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Dear Fellow Dog Lovers,

News Flash: I’m starting this week’s post with a newly released movie about a very special shelter dog named Maisy. Her friends call her Amazing Maisy and she has been waiting for her forever home since early last February. She has won the hearts of so many volunteers, but not any potential adopters. They walk by her kennel and see only a quiet ten-year-old small Lab mix with scars from a long history of skin and ear infections. But oh, that is not the Maisy those of us who know her see. And so it is time for volunteer Marianne and me to produce a movie to show the world the Amazing Maisy that we see every day. We’re hoping it will help her find the perfect person for the rest of her life.

We love you, sweet girl!


There were twelve wonderful dog adoptions during the past week. Of them, these five were Blog Dogs.

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You may remember Elroy from last week’s post, our almost fifteen-year-old hospice boy. Since Krystal, his foster mom, was out of town last week, I picked him up at her house and delivered him to the WHS clinic where he had some surgery and dental work done before going to his new home. He curled up and slept the whole way. Here he was in my car. There is an Elroy update at the end of this post.



I’m new here, but I’m feeling quite at home. Do you need something herded?

The first dog I took pictures of Sunday was a newbie to the shelter named Pax. He had already been a hit with the staff and Jolene and I soon followed in becoming fans. Pax is a two-year-old Welsh Corgi mix. Not knowing much about this breed, I did some research and found some very interesting facts. Corgis were bred to be herding dogs and are the shortest dogs in the herding dog group. They were bred to be short so that when herding cows, a kicking hoof would go right over the dog’s head. Which brings us to why Pax was surrendered. Since the need to herd comes as part of a Corgi character, Pax felt it was his responsibility to herd his family’s small grandchildren (he felt someone had to do it, after all). For that reason, Pax needs to go home with older kids (10+). He’ll also need plenty of exercise. Pax is house-trained, very smart, knows basic commands and is a friendly, happy-go-lucky guy. He’ll make a terrific new family member. Both Jolene and I, along with everyone else Pax met, were smitten with this little character.

DSC_68362 DSC_68562 DSC_68512




I’m very shy and nervous here at the shelter. I really need just my fit of a person. Is it you?

I first met Rosie several weeks ago when she arrived at the shelter at the beginning of April, a very timid two-year-old American Staffordshire mix. She was so uneasy, she didn’t even sit down with me for a while and would not take any treats. After about twenty minutes, she not only sat down, but leaned against me and very politely nibbled on bits of cheese I offered her. Soon she went to a foster home to see if she could relax. There, we discovered Rosie suffers from some separation anxiety. She is now on medication to help her feel less anxious, but will need help in dealing with her fear of being alone. To help, her adoption package includes two classes, Dog Smart (for her new person) and Bashful Buster for both of them. Rosie is house-trained and loves to be with people. In her foster home, she felt safer when her foster sibling was with her. She is fearful of some dogs, so would need to meet any potential dog sibling. I have yet to see Rosie feel secure enough to fully relax. She has a worried look in her eyes and seems overwhelmed. I am so hoping this sweet young dog will be found by someone eager and patient enough to convince Rosie that life can be good. On Sunday volunteer Caitlin, who loves Rosie as I do, spent extra time just sitting with her.

DSC_68842 DSC_69082 DSC_69052 DSC_68992 DSC_68952 DSC_68852




Daniel’s Pick of the Week!

I didn’t even have to ask Daniel who his pick was for this post; he announced that it would be Harlow, his current favorite. Harlow is a pretty amazing dog. He is a six-year-old Weimaraner mix. He knows basic commands including sit and down, (sometimes you have to catch his sit, as he often immediately goes for the down, knowing that’s what you’ll ask next) and is very affectionate. He loves being with people and hanging out with them. Though he is considered “dog selective,” Harlow does extremely well with dogs that he likes and loves to play rough and rowdy with them, while often checking in with a human to make sure all is well. He can be sensitive to having his ears and feet touched, so a family with older children would be best for this big boy. Harlow is house-trained and walks nicely on leash. He is extremely handsome and just a prince of a dog. Surely he’ll be adopted this week! Daniel is one of his biggest fans.


Harlow Harlow HarlowHere he was with Jolene later in the afternoon. I had asked him to “sit.” Is he laughing at me?





Looking for a small package of a dog? How about picking me?

Tucker is a newbie at WHS. He is a nine-year-old Shih Tzu mix. While Tucker is a delightful little guy, he does have some definite likes and dislikes and he is not shy in letting you know what they are. He does not like a lot of handling, especially of his legs and feet. He also does not have patience for small children, so an adult home will be best for this boy. He is house-trained and has lived with another dog and is respectful of cats. Oh yes, and he wants you to know that he loves cheese. If you’re looking for a big personality in a little package, Tucker just might be the one for you! Here he was with Marianne on Sunday.

Tucker Tucker Tucker




I need some training, but I’ll be worth the effort!

Tanner is a big, goofy, happy, boisterous, smart, and eager one-year-old Lab mix. He was found as a stray and it’s obvious he still thinks he’s a puppy and has no idea he weighs seventy pounds. He knows a few basic commands, but somehow missed the day when his litter mates learned that jumping up in excitement is not polite. He also can be quite reactive around other dogs, so needs positive training to help him be calm around other canines. Tanner is looking for a family with a yard big enough for him to exercise in. Since he needs some work on impulse control, his adoption includes the Check In and Chill Out class. He walks very nicely on leash and gently takes treats. When he’s not running in huge circles around the big yard or exploring it, he settles down nicely for petting and more treats. Because of his size and youth, he’d be best with older children. Here he was with Gracie on Sunday.

DSC_68802 DSC_68792DSC_66472




Let me introduce myself. My name is Dexter. I won’t be here long.

Well, that’s for sure. Jolene and I met Dexter on Sunday afternoon and he has already been pre-adopted. He had to wait until he was neutered, and will go to his new home on Thursday. But even though he’s no longer available, I had to post this picture.

Jolene (1)




Yes, I like my stuffed animals. Is there a problem?

Jax is still waiting for the perfect fit of a home to call his own.  Jax is a one-year-old Kelpie mix looking for a home with a woman and a dog pal, as he can be fearful of men. It takes him time to warm up to a new person and we’ve been working with him to increase his confidence. He has improved enough that we believe, in the right home, Jax will flourish. His adoption package includes weekly coaching appointments along with his person to help ensure his continued progress in social skills. When I entered Jax’s kennel to take him for his walk this afternoon, he quickly ducked into the other side and returned with a big, raggedy stuffed animal in his mouth. I wasn’t even sure what kind of stuffed animal it had once been. Jax looked at me matter-of-factly and waited for me to harness him up. So out the three of us went for a walk. Now, I’ve had other dogs carry a stuffed animal for a little while, but soon they lose interest and would rather sniff than carry something. Not Jax.

We walked across the yard to the parking lot.

DSC_71672We paused to watch another dog being walked.

DSC_71742We walked across the parking lot.

DSC_71772We walked the trail.

DSC_71892And then we came back to the yard and sat and visited for a little while. Then Jax picked up the stuffed owl (I finally figured out what it was) and we went back inside.





I’m still here. I’m still waiting for the right person to find me. Maybe it’s you?

Jolene spent some time with Cinnamon Roll on Sunday. Cinnamon has been at the shelter since mid-April. He is a two-year-old eighty-pound American Staffordshire mix. This big boy is looking for a special home. He needs one without cats, small dogs or small children. He loves to play rough and rowdy with big dogs his size and loves being with people. Cinnamon is house-trained and smart. In fact, he is so smart, he has learned how to open doors and get out of fenced yards, so he will need supervision when outside and a crate when left alone inside. He knows basic commands, is treat-motivated and likes to learn new things, so he will be fun to work with using rewards-based training. We’re hoping that Cinnamon’s next home will be his perfect fit.

DSC_71142 DSC_71222




I’m a little older than some of the other dogs here, but I still have lots of get-up-and-go!

Meet BeBe, a nine-year-old Boston Terrier mix. She may weigh a mere twenty-one pounds, but she is full of energy. She has no idea she is a small dog, and tends to be a bit bossy when with others. So she needs to meet any other dogs she might be living with, and is not one for dog parks. She also doesn’t really care for young children, but kids thirteen and up would be fine. BeBe enjoys going places with her people but is fine when left alone, too. Here she was on Sunday with Alysha.

DSC_68762BeBe BeBe



For all of Flash’s many fans, I’m happy to give you this terrific report.

“Flash update! He is doing amazingly well adjusting to his new home. The couch is his favorite napping spot. We hit a gold mine when we found this amazing dog. Flash and his brother are forming a really strong bond. Ludo helps Flash out by touching his nose against Flash’s to give him guidance off the bed each morning as he is still a bit nervous about it! And Flash has helped his new brother so much with his anxiety! All of his brother’s behavioral outbursts when we are gone have disappeared! Lots of walks, camping and cuddles to come! Our home feels complete with these two babies. ❤🐕🐕”

13128622_10208616168068870_2010083224_o2 13148247_10208616166388828_761045748_o2 13112653_10208616401474705_203238119_o copy



For all of Elroy’s fans, here is his terrific report.

“Elroy stole my heart the moment I saw his picture on the WHS adoptable dogs page, even before I knew his story. Since bringing him home on Friday afternoon, we’re learning about each others’ needs and are working through some anxiety issues he’s having. He’s totally house-trained now (thanks to a giant push in that direction by his foster mom, Krystal, who I know he misses), although his method of asking to go out is pretty subtle. He loves to be wherever I am and seems to enjoy the errand-running car rides we take with my other two rescues. We’ve done a couple short walks, too, and he LOVED all the new smells and trees to mark. My terrier mix wishes Elroy was younger so he could play with her.
I have several dog-friendly cats that immediately took to Elroy; sleeping on his bed with him, cleaning his ears, and climbing on him while he sleeps. He does get really anxious periodically, and can snap at the cats as he paces around the house. I think this may be hunger related and I have started feeding him several smaller meals instead of just two meals, morning and night. So far, that seems to be working.  I’m sure we’ll get the bugs worked out soon.
He’s a super love, would sit in my lap ALL THE TIME if he could!
I love waking up knowing there’s another critter sharing my bed. Seeing his beautiful face just before he buries it into my arm or side is the ONLY way to start the day!
I love you Elroy!
P.S. Elroy says, ‘Treats Rule!'”

20160430_083438_resized-12 20160501_144203_resized2 20160503_135420_resized2 20160503_142326_resized2


Volunteer Joan sent me this one yesterday of Pitunia and Nala sound asleep. Joan wrote, “And I didn’t stage this. They did this all by themselves!”

Nala and Pitunia2

That’s it for this week!

HarlowRemember, if you see a dog on my blog whom you are interested in meeting, try to make arrangements to get to the Willamette Humane Society soon. Some dogs are adopted more quickly than you might think.

You can reach me at adoptanoregondog14@yahoo.com