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Dear Fellow Dog Lovers,

We had some especially terrific dog adoptions during the past week, including a blind Jack Russell and an elder statesman Border Collie mix. I also have a swimming report, two foster reports, some amazing updates, and, of course, some featured adoptable dogs! So let’s get started.

There were a whopping seventeen dog adoptions during the past week! Some newbies arrived and were adopted so quickly, I never even met them! However, eight were Blog Dogs.

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I was so excited for our little blind, but oh so happy and confident, Flash. He’s actually going to be a “service” dog to another dog in the family who suffers from separation anxiety. Both dogs were instant BFFs and Flash will help his sibling be brave and learn to be self-reliant by example. What an example he will be! Here he was last week as Jolene’s Swim Dog! Fearful of the water? Not in the least.

Flash32 Flash42

Gypsy was adopted by one of our own WHS volunteers. Her name is now Pitunia (get it?) and there will be an update on this happy new beginning at the end of this post.

I was at the shelter when our elder statesman Milo found his jackpot of a home. I caught the family just as they were leaving and they were very happy to pose for some pictures. It was so obvious, just watching them with Milo, that he will be loved to the moon and back! I already got a quick report about his adjustment: “He is SO smart, and SO goofy, he is absolutely captivating. He plays, fetches, and takes commands–he’s really something. Please thank EVERYBODY for the amazing and unexpected sendoff!!” And yes, he had quite a sendoff. Here are some pictures.

DSC_65082DSC_65092 DSC_65112 DSC_65012 DSC_65142




I’m being the best boy ever in my foster home! Now to find me a FOREVER home! Looking for a couch potato?

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you have read about Gypsy (now adopted) and her son, Guiseppe, an eight-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix. Like his mother, Guiseppe has been an outdoor dog his whole life. He has lived with other dogs, done great with children and even cats. But he has not been adopted yet. So this week he went to a foster home with his new “mom” Laura and her family. The first thing to happen after he got to the house was a name change. His new name is Daniel, given to him by Laura’s son. Laura has another WHS alumnus, Silas, a Pit Bull Terrier. To say Daniel has fit happily into Laura’s family is an understatement.

Here he was on his way to his foster home.

Giuseppe2Once there, you’d think he’d need some time to settle in, right? Naw.

IMG_39772 IMG_39592 IMG_39862How about some time to feel comfortable with the family? Naw.

IMG_39542 IMG_39712 Laura sent me the following wonderful and thorough report.

“In the 18th and 19th centuries, Pit Bull Terriers used to be called ‘nanny dogs’ for their gentle and loyal nature with children. Daniel is no exception! He absolutely adores children and will climb up into their laps (even if he’s bigger than they are). He is an incredibly sweet, shy and demure dog looking for a couch of his own. His perfect home is one either with children and another older dog (a female would be ideal although he gets along with males, too), or people who are home a lot. He’s very mellow, so a retired owner would be great for him so he can be with his people. He does great in a crate when you are away from home. Daniel used to live only in a backyard and he shows his distaste for his former life by lying on the couch 90% of the time and not wanting to go outside except to go potty. He will endure the outdoors to hang out with you if you are relaxing out there. This boy is living very successfully with a two-year-old male Pit Bull Terrier, an eight-year-old Chihuahua and two cats. His foster home also has two very loud children, ages 9 and 12. He takes all the commotion in stride and becomes more calm and confident every day. His days of romping and playing are behind him and he doesn’t appreciate the playful shenanigans of young whippersnappers. He will live with any dog that gives him space but will let another dog know he doesn’t want to be jumped on or engaged in rough play. Due to his lack of socialization, he is a bit shy and fearful of anything new. He has likely never ridden in a car before coming to us, nor lived in a house (with all the sounds and commotion of that), gone on a walk, or any of the other normal things most dogs do. But don’t feel sorry for him. He’s happy now and looking forward to a bright future. He’s looking for a patient person who understands he will adjust at his own pace and not to push him to do new things too quickly. He would not enjoy a long car trip, staying in a hotel or camping right now. He wants to stay home and watch TV with you. For now, he needs to just know he is safe and to adjust to the good life of a house dog. Daniel may never be an off-leash dog. Shy dogs like him may get spooked and run off, even if he knows you and you call him.

Daniel is an amazing dog who will make someone so happy. If you want a dog to snuggle while curled up with a good book, he is your perfect match. He is an absolute heart-stealer, so if you want to meet him be prepared to welcome him into your family!

Daniel is a dog for:
-people who want an awesome, affectionate, people-oriented dog
-people with children (he doesn’t have to live with kids but he sure loves them!)
-people with cats or other mellow dogs
-people who like oversized lap dogs
-people who want a low-energy dog that doesn’t care for much exercise
-people who are patient and have time to help him fully come out of
his shell and blossom”

So there you have it. If Daniel is the dog you’ve been searching for, contact our WHS foster coordinator, Ashleigh, at foster@whs4pets.org. All of us who have fallen in love with this gentle, big-headed couch potato are hoping he’ll have his own couch and peeps very soon!





I got to go to the park with Jolene! And I did great!

Jax is still hopefully waiting for the perfect fit of a home to call his own. He has been hoping since December. Jax is a one-year-old Kelpie mix looking for a home with a woman and a dog pal, as he can be fearful of men. It takes him time to warm up to a new person and we’ve been working with him to increase his confidence. He has improved enough that we believe, in the right home, Jax will flourish. His adoption package includes weekly coaching appointments along with his person to help ensure his continued progress in social skills. One way Jax has improved in his confidence is car riding. He used to stop in his tracks when he thought he was going to have to get into a car. Not any more! Jolene was thrilled when she took him to the park on Saturday. Here is her report:

“Jax had an outing at Bush Park today. We jogged up to my car, I opened the door and he hopped right in! He had a wonderful time checking out the walkers, joggers, and youngsters playing baseball. Jax can be rather shy, so this outing was a big confidence builder. He was especially interested in the squirrels, but was quite willing to leave them alone and continue exploring all the sights and sounds of the park. When we came back from the park, he again just hopped right in the car. He was a tired, but happy boy when we went got back to the shelter.”

Jax12 Jax22Here the goofy boy was on Sunday enjoying some relaxing time in the grass. Maybe THIS week will be his lucky one to find his forever home?

Jax Jax Jax




Daniel’s Pick of the Week!

If you are up for a very happy, exuberant youngster, then Royal might be your perfect fit! This adorable ten-month-old American Staffordshire Terrier mix is a recent transfer from California through our ASPCA partnership. She is extremely excited to now be an Oregon dog and can’t wait to find her forever family. Because she is such a joyful, bouncy girl, her adoption package includes the class Check In and Chill Out. She does already know how to sit when asked, if you catch her attention for a nanosecond! Daniel totally fell for this sweetheart.


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I’m older than most of my friends, and they say I’m a hospice dog, but all I know is, I’m happy!

Elroy, a Rat Terrier mix, came to the shelter in very sad shape. He was extremely thin, and when I found out he was almost fifteen years old, I wondered if he would survive much longer. But survive he has! Once he had access to good food and love, he started to put on weight and got a spring in his step. Then volunteer Krystal took him home as a foster, and Elroy began to thrive. He fit right in with Krystal’s “pack” and soon was racing up the steps and curling up in a blanket on the couch. We don’t know how long Elroy has to live a happy dog life, but we’re determined to give him the best time we can. He doesn’t know he’s a hospice adoption dog, he just knows he’s happy. Marianne and I visited Elroy at Krystal’s house on Friday. If you’re interested in meeting Elroy, contact our foster coordinator, Ashleigh, at foster@whs4pets.org.

DSC_62132 DSC_62282 DSC_62192 DSC_62262 DSC_61932  DSC_62542 DSC_62732




I’m looking for a fun and active family! I have a lot of energy and can’t wait to play with you!

Trevor was transferred to us from another shelter where he wasn’t adopted. He’s hoping he’ll find his new home through the help of WHS. This happy, three-year-old, fifty-three pound Lab mix is eager and very smart. He knows some commands and his favorite thing to do is romp with people or other dogs. He tries to match his play style with his playmates, and does pretty well with mingling among his friends. Because he is an energetic boy, his adoption package comes with the class Check In and Chill Out to help him learn better impulse control. Trevor is going to be a wonderful family dog once he improves a few manners through positive training. Here he was with Laslo on Sunday.

DSC_65412This afternoon I took Trevor out for his walk and a little work on impulse control. I was amazed at how quickly he picked up on my cues and paid attention to my requests. The excited jumpiness that he first exhibited when we started our walk quickly changed into turning and coming when I called him, then immediately sitting in front of me for a treat. After practicing this for a while with no jumping, we went into a yard for some fetch. What a ball dog Trevor is! Not only did he race after a tennis ball and return it, but he dropped it, then lay down to wait for the next throw. He was perfectly behaved. This sweet boy will be a fantastic dog for an active family. I can’t believe he hasn’t already been adopted up by some lucky peeps. Here are pictures from our romp.

DSC_67002   DSC_67212 DSC_66612 DSC_67262

DSC_66642Jolene came out and joined us. We both agreed, Trevor is an absolutely delightful, athletic young dog. Surely he’ll be adopted very soon.





I love my peeps here at the shelter, but I’m really ready to go home and have a real family. I promise to be your best friend!

Maisy continues to wait for someone to see past her outside and into her heart. Maisy is a ten-year-old Lab mix who has had a difficult life as the scars on her legs and body attest. She has been waiting for someone to fall in love with her since February. She has become a favorite of many shelter volunteers because of her gentle and affectionate nature. Maisy needs a cat-free home and, although she gets along with some dogs, would really prefer to be the only pet in the family. Maisy is house-trained, walks very well on leash, takes treats politely and loves to be with people. She will get the “zoomies” every so often and race around the yard, but soon she’ll lie down beside you for petting and scratches. This girl is a diamond in the rough, a treasure. She will be an easy member of the family, enjoying walks around the neighborhood, then hanging out with her peeps in the evening, curled up by their side. Maybe THIS will be Maisy’s lucky week to find her new home. Marianne and Caitlin are two of her favorite shelter peeps.

DSC_65162Maisy Maisy Maisy Maisy Maisy and Marianne Maisy




I’m back at WHS and I need another home. This time I hope it’s a forever one!

Cinnamon Roll (just Cinnamon to his friends) is a two-year-old eighty-pound Pit Bull Terrier mix. This big boy is looking for a special home. He needs one without cats, small dogs or small children. He loves to play rough and rowdy with big dogs his size and likes being with people. He is house-trained and very smart. In fact, he is so smart, he has learned how to open doors and get out of fenced yards. He says he just wants to know what’s on the other side, but he will need supervision when outside and a crate when left alone inside. He knows basic commands, is treat-motivated and likes to learn new things, so he will be fun to work with using rewards-based training. Here he was with Jolene on Sunday. We’re hoping that Cinnamon’s next home will be his perfect fit.

DSC_63182 Cinnamon Roll Cinnamon RollThis afternoon, Marianne and I took Cinnamon out to a yard and, boy, did he love to play! He was so happy to be romping with us and although he is a big, energetic boy, he listened and responded very well to us. We are hoping he’ll soon find just the right person with whom he can go on adventures.

DSC_65762 DSC_65582 DSC_65662




I was lost. Now I’m found and I need a retirement home. Do you have one?

Nelson is a Lab mix that we’re guessing is about nine years old. He was found wandering and a family took him in while they tried to locate his people, but had no luck. So they brought Nelson to WHS. But during the time he stayed with his temporary peeps, they learned some valuable information about him. Nelson is house-trained. He got along very well with their small dog and cat. He was good with the family’s daughter. This senior is a sweet boy who hopes he’ll soon be relaxing in his very own retirement home. Caitlin enjoyed her time with Nelson Sunday afternoon.

DSC_63852 Nelson





Marianne’s Pick of the Week!

Caroline couldn’t come this week, so Marianne got to pick today. Without hesitation, Marianne chose Tanner. I had taken Tanner out for his walk and then into a yard and Marianne had joined us. We were both smitten by this wonderful youngster. Tanner is a one-year-old Lab mix and has a ton of energy which he expended today by racing around the yard in one big circle while we watched. I was sure he’d be a ball dog, but while he’d dash after a thrown tennis ball, he quickly forgot where it landed and loped back to see if I had any treats. Tanner is a seventy-pound youngster who is looking for family with a yard big enough for him to exercise. He does need some work in impulse control which is why his adoption includes the Check In and Chill Out class. I was surprised at how nicely he walked on leash and how gently he takes treats. He knows basic commands and, when he’s not running and exploring, he settles down nicely for petting and more treats. Because of his size and youth, he’d be best with older children, but oh, what a terrific best friend he will be to some lucky family. Here are some pictures from our time with Tanner today.

DSC_66372 DSC_66302 DSC_66052 DSC_66342 DSC_66442 DSC_66472 DSC_67582 DSC_67622




Lilly and Roscoe

Here they were at WHS during their LONG stay with us.

Lilly and RoscoeAnd here is an update from their new family.

“We have now had Roscoe and Lilly for two weeks. They had a rocky start adjusting as Mom was in Texas the first few days, so they only had Dad to help them. They also had two very spoiled cats to contend with. They also are adjusting to not being able to run loose in the neighborhood. They are coming along very well, however, and we will probably be using WHS training to help them settle into their new lives. In the meantime, we are so happy with their very cute, loving personalities. They are such cuddle bugs and are very willing to please. The entire family just loves them, and they us. They seem to love their new lives.”

13059914_10209250286405391_1692657549_n2 13046107_10209250287205411_1139505452_n2


Gypsy/Pitunia (and Riley)

Here was Gypsy at WHS a few weeks ago.

Guiseppe and GypsyWe were all thrilled when our very own WHS volunteer Joan adopted her.

Here was Riley in August, 2014.

RileyAnd here is the rest of the story…

“I adopted Riley at WHS in August 2014. My dog, Bailey, had passed away earlier that year and I was devastated and not thinking about adopting another (3rd) dog. However, I was dog walking at WHS one morning and went into Riley’s kennel. There was something about that little guy that I can’t really describe, but he just walked into my heart and I took him home. I really needed a cuddler, and much to my amazement, he jumped on the bed and immediately snuggled next to me and we never looked back.

Fast forward to April 2016. I wasn’t looking for another dog at all. Meredith Kuhl needed a volunteer to bring a dog to the WHS Humaneatarian Awards ceremony and I immediately thought of Gypsy, a ten-year-old Pit Bull Terrier at the shelter. She seemed like such a good, mellow dog, so I picked her up and took her to the event. She spent the night with me that night and I was amazed at how well she fit in with the rest of my dogs (and cat). She had exactly the right energy level for our house, so after taking her home for respite several days, I decided she should come home and live with us. She is so mellow that even Riley loved her the minute she came in the house! I changed her name to Pitunia and the rest is history!”

I love the “Pitunia” name! Here are some pictures of the happy family.

Pitunia and Riley

Gypsy and Riley2Pitunia and her sister (another rescued Pit Bull Terrier).

IMG_06512Everybody…see the cat at the head of the bed?




Remember Sadie, a recent adoption for another volunteer, Tom? I’ve been promised an update soon, but in the meantime what a difference a bath makes!

Sadie at WHS

SadieAt home with Tom after a bath!

Fly clean

That’s it for this week!

MaisyRemember, if you see a dog on my blog whom you are interested in meeting, try to make arrangements to get to the Willamette Humane Society soon. Some dogs are adopted more quickly than you might think.

You can reach me at adoptanoregondog14@yahoo.com