afraid, so will need a tall fenced yard. She also gets lonely when left alone, so a home where the people are there most of the time would be ideal. Mei Mei has lived outside for the past four years, but before that she was an indoor dog and was house-trained. She would like to be an indoor dog again. Jolene and I fell in love with this beautiful girl and hope her perfect forever home will find her soon.

Mei Mei Mei Mei Mei Mei




I may not be able to see you, but I will love you!

Flash is a nine-year-old Jack Russell Terrier. His family is brokenhearted that they had to give him up and want him to get a wonderful new home. Flash had to have both eyes removed because of glaucoma. But he has adjusted amazingly well and loves to go for walks (his nose was always more important to him than his eyes anyway!), loves car rides, is house-trained and is fine when left alone. He has lived happily with other dogs and cats. He likes children, but they need to be older so they understand not to startle him since he can’t see them. This boy is gentle and calm and would enjoy sitting with you on the couch and snoozing. Here he was with Diane on Sunday.

Flash Flash

DSC_55112I spent quite a bit of time with Flash today and am just amazed at how brave he is about being outside. He pranced right along in front of me, totally confident. He loved my treats and enjoyed just hanging out in the grass. And he was the first shelter dog to sport one of my new “Adopt Me” bandanas that just arrived in the mail today! I think he looks dashing, don’t you?

DSC_55282 DSC_55252




I don’t know why I haven’t been adopted yet, I’ve been trying my best!

Harlow is a stunning six-year-old Weimaraner mix who is such a good boy. He knows several commands including sit and down and is very affectionate. He loves being with people more than with other dogs. He would like to be the only pet in the family and is not one who should go to dog parks. While he gets along with some dogs, he doesn’t care for others. He is sensitive to having his ears and feet touched, so a family with older children would be best for this big boy. Harlow is house-trained and Jolene wrote the following after working with him: “He is smart and likes to focus on direction and pace changes. Walks nicely and is attentive and treat-motivated.” He loves his time each week with Laslo.

Harlow Harlow Harlow Harlow Harlow




I’m in my foster home right now and I love it, but I can’t wait for my real home!

Little Foxy, a seven-month-old Basenji mix, arrived at the shelter so frightened that she immediately became a foster project for volunteer Krystal. Here is Krystal’s report about this special little girl.

“Foxy is a shy but sweet girl who is looking for a home where she can learn to feel safe and secure.  She is most comfortable around women and girls and if she were to live with a man, he would need to be incredibly patient and liberal with the treats as she learns to trust again. Foxy will be very slow to warm up and gain your trust, but once you earn it, she will be your constant companion and soul mate. She loves our daughter and cries for a couple of minutes when she leaves for school each morning and can’t quit bouncing around when she returns each day. Foxy’s innate belief in children has not been harmed by whatever other experiences she has had in her short seven-month life.

It has been such an amazing experience to watch her blossom over the last several weeks from a dog who hid behind the couch shaking, into a dog who now interacts with all of our own dogs, follows them out to the bathroom and even follows us everywhere.  I’m so excited for Foxy to find the perfect family  where she can continue to come out of her shell and bloom in her own home.”

IMG_20160404_1713018502 IMG_20160329_2007400602 IMG_20160407_1453334532 IMG_20160413_1104323412




Look at this face! Do you want to adopt me?

MiloMilo is another one of our senior dogs who is simply wonderful. He is a nine-year-old Border Collie mix. Since he came to us last week from another shelter where he was not adopted, we don’t know about his past, but he has won many hearts already at WHS. Milo is calm, quiet and polite. He knows several commands, takes treats nicely and walks well on leash. He will be the perfect dog for someone wanting a dog with no drama who is easygoing and affectionate. Here he was on Sunday with two of his biggest fans, Caitlin and Marianne.

Milo MiloMilo





When I first met Brooklyn soon after she arrived at WHS in February, she nearly broke my heart. It was obvious that her eyes were really bothering her and were painful. She had Entropion, a genetic condition where the eyelid folds inward. Her right eye was quite bad and the left was starting to bother her, too. Here she was with Daniel before her operation.

BrooklynWe were able to do the needed surgery in our clinic and soon after she was adopted! Here is what her new person wrote about our sweet girl:

“I adopted Brooklyn (now Sadie) seven weeks ago from the Humane Society. I just wanted to update you on how she is doing. The top left picture is her prior to her eye surgery, 102 pounds, and without a home. The bottom left picture is her now after her eyes have healed, a healthier weight, and with a loving home! She loves going on runs/walks, squeaky toys, treats, and car rides. I wanted to thank you for all you do for animals just like Sadie!”

12986630_10154087639639938_501265350_oThat’s it for this week!

Remember, if you see a dog on my blog whom you are interested in meeting, try to make arrangements to get to the Willamette Humane Society soon. Some dogs are adopted more quickly than you might think.

You can reach me at adoptanoregondog14@yahoo.com


Bam Bam