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Dear Fellow Dog Lovers,

I was only gone a week, but I had many new dogs to take pictures of on Sunday! So be ready for a longer than usual post. 🙂 I am heading to Michigan next week for a family visit, so will post again when I get back home.

It was great fun to meet all the new arrivals. But first, here are the Blog Dogs who were adopted while I was gone.

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They affectionately call us the Potato Dogs!

I have written about these bonded girls, Buggy and Chloe, before, but this week is special. Volunteer Marianne decided to take them home with her to foster for a couple of days a couple of weeks ago. Yep, they are still with Marianne’s pack of two cats and three dogs, happily settled in while they wait for their forever retirement home.

Potatoes (2)We decided on Sunday that I’d stop over to the house on my way home to get some new shots of the “potatoes” as Marianne lovingly refers to them. Buggy and Chloe have been waiting for their forever retirement home since April 7th and quickly became volunteer favorites. They are senior Chihuahua mixes who are twelve years old. These girls are just about the perfect pair. They are house-trained (of course, they have been for years, they want me to tell you), have lived happily with older kids, cats, big and small dogs and, of course, they are BFFs. Because they are older ladies, they are a little sensitive to handling, so older kids are best. They are shy at first, but after they warm up, they will crawl into your lap for snuggles. They are quiet, have never been destructive in their home, and their favorite thing to do is hang out on the couch with their peeps. They enjoy short walks together and are eager for treats. We’re hoping they won’t have to wait much longer for their loving retirement home. Here are some pictures from Sunday’s visit.

Marianne with Chloe and Buggy in her back yard. (No, she actually doesn’t usually wear her volunteer apron and name tag at home.)

DSC_89382 DSC_89012 DSC_88982Treats, anybody?

DSC_88892Just hanging out.

DSC_89902 DSC_89252Snuggles

DSC_89132 DSC_90172Here’s what Marianne says about these two. “Their ideal home would be low key and quiet, and they would like to be with someone who’s home a good part of the day because of their potty needs. They are extremely low-maintenance, and they get along with other polite animals including large dogs, small dogs, and cats. They will integrate easily into a home as they adjust very quickly to new things. Buggy is quite timid, but does like to be held as does Chloe who is more outgoing. They love to wander around the backyard and sniff and just seem to be happy little dogs who enjoy their life. They don’t really require walks which is fantastic because Buggy has some arthritis in her back legs. They deserve a forever home where they will be pampered in their retirement years. Just a wonderful pair of dogs.”

After I left, Marianne’s neighbor, Jacob, came over to meet the potatoes. Yes, they’d be fine with older kids!

13334255_10208502400249781_1413193970_o2 13288187_10208502395569664_221452618_o2




I got to be Jolene’s swim dog last Friday!

Chubby was very excited last week when he learned he was going swimming. Here is Jolene’s report: “Chubby is a seven-year-old Shepherd mix who will really benefit from swim class at Bailey’s Journey, as he’s a little overweight. He was relaxed in the pool and really seemed to enjoy being able to move easily through the water. Great exercise for him and a good way to work off those excess pounds. He’s a friendly little guy, rode nicely in the car, and enjoyed the outing.” Jolene was very polite when she said Chubby is “a little overweight.” At the moment he weighs fifty-three pounds, but hopes to gradually lose with diet and exercise until he’s about thirty pounds. So if you’ve been wishing for an incentive to help YOU lose a few pesky pounds, think of the fun you could have with a diet/exercise canine partner! This boy is gentle and will be happy with a daily walk and relaxing with his peeps, as he doesn’t really care for great adventures anymore. He prefers being a homebody. He has lived with other dogs and is fine when left alone, since he likes to sleep. If you’re looking for an uncomplicated and sweet older new best friend, please consider sweet Chubby.

Chubby Chubby-12 Chubby-22 Chubby-32




I love my peeps here at WHS, but I sure would like a home of my own!

I have written about Jax so many times, I’ve lost count. But his perfect person hasn’t found him yet, and so he waits, enjoying the attention of his many fans at the shelter, but dreaming of a real home. Jax is a one-year-old Kelpie mix looking for a home with a woman and a dog pal, as he can be fearful of men. It takes him time to warm up to a new person and we’ve been working with him to increase his confidence. He has improved enough that we believe, in the right home, Jax will flourish. His adoption package includes weekly coaching appointments along with his person to help ensure his continued progress in social skills. On Sunday some of Jax’s fan club—Caitlin, Caroline, Marianne and I—spent some extra time with our boy. He was in an especially happy, goofy mood and it showed.

Jax  Jax Jax Jax Jax

Jax Jax Jax




Caroline’s Pick of the Week!

I met Chewy for the first time on Sunday and agreed with Caroline that he’s a very special older boy. Chewy (don’t be put off by his name) is a ten-year-old English Springer Spaniel. He scored excellently on his behavior assessment, is house-trained and gentle. He has lived happily with both a dog and a cat. He does like to bond closely with his people and to follow them around and simply be with them. So a retired couple who enjoy having a friend by their side would be perfect for Chewy. Since he’s a senior, he won’t need any adventures, just walks around the neighborhood. He does fine with kids, so would enjoy the grandchildren’s visits. After spending time with him on Sunday, Caroline wrote: “He’s wonderful. Plenty of energy for an old man, super sweet and he walks well on leash.” We’re hoping Chewy will soon be lounging with his peeps in his forever retirement home.


Chewy DSC_87482 DSC_87532 DSC_87462Chewy is quickly gaining a loyal following. Here he was with Caitlin and Diane for his second outing Sunday afternoon.





My name is Poppy and I’m a great dog! Just ask my foster mom!

Poppy is a one-year-old Black Mouth Cur mix who is currently in a foster home. She had a cyst on her forehead which the WHS vet removed, so her face looks a little unusual at the moment as it heals. Here she was when she first arrived at WHS.PoppyHere is what her foster mom wrote about her for this post: “Poppy is just an awesome dog. Smart, friendly, loving and sweet, and just the right amount of energy. Loves to play fetch and to play with other dogs. Super affectionate and loves kids too. Poppy is good with cats. Her ideal home would be one that is active and interested in agility or other training. She is so smart and trainable she would love to learn how to do cool stuff. She should have a fenced yard and ideally a dog playmate. She’s good in the car and fully crate-trained. She’s a couch potato but does need a fair amount of daily exercise; she’s built like a gazelle and very athletic. Would make a GREAT jogging partner or hiking buddy. Knows several commands which she learned extremely fast. Whoever adopts Poppy is going to score big time!”

Here she is with her foster brother (top) Silas.

13288124_10154184581631462_628140545_o2 13288789_10154184582176462_1676015786_o2 13323948_10154184581916462_990707696_o213334461_10154186804176462_568175388_o




I’m back from being fostered. I’m happy to see my shelter friends again, but gosh, I’d really like a home of my own.

Maisy is back at WHS after spending a couple of respite weeks with a volunteer. She was happy to see her friends again, but we continue to hope we can joyfully send her off to a new start in a real home soon. Maisy is a quiet ten-year-old small Lab mix with scars from a long history of skin and ear infections. She has won the hearts of all of us at the shelter and wish that potential adopters could see beyond her skin issues into her heart. Maisy LOVES people, but would like to be an only dog and does not care for cats. While she is ten, she still loves to run and play for short periods, then relax and cuddle with her peeps. When I arrived at the shelter on Sunday afternoon, I found her out in a yard with her favorite volunteer, Marianne. When Maisy saw me, she ran over to the gate to greet me with a smile. Then she and Marianne sat in the grass for a little while.  She will be a loving, happy companion who will steal your heart.

DSC_85402 DSC_85472




Can you say no to these eyes?

If not, then Grif might be your new family member. Grif is a two-year-old Terrier mix who, at eighteen pounds, is the perfect size lap dog. He came to us from a California shelter, so we don’t know his history, but I was smitten the moment I met him. He took my treats politely, knows how to sit when asked, walked well on leash with Caitlin and did well in his behavior assessment. I haven’t gotten to know him well, but oh my goodness, what a heart melter!

DSC_87072   I asked Grif what he’d like if he had one wish. He thought for only a moment…


Grif (1)




I’m a very handsome boy, don’t you agree? Wouldn’t you like to adopt me?

Another newbie I met on Sunday was Knuckles, a five-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier mix. He weighs sixty-eight pounds and is a happy, goofy boy. He came from another shelter where he was not adopted, so he’s hoping that he’ll find his forever people at WHS. He knows several commands, walked well on leash for Jolene and was eager to pose for pictures since he saw I had cheese treats. Knuckles is looking for a family with older children (PG13+) and can’t wait to go home. Jolene enjoyed her time with this beautiful boy.

DSC_85952 DSC_85922





I’ve got a great smile and I LOVE people! Come meet me!

Osa is also new to WHS from another shelter. She is such a happy, people-loving ball of energy. At sixty-nine pounds, she needs to lose a few, even though she relishes treats. Osa is a three-year-old Staffordshire/Bull Terrier mix. She would like to be the only dog in the home and is not an off-leash or dog-park kind of girl. She is house-trained and good with older children (PG+8). She enjoys going for walks and hikes, but gets winded quickly and needs to rest (probably due to her excess weight). I haven’t had the chance to get to know Osa yet, but Marianne and Caitlin are big fans. She has some medical procedures scheduled with our vet soon, then will be ready to go home.

Osa Osa

Osa (1)




I’m new here and quite shy. Could you make me feel at home with you?

When I started volunteering nine years ago, I considered myself a big-dog person, preferring to spend time with the “big kids.” But over the years the little guys have won my heart as well. And so when I met Mary on Sunday, I knew she’d be in this post. Mary is a seven-year-old Chihuahua mix who is quiet, shy, and a little nervous around new things. She came to us from California where she was overlooked by adopters at that shelter, and I don’t want that to happen to her at WHS. Once Mary spends a little time with you, she warms up and I’m sure will make a terrific lap buddy. Volunteer Jill sat with her while waiting for me to finish with other dogs’ pictures and it wasn’t long before Mary was gently taking treats from Jill’s hand. When I met her, Mary was a bit timid, too, but again, soon came toward me for a treat. We don’t know what Mary’s life has been up until she arrived here, but I’m hoping someone with patience and understanding will see Mary’s potential to be a wonderful friend.

Mary Mary Mary Mary Mary




Are you looking for a clown in the form of a dog? Look no further! It’s me!

Marley is one of those dogs who I hear about before I meet him. “Just wait until you meet Marley, he’s a hoot!” “OMG! Marley is such a goofy boy!” “You are going to LOVE this dog!” Yep, it’s all true. Marianne and Caitlin brought Marley out for his photo shoot and I was immediately taken with him. The boy never stops grinning! He is a happy-go-lucky, the glass-is-half-full kind of dog. He is a six-year-old Staffordshire/Bull Terrier mix and weighs a whopping seventy-two pounds. He is bouncy, but knows how to calm down and took my treats politely. He sat happily for pictures and obviously loves the attention from his fans. He has gotten along well with other dogs in our playgroups, but could be too much for some less rough-and-tumble dogs. He came from an over-crowded shelter and is hoping that he’ll find his happily-ever-after home through WHS. Marianne, Caitlin and I couldn’t stop smiling while we were with Marley. He really is a hoot!

Marley Marley Marley




I’m still here, hoping my family will find me this week!

On Sunday, I heard a volunteer say something about Felicity that we often say about our dogs: “I can’t believe she’s still here. She’s such a great dog!” Felicity is a three-year-old Lab mix. She was originally adopted from WHS in 2014, but is back now and hoping to find another family to love. She is mostly an indoor girl who is house-trained and crate-trained (she loves her crate). While she has never lived with children, she adores them, though can be a little over exuberant for young kids, so she is listed PG10+. She likes to play with other dogs, but sometimes doesn’t listen to their corrections, so should meet any dog she would live with. Felicity knows several commands, took my treats politely, and is a sweetheart. We took her out as our last dog for some new pictures, hoping for some eye-catching ones that would get the attention of potential adopters. The photo shoot started out well, then went down hill fast. I’m not even going to try to explain the last two shots.

DSC_88182 DSC_88282 Felicity   Felicity




Remember little Stitch? His new name is Rocky.

StitchHere is an update from his very happy family:

“Rocky is doing great and we are all getting on a schedule!  Here are a few pictures of him in our backyard. Even those in our family who have claimed to be ‘not dog people’ seem to be playing with Rocky and walking him the most! He has been a great addition to our family! Thanks for all your help!”

IMAG0728_1 IMAG0727 IMAG0719

On that happy note, that’s it for this week!

DSC_87462Remember, if you see a dog on my blog whom you are interested in meeting, try to make arrangements to get to the Willamette Humane Society soon. Some dogs are adopted more quickly than you might think.

You can reach me at adoptanoregondog14@yahoo.com