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Dear Fellow Dog Lovers,

I’m happy to be able to report on some terrific dog adoptions during the past week. Several of them happened while I was at the shelter on Sunday, so I was able to meet the new families, say good-bye to the dogs, and snap a picture. Here are all of the Blog Dogs who went home.

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First of all, Tucker and Lily got to go home TOGETHER. Quincy had been adopted from us last May, but it was not the right fit, and he was returned. However, he was only at the shelter for one day before he was adopted again!

Here is Stubbs and his new peep about to head home.


I wasn’t sure who was more excited, Lil’ Scoob or his new person!

Lil' Scoob

As you can see, Sunday was so happy she was adopted on a Sunday!



I almost got to go swimming, but then the water heater broke!

I was so excited on Friday because Linda, Marianne, and I had planned on taking Murphy swimming at Bailey’s Journey. If you’ve been reading my posts, you know Murphy well. He has been at WHS since July 7th, having been found as a stray. He is a two-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier mix. He has been a rock star in playgroups, though being the rough-and-rowdy player that he is, he would need to meet any potential dog siblings to make sure their play styles match. Lately Murph has been getting increasingly stressed and depressed in the shelter environment. We can’t understand why this wonderful boy has not been adopted. Hoping an outing to go swimming would help Murphy’s stress, we loaded him into Linda’s car.

Page_4 Page_3 Page_2 Page_1But when we arrived at Bailey’s Journey, we discovered that their heater had broken and they had to close for repairs. I think we humans were more disappointed than Murphy, who looked on the bright side.

Page_5Because Murphy has become my current favorite and because he’s getting depressed, I decided it was high time that he starred in his very own movie.





Caroline’s Pick of the Week!

This week Caroline’s pick is a newbie and one who is quickly becoming a shelter favorite. Meet Jenny, a five-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier mix who came to us through a shelter partner. Jenny has a great home history. She is house-trained, crate-trained and an indoor dog. She has lived happily with teenagers and older children. She loves car rides and playing fetch. She knows basic commands and walks very politely on leash. Jenny’s only fault is that she can sometimes be reactive toward other dogs or strangers when out for a walk. She knows she needs to work on these areas and improve. But she will be so worth the effort of using positive training methods to help her overcome her fears. Here she is with Caroline last Wednesday afternoon when we met her.

Jenny JennyOn Sunday I wasn’t surprised when I found both Caroline and Marianne out in the big yard with this sweetheart.

Jenny Jenny




I’m new here and I’m already a favorite of Catherine’s!

Rory is also a newbie, a one-year-old Shepherd/Retriever mix who was found as a stray. Our Behavior Program Manager Catherine has this to say about Rory: “Now and then, a dog comes in that just makes me catch my breath. A dog that is super bright, easy to train, and a little bit too much zest for the casual pet owner. I grew up with working dogs so I deeply appreciate a young dog with huge potential that needs a job. And then, when they are stunning to look at, well, my belly gets all a’flutter. Rory’s that dog. This dog is social to other dogs, great with men and women but a little too rambunctious for young children. He’s a trainer’s dream dog. He’s fantastic. I’m happy to help with an introduction!” So there you have it! A perfect dog for the right home. Here Rory is with Marianne today.





I’m waiting for my perfect fit of a home. Is it yours?

Every so often WHS receives a “project” dog. Summer is a two-year-old Shepherd mix who came to us from another shelter so that she could be worked with by our Behavior and Training Team to improve her handling skills. Summer LOVES to work on her training. She is smart, very cute, happy, and eager for yummy treats. Our training team has been working on her kennel behavior, which can be quite challenging, as she is too eager to get outside. Summer will need an adult home with savvy peeps who are committed to continuing the progress she is making toward become a wonderful companion. Her adoption package includes a pre-adoption session with our Behavior and Training Manager, Catherine. Also, there will be two more consultations with Catherine as Summer settles into her new home so that she and her family are set up for success. On Sunday I saw that Linda, one of our training-team members, had Summer outside for some “chill” time. Having just gotten spayed, Summer had to wear the dreaded cone, (which was a little worse for wear!) but she was doing very well and was happily settled.

Never excited about having me take her picture, Linda at first hid behind Summer’s cone. 🙂

Summer Summer Summer SummerI had brought some carrots for treats and asked Summer if she’d like to try one. Not not only did she eat one, but happily devoured four more.

SummerAfter the carrot munching, this happened.

Page_1Luckily, she wasn’t really as disgusted as she seemed.





I’m new here, too, and I’m Daniel’s Pick of the Week!

This adorable two-year-old Border Collie/Lab mix is named Lilith. And since I’ve been talking about some “project” dogs this post, I might as well mention that Lilith has a few quirks of her own and so is also in training with our behavior team. She’ll need to be adopted by a family with older kids and needs to be the only pet in the home. She is very, very smart and will need a secure six-foot fence and people who remember to keep the gates locked. Lilith is house-trained and crate-trained. She loves to play with her peeps, though she may try to herd you! (She is a Border Collie, after all!) She can be shy and fearful of new experiences, loud noises, the vet, car rides, etc. She will need a family who will show her, through positive training only, that the world doesn’t have to be a scary place. And your reward for helping Lilith become a secure, well-mannered girl? She will be a loyal, devoted and affectionate best friend. Here she was with Daniel, one of the many volunteers who has fallen in love with this beautiful girl.

Lilith Lilith Lilith




“We’re Still Waiting”

I have written about Yamhill, Roxy, Zoey, and Maggie a lot in my recent posts. But they continue to be overlooked by potential adopters. So I decided a movie was in order. So hoping this will help these long-termers find their perfect forever homes.





Buddy/Knuckles McGee

I was thrilled when I got this update in my email this week! Remember this wonderful and goofy character who finally succeeded in cramming THREE tennis balls in his mouth?

Kuckles 3 balls! (1)Here’s what his family wrote: “Update on Buddy (aka Knuckles McGee) he is so fun! We are really enjoying our new family member!! We love him so!”

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On that happy note, that’s it for this week!

MurphyRemember, if you see a dog on my blog whom you are interested in meeting, try to make arrangements to get to the Willamette Humane Society soon. Some dogs are adopted more quickly than you might think.

You can reach me at adoptanoregondog14@yahoo.com