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Dear Fellow Dog Lovers,

Last Wednesday evening Willamette Humane Society celebrated the annual Humaneitarian Awards. Among others, three people whom you see often in my posts were honored for their dedication to our shelter dogs. Jolene and Tom were recognized for their time, expertise and commitment to WHS and Marianne received the Volunteer of the Year Award! She brought along Patience, a WHS alumna, who wasn’t quite sure what all the commotion was about. Here are some pictures of the wonderful evening. It is always so thrilling to see such deserving volunteers as Tom, Marianne and Jolene highlighted for their unselfish hearts.

DSC_00592DSC_00872BJ, our Executive Director, has a special place in her heart for sweet Patience, a symbol for WHS shelter dogs’ happy tales.

DSC_00522 DSC_00362


There were ten terrific dog adoptions during the past week. Here are the Blog Dogs among them.

Page_2 (1) Page_1 (1) Page_3 (1)Foxy was adopted from her foster home with volunteer Krystal. This little dog was so fearful when she first arrived that she hid behind Krystal’s couch and wouldn’t let Krystal touch her for for several days. Then she blossomed and here she is about to go home with her new person (pictured below). Fosters are such a vital part of saving shelter dogs. Thank you, Krystal, for giving yet another pup a happy future! Lucky Foxy!

Foxy and new mom2

Sadie (now Fly), a four-year-old Border Collie, was surrendered to WHS on April 9th and we all immediately smiled and thought of volunteer Tom. Tom has had Border Collies all his life. During the past year, he sadly lost both his beloved Ben and Daphne (a WHS alumna). Last October Sally, a sweet eleven-year-old Australian Shepherd mix arrived at WHS, and Tom adopted her. Being used to having two dogs, though, Tom waited patiently. So when Sadie showed up, Tom brought Sally to meet her. Here are pictures of that meet. Tom fostered Sadie for a week to see if Sally wanted a younger sister. On Sunday the three officially became family. Fly will now have the best home ever!

Tom, Sally, Sadie Tom, Sally, Sadie Tom, Sally, Sadie



Yes, I’m a senior, but I still have a spring in my step!

Milo is one of our senior dogs who is absolutely delightful. He is a nine-year-old Border Collie mix. Since he came to us from another shelter where he was not adopted, we don’t know about his past, but he has won many hearts at WHS, not just mine. Milo is calm, quiet and polite. He knows several commands, takes treats nicely and walks well on leash. He will be the perfect companion for someone wanting a dog with no drama who is easygoing and affectionate. He would prefer a cat-free home and would like to meet any potential dog siblings, as he can be a bit picky about his dog friends. On Sunday afternoon, he took a nice walk with volunteer Gracie, while wearing a new bandana!

DSC_57512 Later, after I finished taking pictures of new dogs, Marianne and I enjoyed hanging out with Milo. Volunteer Tom stopped by. Milo is such a treasure. Surely someone will realize he’s the perfect fit for their new best friend soon!

DSC_59232 DSC_59262 DSC_59272 DSC_59462 DSC_59292 DSC_59322 DSC_59312

And that’s not all…

On Tuesday, Marianne needed some advice on garden supplies when she went to Lowe’s. So she picked up Milo on the way. Staff member Rachael went along for the ride. Here’s what Marianne wrote: “What a wonderful boy. Polite the entire time! He rides really well in the car, was perfect in the store and several people admired him (he is super handsome)! He helped me pick out some spray paint, garden soil, grass seed, and fertilizer. He loved the garden section.” Another great thing about adopting a senior dog: they’ve had a lot of experience and know stuff!

Page_1 Page_2 Page_3 Page_4 Page_6 Page_5



I’ve been waiting for my new family a long time. I’m a really good dog.

I have written about Harlow in the last several posts and am at a loss as to why this stunning boy is still without a forever home. Harlow is a six-year-old Weimaraner mix. He knows several commands including sit and down, and is very affectionate. He loves being with people and prefers hanging out with them to other dogs. He would like to be the only pet in the family and is not one who should go to dog parks because, while he gets along with some dogs, he doesn’t care for others. He can be sensitive to having his ears and feet touched, so a family with older children would be best for this big boy. Harlow is house-trained and walks nicely on leash. Here he was on Sunday with Jolene enjoying being outside. He’s one of Jolene’s current favorites. She reports he is smart and fun to train.

Harlow  HarlowJolene put it well, when she said today, “Harlow has a fun, goofy side that few people see.” Well, I snapped the following pictures this afternoon, trying to catch that side.

Page_2 Page_1 Page_3 DSC_59992




Don’t worry, Gracie, I don’t need my eyes when I can follow my nose!

I first wrote about Flash last week, but he is such a remarkable little guy, I wanted to feature him again. Flash is a nine-year-old Jack Russell Terrier. He had to have both eyes removed because of glaucoma, but has adjusted well and loves to go for walks (his nose was always more important to him than his eyes anyway). He loves car rides, is house-trained and is fine when left alone. He has lived happily with other dogs and cats. He likes children, but they need to be older so they understand not to startle him since he can’t see them. This boy is gentle and calm and would enjoy sitting with you on the couch and snoozing. He did amazingly well in playgroup which was held inside last week because of rain. He entered the room, walked around the perimeter to get his bearings, then seemed to feel confident and did fine with the other dogs. Here he was with Gracie on Sunday and he was even smiling!

DSC_57902 DSC_57922DSC_55252




I’m a newbie and I can’t wait to meet my forever family!

Champ is Pit Bull Terrier mix and we’re guessing he’s about four years old. He came from another shelter and we don’t know his history, but what we do know is that he’s a happy-go-lucky boy. Jolene and I met him for the first time on Sunday and both of us liked him instantly. Champ does have lots of energy and so will need an active family. He also needs some positive-based training to learn better impulse control, since in his enthusiasm, he can be jumpy. Because of this, his adoption package comes with a class called Check In and Chill Out. He seems to get along with other dogs who are rough and rowdy just like he is. Champ is just so darn happy to see everyone! He knows several commands and it’s obvious he wants to be the best family dog ever. We’re hoping he’ll soon find his perfect people.

DSC_57202This is his “Won’t you adopt me?” look.

DSC_57032This is his, “Hey, want to play with me?” pose.





Daniel’s Pick of the Week!

This week Daniel picked a new dog in the shelter named Bo, a four-year-old Retriever mix. Bo was extremely shy and nervous when he first arrived, but what a difference a few days make! Today he was much more outgoing and confident. He will need a  family who will be patient and understanding, as he is sensitive about handling. He has been an outdoor dog for a while, would like to be an indoor dog again and since he is house-trained, it should be an easy adjustment. Bo is afraid of loud noises, so a calm and quiet home would be best for him. He is crate-trained and knows basic commands. He is very treat-motivated, so positive training will be a breeze for this sweet dog. Daniel saw a playful, goofy side of Bo and instantly knew he’d be his pick of the week.

DSC_58022 BoBo Bo




I’m an uncomplicated sort of a guy looking for a new home. Need a Lab?

George is another newbie to WHS. He is a five-year-old Lab mix who is just about perfect…well, except for being a tad (okay, a lot) overweight. George has lived happily with other dogs, cats and kids. He scored so well on his behavior assessment that he is approved as a PG dog, which rarely happens. George walks well on leash, knows basic commands and is a happy, laid-back kind of boy. Caitlin loved spending time with George on Sunday. Walks around the neighborhood, fewer treats, some diet food and George WILL be perfect!

DSC_56972 DSC_56922




I am hoping that THIS week will be the one I get adopted!

Maisy remains hopeful that any day now, she’ll find her forever peeps. Maisy is a ten-year-old Lab mix who has had a hard life, but since she’s been at WHS, she has blossomed. Maisy has the spring back in her step and is now a happy girl! She’s looking for a home without cats, and would need to meet any canine sibling. Maisy may not be the prettiest or the youngest dog at the shelter, and she has scars on her legs and body from her previous life, but you’ll never meet a more affectionate, people-loving dog anywhere. Marianne is absolutely over the moon for this sweetheart and can’t wait for her to find a loving home.

Maisy Maisy Maisy Maisy Maisy




Caroline’s Pick of the Week!

If you are a regular reader of my posts, you know that Caroline usually chooses big, lively dogs for her weekly picks. But today we were both so impressed with little eleven-pound Stitch, that Caroline chose him. Stitch is a one-year-old Dachshund/Yorkshire Terrier mix. He is pretty much an ideal little dog. He has lived happily with dogs, cats and children of all ages. He’s fine when left alone. He loves to play with toys, is house-trained and is a cuddler. But what impressed Marianne and me the most were his manners. He knows basic commands (so many little dogs are not taught to sit when asked), takes treats very nicely and is simply a very polite little guy. I’m sure he won’t be staying at the shelter for long.

DSC_61842 DSC_61812 DSC_61732




Clancy’s the name…adopt me’s the game!

Clancy has been waiting at the shelter since March 17th. He was found as a stray and is about a year old. He’s a sixty-six pound Pit Bull Terrier mix. Clancy is a happy, boisterous young dog who loves people. He is smart and treat-motivated, so will learn new skills easily and quickly. He already knows basic commands and is eager to please. He loves to play with Harlow, but his rough and rowdy style and intensity can be too overwhelming for some dogs, so he is considered “dog selective.” Clancy’s adoption package includes two classes, one for his new person, “Dog Smart,” and one for him with his new peep, “Check In and Chill Out.” Both classes will help everyone get started on the happy road of becoming a family. He’s become one of Jolene’s favorites—here he was today with her. We’re hoping Clancy won’t have to wait much longer at the shelter for his perfect fit of a person.

DSC_60312 DSC_60252




Yes, I need some positive training work, but hey, I’m just a kid! I’ll learn fast!

Shane is a ten-month-old Border Collie mix youngster who is one happy, enthusiastic  boy. He was found as a stray, so we don’t know his story, but he is eager and ready to learn some manners to help his impulse control. This will start with a “Check In and Chill Out” class that is included with his adoption. Since Shane loves treats, he will no doubt be a quick study and with some consistency and patience, he will mature into a wonderful family member. If you enjoy positive dog training and are looking for a willing and excited new student, Shane may be your perfect fit. Here he was on Sunday with Caitlin, one of his biggest fans.

DSC_55972 DSC_55832 Shane





Remember our sweet boy, Titan? He was surrendered to WHS twice, but his third home was so worth waiting for! He was loved by so many of us at the shelter. Here he was posing for my Christmas post.

TitanAnd here is what his new person wrote about him last week. Such a lucky pair!

“I adopted Titus from Willamette Humane Society right after New Years. I had lost my elder Shar-Pei the previous April, and I felt ready to open my heart again. I knew I wanted to rescue an adult dog. I felt that I’d never find a Pei at a shelter, but started looking. One day I decided out of the blue to look at the WHS website. I couldn’t believe it!!! We were perfect for each other when I read his bio. I immediately sent an email for interest, and placed a Hold, even though there was another Hold ahead of me. The people ahead of me let their Hold expire! A shelter staff person called me to tell me. I was so overjoyed!! I waited until the next public day and drove from Tigard down to Salem with my dad. We met Titus and I just knew. He looked at me with his whiskey-colored eyes and I knew, even with his medical consult, I was ok with all, because I am knowledgeable of the care level and issues a Pei can have. He was such a beautiful Pei inside and out.

Because he needed to finish his round of meds and have a final vet check, I had to wait a week. When I called and was told he was all clear I almost cried!! I took off work and motored down I-5 the next day. I made sure I was first in line at the door. I will tell you, the experience I had with Willamette staff from the night I got the first call about the Hold, to the Volunteer and Vet Tech with whom we met Titus, to my Adoption Specialist, they were all phenomenal. Not only are the staff professional, but they truly care about the animals and seeing them find a great home. The shelter is very clean, doggies have stuffies, and clean blankies are stacked up. It’s truly a great place!

Finally, Titus got to come home with me. I had purchased a new collar in the pet shop, had bought him a new bed and grain-free food and treats the night before. On the ride home at first he would only look out the window, but man was he a great car rider! I knew he’d need time. So I stopped and got some French fries in Woodburn. We shared those fries, and started to bond. He looked right at me and would take the fry gently. My heart warmed. He then curled into his little ball he does and slept the rest of the way home.

Three months later, he has not, and still does not show any of the “issues” that his previous families gave him up for. He will walk right into the bathtub for his bi-weekly baths. He loves his stuffies and Nylabone. I have an awesome Nature’s Pet by me that I love to find cool new toys and healthy treats at for him. His best friend is a nine-year-old diva Chihuahua named Lady. They ride together in the car, go on walks together to the park. Lady will share her favorite frog squeaker with Titus. But most of all, he has made my heart full. We “get” each other. We both do well with routine and a chill environment with some fun thrown in. He’s my favorite and I love him very much!!!”

20160410_145723 (1)2 20160412_2117142 Titus Titus

On that wonderful happy update, that’s it for this week!


DSC_59992Remember, if you see a dog on my blog whom you are interested in meeting, try to make arrangements to get to the Willamette Humane Society soon. Some dogs are adopted more quickly than you might think.

You can reach me at adoptanoregondog14@yahoo.com