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Dear Fellow Dog Lovers,

November has started out strong with fourteen happy dog adoptions. Below are the Blog Dogs who will spend their first Thanksgiving with their new families.

page_4 page_1 page_2 page_3Of course, no surprise, Sawyer wanted to say a few words before he left…





What’s not to LOVE about SWIMMING?!

After taking several unenthusiastic dogs to Bailey’s Journey for therapeutic swimming, it was such fun to get volunteer Joan’s news on Friday that Rose LOVES to swim! Rose is a four-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier mix. She is house-trained, plays both gently and rowdily, and loves curling up and sleeping next to her person. Rose is dog-selective, plays rough and boisterous with some dogs, but at times is picky about her friends, so would need to meet any dog she’d be going home with. Because of her play style and energy, she will need a family with kids at least thirteen years old. Here Rose was last week with Jena.

RoseHere’s what Joan had to say about their adventure at Bailey’s Journey: “Rose was perfect in the car, very friendly with other dogs and good in the water. Perfect in every way! And she’ll do ANYTHING for a ball! She loved it! She was so good that they let her do a 4th swim! She swam with both power and grace—best swimmer I have ever taken including my own dogs!” (Dogs usually get three swims, about ten minutes each.)img_16002img_16012On Sunday I found Rose out with Jena in a yard. They were having such a fun time I had to take some video. Notice how she checks in with me as she runs past the camera. We’re all hoping this wonderful girl will soon be going to her forever home.





I can’t wait to meet my new family! How about yours?

This big lovable boy is Apollo, a seven-year-old Lab mix. I met him for the first time on Sunday and what a sweet boy he is! He was found as a stray, so we don’t know his history, but he is social, eager to please, and oh, so friendly. He does need to work a little on walking politely on leash and how to take treats gently. But he is so anxious to please and loves people. He’s a bit sensitive about it, but Apollo does need to lose a few pounds. Playing and going for walks with a new family, plus fewer treats should do the trick. He’ll make a wonderful family dog for kids ten and older. Here he was on Sunday with Diane.

Apollo Apollo Apollo




I love going for walks around the track. I bet I’d love going for walks with YOU!

Betty is a three-year-old Australian Cattle Dog mix. She’s a happy girl with a big personality. Betty is house-trained, loves squeaky toys, knows several commands and is very affectionate. She loves action, so will need an active family who will enjoy playing with her. She also needs someone patient who will help her overcome some fears; she can be uneasy around strangers, especially men, and new situations. She’d love to go home with a large, respectful male dog (no little dogs for this girl) who likes rough and tumble play style. She also needs a family with kids ten and older and no cats. Here she is with Marianne, one of her many fans.

Betty BettyOn Monday I was a substitute dog walker and got to spend some quality time with Betty. She walks perfectly on leash and often checked in during our time together. Such a good girl!

img_52802 img_52822




I’m a happy-go-lucky boy looking for a fun family who likes to laugh!

Meet Rosco, a four-year-old Dutch Shepherd mix who acts more like a goofy youngster. He’s just so happy to be with people! Rosco is looking for a home where he can be the only pet. Rosco came to us through our partnership with ASPCA and was uneasy when he arrived, but has improved so much during his stay. His tense posture in the kennel melts when you ask, “Hey Rosco, wanna go for a walk?” His whole body immediately wiggles with excitement and happiness. Rosco will need a family with older kids, thirteen and up. Here he was with Laslo on Sunday.

Rosco RoscoI took Rosco out for his walk on Monday and decided to give him some playtime in a yard. What a hoot! He LOVED playing fetch, and was very patient with me as I juggled both throwing the ball for him AND filming him! We had a great time.







I’m still here waiting for my new family, but I’m very loved here, so I’ll be okay.

Shontae has been waiting for her perfect fit of peeps since October 7th. She is a two-year-old Retriever/Bull Terrier mix. She loves playgroups where she is a social, rough-and-rowdy player with her friends. She’ll need a home without cats or small children. She is highly treat-motivated so training this smart girl will be a blast. She is such a happy dog and LOVES to play fetch. She is an absolute delight! On Sunday Marianne and I took her out to the big yard so I could get some video of this athletic girl having fun.






Then it was time to go back to her kennel. As you can see, she walks perfectly on leash. Such a good girl!




Here are some other shelter dogs waiting for their forever homes.
All of the following dogs are waiting for you at Willamette Humane Society. If one of them touches your heart, please come and meet them soon. Shelter hours are Mon., Thurs., Fri, 12:00 – 7:00 pm and Sat., Sun. 12:00 – 6:00 pm.


Here is Chloe, a two-year-old Border Collie mix, with Caroline.




Here is Autumn, a one-year-old American Staffordshire mix, with Laslo.

Autumn Autumn



Here is Ben, a one-year-old Terrier mix, with Patty.

Ben Ben



Here is Neville, an eight-year-old Chihuahua mix, with Marianne.

Neville Neville



Here is Moro, a four-year-old Rottweiler, with Jena.

Moro Moro



Here is Goldie, a three-year-old Shepherd mix, with Diane.

Goldie Goldie



Here is Zara, a one-year-old Mixed Breed, with Marianne.

Zara Zara




Zoey was a favorite of many at WHS, but after being at the shelter for a long time, she was transferred to one of our partners, hoping she’d get adopted through them. Here she was on one of our walks while at WHS.

ZoeyShe did get adopted and I was thrilled to get this update last week!

“Zoey is doing good. I think she was a little depressed when we first got her. The first couple of days she kept to herself and then I think she realized she was home, she started wagging her tail. Also she has perked up quite a bit since she got some medicine to fight off an infection. She quickly learned from her two doggie brothers that when Dad goes to the kitchen, we all go to the kitchen or if dad sits down with snacks, we go sit by him. Dad always shares his snacks! My son also found out she likes to chase tennis balls. Attached is a picture of her and Baxter sleeping on the couch.”

img_10502Here she is with her feline sibling.




Rusty was another one of our long-termers. We were over the moon when she finally got adopted.

RustyAnd I was thrilled when Marianne got this update: “Boy did we ever hit the jackpot with this girl! She has been such a good girl. Experiencing many 1st’s not knowing what she’ll do and nothing but positive positive!!! Car rides, meeting extended family, bath time, having a 2-yr-old visitor, being left alone without crating, letting us know when it’s ‘potty’ time. The list goes on and on. She is such an impressive dog!!! She knows she is loved by this family and she just loves us right back! She has fit so well into our family! She did so great with a house full of family and friends at a birthday party today! About 20 people here and she’s so friendly and laid back! Such a good girl! The one thing she tries to sneak when she can is a stuffed animal. It’s so funny but she’s real good to drop it when we say to and we just replace it with one of her toys. She sits so well for a treat too! Just a lovely girl!

Here she is with her human brother.


On those happy updates, that’s it for this week!


Remember, if you see a dog on my blog whom you are interested in meeting, try to make arrangements to get to the Willamette Humane Society soon. Some dogs are adopted more quickly than you might think.
You can reach me at adoptanoregondog14@yahoo.com