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Dear Fellow Dog Lovers,

While the staff and volunteers at Willamette Humane Society celebrate all dog adoptions, when a long-termer finally wins the heart of an adopter, it’s an over-the-moon kind of day. In the past week, there have been three cases! Our boys Murphy, Jonny, and Sherman who have been waiting for a home since early summer finally are enjoying being part of a family again. I’ll have a little more to say about these three a little later, but first, here are all of the Blog Dogs who were adopted this week.

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Every one of this week’s Blog Dog adoptees had some special challenges, which make their adoptions all the more gratifying. BJ, at nine years old, can only see in bright light. Lilith, a young Border Collie, and Trooper, a Chihuahua, have handling and fear issues. Sherman needed someone who was Husky-savvy. Jonny needed people who would give him the exercise that he needs. And Murphy, well, Murphy just needed someone who would love him and see him as an individual, not a member of a maligned breed. These shelter dogs are not “broken.” They just needed the right person to find them. And that happened this week.

Those of you who follow my posts and so know Murphy, won’t be surprised that he wanted to announce his adoption himself.

Murphy announcementAlso, no surprise, he expected to drive himself home!

Murph Murph3


Here’s Lilith going home. As you can see, she’ll need the TLC her family will give her.

Lilth goes home


Jonny was so thrilled about his adoption, he had to run off some of his excitement.

Jonny adopted (1) DSC_02742 DSC_02772 DSC_03132 DSC_03122And then he was tired…

Jonny and Marianne (1)


Finally, there was this terrific adoption story. Last week you’ll remember that Sunday was adopted (on Sunday). What I couldn’t tell you at that time, was that the couple wanted to adopt Sherman, as well. The lady is a very experienced Husky person. But Sherman needed some dental work first, so on Thursday the couple, along with Sunday, came back to adopt him. We got an update a couple of days ago that all is going well and that Sunday has decided she will be the boss dog, and Sherman has agreed.

Sherman Sherman




I’ve been quietly waiting for a long time, but no one has adopted me yet.

Bill is a three-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix who came to us through our partnership with ASPCA from California. We don’t know his history or how long he’s been in shelters, but this boy is really hoping to find a new family soon. He’s been waiting since July 17th and seems to be growing depressed.

BillBill will never be a dog-park kind of dog; he prefers hanging out with humans. Since I hadn’t spent much time with him, Marianne and I decided to give him some quality attention on Sunday. Here are the pictures from our time together. He is such a nice boy! We decided first to take him into the “real room” (a room designed to make the dog feel like it’s in a home.)

It took some coaxing to get him to get on the couch. Maybe he wasn’t allowed on furniture at some point in his life?

BillBut he quickly decided it was just great!

BillI’m not sure what this was about…

BillHe enjoyed posing. (Yes, I have a treat in my hand.)

BillThen we went outside. BillBill walks very nicely on leash and takes treats very politely.





Roxy’s A Star!

Our sweet Roxy got to have an evening to remember when WHS was invited to bring a dog and some kittens to an ice cream social put on by Spinnaker Pediatric Dentistry. Elaine and her dad brought Roxy who was perfect the entire evening. She loved greeting all of the kids and was so gentle. Roxy has been at WHS before. She was adopted from us in 2013, but found as a stray and brought back to us on July 7th.  She is a five-year-old Bull Terrier mix. She walks well on leash, takes treats politely, is house-trained, and looking for a family with kids 10+. Here she was at the social.

DSC_03012 copy DSC_00042 copy DSC_01182 copy DSC_01532 copy DSC_01162 copy DSC_01632 copyAnd even though this is a dog blog, I want to show you a few of shots of the WHS kittens, York and Whiskers, who also entertained the kids at the social.

DSC_02032 copy DSC_01782 copy DSC_00492 copy DSC_00482 copy




Looking for a dog with a great sense of humor?

One of the newbies that I took pictures of on Sunday was Laffy, and I must say, the name fits! Laffy is a one-year-old Border Collie mix who thinks everything is fun and funny. Tennis balls? What a hoot! She LOVES them. Going for walks? Super! Playing with other dogs? Great for a while, but when tired, she’s done. Laffy is a bit sensitive about handling around her head and collar. She will need someone with patience at first until she is comfortable with them. She will do fine with kids ten and older. And she’s house-trained to boot. This little girl is a real catch. Laslo fell for her on Sunday. Today I took her out in the afternoon. She had been spayed yesterday, so has to wear the dreaded “cone” and was very nervous about it. But with some cheese bits and patience, I convinced her to let me leash her up and we had a nice walk. She really is a sweetheart.

Laslo (1) LaffyLaffy




I’m still here…

After all the dogs had been walked and all the newbies’ pictures had been taken, some of Joshie’s fans (Marianne, Caroline, Caitlin and I) enjoyed some time together under a tree. If you are looking for a calm, extremely affectionate, low-key and gentle boy who will be happy with a short walk and then curling up with you for the evening, Joshie is your guy. He is an eight-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier mix and has been an outdoor dog his whole life. He deserves to spend his retirement years as an indoor/outdoor dog. He will need some help in house-training, a patient peep who can let him out often. Joshie is a gentle old soul who is loved by everyone at the shelter. He even fell asleep while we girls visited. I hope these pictures give you a good idea of Joshie’s loving personality. He’s been waiting for his perfect fit of a person since June.

DSC_01132 DSC_01842 DSC_01572 DSC_01162 DSC_01942 DSC_01532 DSC_01752




I’m new and I’m shy and I need to heal.

I met little Lola, a Pomeranian mix on Sunday. She’s about ten years old. This sweet girl has some sad medical issues and is looking for someone who is not afraid to give her a loving home despite them. Lola was found as a stray, and it looks like she’s had a difficult life. Her eyes have cataracts allowing her only to see light and dark. She has lots of missing hair and thickened skin from previous ear infections, resulting in her being deaf. But even with these issues and who knows what others, this sweetheart is friendly and eager to bond. She took my treats gently, wanting to crawl into my lap as I took her picture. Marianne and I both were once again touched by a dog’s trust and desire for human affection. We’re hoping someone who can afford her medical care will see her and decide to give her a new life.

DSC_34262 DSC_34462 DSC_34332 DSC_34422




Caroline’s Pick of the Week!

Maxwell, a newbie, is a Miniature Pinscher who is ten years old. Caroline and I both were touched by this little guy’s lost look. His person was very sad that he had to give him up. Maxwell seems confused and unsure, but eagerly seeks out human contact. He was shy when I first went into his kennel, but given some time and cheese, he warmed up and was happy to go outside. Maxwell’s former owner says that he gets along with other dogs and cats and loves playing with older kids. Maxwell has used puppy pads in the past, so will need some help in becoming truly house-trained. Caroline and I are both hoping that Maxwell won’t have to be in the shelter long. He really needs a quiet retirement home.

Maxwell and Caroline (1) DSC_36852 DSC_36762 DSC_36892



Here are some other shelter dogs waiting for their forever homes…

All of the following dogs are waiting for you at Willamette Humane Society. If one of them touches your heart, please come and meet them soon. Shelter hours are Mon., Thurs., Fri, 12:00 – 7:00 pm and Sat./Sun. 12:00 – 6:00 pm.


Koda-Kid is a six-year-old Shepherd mix, here with Kylie.

Koda-Kid Koda-Kid


Juicy is an eight-year-old Staffordshire Terrier mix, here with Daniel.



Suzie is a four-year-old Lhasa-Apso mix, here with Renee.

Suzie Suzie


Zoey is a thirteen-year-old Australian Cattle Dog, here with Caitlin.

Zoey Zoey


Daniel’s Pick of the Week: Rory, a one-year-old Shepherd mix.

Rory Rory


Maggie is a fourteen-year-old Karelian Bear Dog, here with Caitlin.

Maggie Maggie




Remember sweet Ledi, our BIG lap dog?

LediWell, I have no new pictures (hoping I’ll get some, though), but staff-member Nichole sent along this report:

“I spoke with Kellie, Ledi’s new mom and everything is working out fantastic!  She says, ‘Ledi is such a love bug and brings her toys to us when we get home.  She has a little dog attitude even though she is so big.  She hogs the bed.’ She is losing weight by taking leisurely walks with Kellie’s 11-year-old son.  Kellie mentioned that Ledi is the best dog they’ve ever had.  She thanked us for taking such great care of her and making her the family member she is today.”


One final note. Fellow volunteer Laurel sent along this touching tribute about the joys and adventures of adopting a shelter dog: http://www.upworthy.com/what-its-like-to-adopt-a-dog-as-told-through-a-14-part-comic?g=3


On that note, that’s it for this week!

LaffyRemember, if you see a dog on my blog whom you are interested in meeting, try to make arrangements to get to the Willamette Humane Society soon. Some dogs are adopted more quickly than you might think.

You can reach me at adoptanoregondog14@yahoo.com