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Dear Fellow Dog Lovers,

Last week could have been called “Adopt a Senior Dog Week.” There were some terrific dog adoptions and, as always, we are grateful for those people who take a senior dog into their hearts and homes, knowing that the length of their time together is uncertain. Such is the case with Trixie (right), who at fourteen years old is mostly deaf and blind, but who still loves to be pampered with cuddles. Here she is with her new sister, Patience, also a senior, also adopted through WHS, by our very own volunteer Marianne.

TrixieHere are the other Blog Dogs who are now happily in their forever homes. Of these, Bella (8), Molly (8), Dexter (11), Daniel (8), and Sam (11) are also seniors!


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I am feeling so much better! I’m ready now to find my forever family!

I’m going to start my post of adoptable dogs this week with another senior whom you’ve met before, Chubby. Chubby is a seven-year-old Shepherd mix. You will remember him from last week’s post where he told you all about his second swim class with Jolene at Bailey’s Journey. Well, this boy continues to feel better and better. First he had his dental work completed. After the removal of several painful teeth, he instantly regained the spring in his step. Add to that the exercise he is getting with walks and swims, and we may have to change his name, as he isn’t looking very “chubby” anymore! Sunday I took him out after I finished new dog pictures, and we sat under a tree and talked. Mostly I talked and Chubby listened. At first, he appeared quite interested as I told him about my week.

DSC_14392 DSC_14462But soon I could tell he was gradually losing interest and then there was snoring.

DSC_14232 DSC_14452This afternoon after all the dogs had been walked, Marianne and I spent some time with Chubby, who, to our surprise, is a ball dog. When his teeth were hurting, he didn’t care about tennis balls, but now that he feels good again, he loves them!

DSC_17522 DSC_17472Chubby would be the perfect companion for someone looking for a calm, affectionate, uncomplicated best friend. He gets along with other dogs, but doesn’t really play, rather he mingles. He has lived with older children and done fine. He’s never lived with cats. Chubby is one of my current favorites and we’re hoping he’ll soon be relaxing in his own home.




Daniel’s Pick of the Week!

When I arrived at the shelter on Sunday, Daniel was already there and was anxious to tell me that his pick of the week was going to be Knuckles. I wasn’t surprised, as this handsome, goofy boy is a ball dog through and through. He is also getting quite stressed in the shelter environment and so we’re hoping he’ll soon be found by an active person who enjoys a rough-and-rowdy kind of player. Knuckles is a five-year-old American Staffordshire mix. He weighs sixty-eight pounds and is strong, so should not go to a family with young children. He can be picky about his dog friends, so would need to meet any he would be living with. Knuckles’ favorite thing in the world is playing fetch with multiple tennis balls. He often carries two in his mouth at once and has been known to try for three! Daniel has become one of Knuckles’ biggest fans because of his happy-go-lucky, the treat-pouch-is-half-full personality. Here are some shots of their fetch game on Sunday.

Knuckles Knuckles Knuckles Knuckles Knuckles Knuckles Knuckles KnucklesCan YOU do this???





Linda and I have become great buddies!

When I left for my time in Michigan, I mentioned to volunteer Linda that I had become very fond of Ledi. So Linda decided to spend some time with Ledi and boy, did they hit it off. Soon they were going out for coffee and taking runs to recycle cans. On Sunday after playgroup, Linda took her with her to pick up some lunch. Since Ledi is on a diet, no treats for her, but she certainly enjoyed hanging out.

Ledi Ledi DSC_12002  DSC_11922Ledi and Linda (1)Ledi is a a six-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier mix. To say Ledi is a bit overweight is an understatement. She weighs a whopping 87 pounds and is looking for someone to help her get her girlish figure back. But that doesn’t keep her from being a lap dog…yep, a LAP dog! Ledi is house-trained, loves carrots (good thing!) and playing tug. She needs to be an only dog in her home. She also does not show well in her kennel. She can act quite shy and move to the back of her kennel when strangers approach. We are concerned that potential adopters then walk away from her and don’t get the opportunity to see what a loving, happy girl she is outside. I’m going to put pictures of her outside on her kennel door and hope that people will want to meet this sweetheart and then fall in love with her and take her home with them.





Caroline’s Pick of the Week!

One of the newbies on Sunday was this beautiful boy, Benjamin. Both Caroline and I fell hook, line and sinker for this gentle giant. Ben is a ninety-two pound Australian Shepherd mix who is ten years old. He thinks he’s a lap dog. Ben is house-trained, gets along fine with cats (!) (in fact he LOVES kittens). He does like to be with his person and will sit by the door and wait if you leave. He likes stuffed squeaky toys, leisurely walks and being beside his peep. Since he’s older, his days with small children are over. He’d love a calm, laid-back home with either older kids or just adults. This boy is a treasure.

DSC_13672 Benjamin

Benjamin Benjamin




My name is Bellatrix and I’m looking for a new family! Yours?

Bellatrix is a two-year-old American Bulldog/Boxer mix. She has been an outdoor dog her whole life and would really like to be more of an indoor dog, but may need some help in gaining the confidence to live in a home. She will also need help in house-training, though as smart as she is, she’ll no doubt be a quick study. Bell is a playful, big girl at eighty-five pounds and so kids 13+ would be best for her. She also would like to be an only pet; no dog parks or off-leash for this girl. Bell has been improving in her confidence during her stay at WHS and has become a favorite of many volunteers because of her affectionate personality. While Bell needs a special type of home with patient, understanding peeps, she will be so worth the effort to help her become the best friend she wants to be. Caitlin enjoyed spending time with her on Sunday.

Bellatrix BellatrixThis afternoon I saw Marianne out with Bellatrix having a rousing game of fetch, but by the time I got out to the yard with my camera, Bell had decided it was getting too hot to run, and the game turned into a much different game.

Page_1 Page_2 Page_3Bellatrix made it quite clear that she was done with playing and just wanted to hang out.

Page_4So we did.

DSC_15502 DSC_16622




I’m new and a bit timid, but I promise my bear and I will be your best friends!

Bella is a seven-year-old Chihuahua mix who is looking for a home where she can be the only pet except for her bear, since she likes to be the boss and the bear doesn’t mind. Bella is house-trained, fine when left alone, and good in new situations once she feels at home. She liked my cheese bits and enjoyed cuddling with Caroline. She’ll make someone a perfect little lap dog, as long as they understand that where Bella goes, so goes the bear!

Bella Bella




I’m the happiest guy around when I’m playing fetch! Just watch me!

Gibbs is a Gordon Setter mix and is a very active two-year-old. He is looking for a family who will love throwing tennis balls as much as he loves chasing them. Gibbs is house-trained and crate-trained. When left alone, he relaxes and snoozes. He can be protective of his food and is somewhat handling-sensitive, especially his feet, so will need to go home with older children (13+). He has lived with other dogs, but would need to meet any siblings that he would be living with. He chases cats, so a feline-free home is a must for this big boy. Gibbs is treat-motivated as well as ball-motivated, so teaching him new skills will be fun for both him and his new peeps. He listens to instruction well and is eager to please. Today Sandra took him out to a yard and I caught him in his element. We’re hoping Gibbs will soon be found by just the right family.

DSC_15542 DSC_15592 DSC_16452 DSC_15732 DSC_16042 DSC_16392 DSC_16492 DSC_16432 DSC_16312 DSC_16562





Opie came to playgroup a couple of weeks ago and I snapped this picture of him and Sherrie. Here’s her update:

“Opie is doing great. He is starting to listen to me much better. He loves all of us and is a couch potato and a lap dog. He has been going to public playgroup on Sundays and has had a lot of fun. His leg has healed wonderfully and he never limps anymore even after a lot of running in playgroup. He is strong and plays extremely hard with Kya. My flowerbeds in the backyard are quite demolished by their hard playing and romping. He is still very oblivious of his size and those around him so we have to be careful when we are barefoot or if he decides he want to sit on us! My husband is very surprised how well Opie is doing with him. He plays with both Opie and Kya when he gets home from work, and Opie brings him toys to initiate play. Now that Kya knows how to play tug of war with Opie’s help, they do it constantly. I am sure my neighbors think they are killing each other given how verbal they get during play but they aren’t. He is a great addition to our family.”




Remember Scrappy? Here he was at WHS two years ago.

ScrappyAnd here is his update:

“This week we celebrate two years with our puppy Scrappy. He is doing fabulous. Our daughter Kayla got a job at the West Salem Animal Clinic and he gets to go to work with her sometimes. He still loves to cuddle and get lots of attention.”

Scrappy joined Gryffindor, another WHS alumnus.

13318612_10209745066847382_1490341941_n2“Kayla and Scrappy going to work.”

13348855_10209745067287393_2095461682_n2 13330327_10209745067127389_1669107382_n2“Scrappy and Gryffindor are best buddies. Here we took a 7.74 mile hike up Opal Creek with their friend, Milo. They had fun.”




Guiseppe and Gypsy — Daniel and Pitunia

At the end of our walk shift today, we were thrilled to see Pitunia and Daniel (mother and son) stopping by for a visit.

Here they were when they were at WHS.

Guiseppe and Gypsy

And here they were this afternoon. Daniel will be moving in with his new family after they have settled into their new house in a few days.

DSC_16872Volunteer Joan adopted Pitunia a few months ago and as you can see, they are a bonded pair!

DSC_16902 DSC_16922

That’s it for this week!

KnucklesRemember, if you see a dog on my blog whom you are interested in meeting, try to make arrangements to get to the Willamette Humane Society soon. Some dogs are adopted more quickly than you might think.

You can reach me at adoptanoregondog14@yahoo.com