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Dear Fellow Dog Lovers,

It’s been an unusual week for WHS. Because of a winter storm, the shelter had to be closed on Saturday and Sunday. A small group of dedicated staff and  volunteers who could make it in made sure the cats and dogs were cared for. One would expect the number of adoptions for the week to be low because of the closures, but nope! On Monday there were an amazing fifteen dog adoptions! In all, twenty-eight dogs left WHS with their new families since my last post! Many of those adopted were so new to us that I hadn’t even had time to get pictures of them! Here are the Blog Dogs who now are in their forever homes.


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I’d like to take a minute and talk about four of these dogs. Both Jasmine and Mika, senior girls, were adopted from their foster homes. As always, we are touched and grateful to those adopters who want to give our older dogs a happy life, not knowing how long it will last.

Mary’s New Year’s Resolutions were to lose some of her pesky extra pounds and to find a new home. She did both! By last week, she had lost 2.2 pounds! We took her swimming for a third time at Bailey’s Journey on Friday and to our amazement, she had gained enough confidence to swim on her own. Becky, at Bailey’s, was so impressed with her progress (and need for swim therapy) that she told us Bailey’s would donate two swims to a new family. Watch Mary go!


But that’s not all that Mary wants to tell you about Friday. That afternoon she was found by a family with two girls who fell head-over-heels in love with her. Of course, Mary wanted me to let her tell you herself.


Kenny had been waiting for his perfect family fit since October. Because he got nervous with lots of people looking at him in the Adoption kennels, his kennel was away from the public. Although we did our best to promote this wonderful boy by taking him swimming and making a video during an outing at Capitol Subaru, he still was overlooked—until Monday. We are so happy that Kenny is a shelter dog no more!




I’m kind of shy, but I promise to be your best friend!

Ruby is a sweet one-year-old, fifty-six pound Boxer mix. She has never been around other dogs, but has been attending play groups and has been doing quite well, although she can be selective about her friends. She loves people and Kim fell for her last week as Ruby gave us play bows. Ruby has been mostly an outdoor dog and is looking forward to being indoors more. She is partially house-trained and as smart as she seems to be, it won’t take her long to finish. She would love to come to training classes at WHS and no doubt would become a star student. She will need an active family, since she is still a youngster needing lots of exercise. This girl is going to be a wonderful family dog for older children.

RubyRubyLook at that face!

Ruby ruby-playing-2




I’m young, I’m eager, and I’m ready for adventures with you!

If you’re up for a big puppy who will keep you active and laughing, look no further. Meet Sky, newly arrived from Hawaii. This nine-month-old American Staffordshire Terrier mix is about as cute at a puppy can be.

SkySky is forty-eight pounds of lap dog. He loves people and is learning how to play with other dogs, though he has more to learn. He would be a great candidate for our WHS positive training classes so that he’ll grow up into a well-mannered adult. He’s such a bundle of fun and energy. He’s good with kids eight and older. He’s going to be a great family member! He’s excited about becoming an Oregon dog.

Sky Sky SkyHe loved my cheese bit!





We’re a bonded senior pair and we’re waiting for a new family to love us.

Boston is an eleven-year-old Cardigan Welsh Corgi mix. He is a gentle but sprightly old soul who is tightly bonded with his brother. He is house-trained, and has lived well with other dogs and children.


This is what he did when I asked if he would like a bite of cheese.Boston

Here he is posing for me with Caroline. He’s such a delightful little character.



This is Jasper, an eight-year-old Maltese mix. Jasper is more shy than his brother, Boston, and doesn’t really like to be picked up. He kept a close eye on Boston’s whereabouts while I was taking pictures. He is also house-trained and has done well with children. However, due to their ages, they would prefer older children.


Jasper quickly discovered that Jolene was a friend who could be trusted.

Jasper Jasper

Jasper and Boston are so endearing together. They are in a foster home and are hoping for a new forever home soon. If you’d like to meet them, please contact Ashleigh, our foster coordinator at foster@whs4pets.org.

Boston and Jasper jasper-and-boston-2




I’ve been at WHS before. I’m hoping that THIS time I’ll find my forever home!

Sami is a sweet, four-year-old Lab mix who is hoping that at long last she will find her forever home. Sami first came to WHS in 2014, and again in 2015, and now is back once more through no fault of her own. She was first surrendered because another dog in the house didn’t like her. The second time was because Sami didn’t care for the resident cats. And this time it was a change in lifestyle of her person. We’re hoping that Sami will finally find her perfect fit of a forever family. She needs an active home, as she loves to learn new things and is highly treat-motivated. Her favorite thing is to be around her people and she has an excellent history with children eight and up. Sami is house-trained and already knows basic commands. She will be an easy dog to have around, and we all hope that she finally will be a permanent family member. Here she is with Jolene. She seemed sad and somewhat stressed when I took these new pictures of her.

Sami SamiHere she was the last time she was at the shelter. I’m hoping we’ll see her smile again soon.

SamiHere was Sami today with Mona, still looking sad.





I had a blast today in the Real Room. I LOVE squeaky toys!

Lex is a two-year-old Boxer mix. He becomes stressed when he’s in the Adoption kennels, with so many people walking through and all of the noise. He prefers to be in a kennel away from the public. The problem is that potential adopters don’t see what a terrific dog he is unless they ask to meet him. So Marianne and I decided I needed to feature him in this post. Here he is when he first arrived at WHS in early December.

Lex  LexLex is looking for a family with older kids, as he can be shy in new situations and when there is a lot of noise. But oh, does he love to run and play. He has played well with some of our dogs in playgroups. His love of treats makes him such an easy dog to train and interact with. He knows several commands and happily sits instantly when asked. Here he was today with Marianne.

dsc_87662What does Lex like almost as much as a treat, you ask? He LOVES squeaky toys. We took him into the Real Room today so you could see the relaxed and happy boy that he is. He and we had a blast playing.



We’re hoping Lex won’t have to wait too much longer for his forever family to find him.




The first dog I took out today was Rosco, one of my current favorites. We had fun practicing coming and sitting on our walk. Rosco is a four-year-old Shepherd mix who has been waiting for a new home since October.





This is Trickster, a seven-year-old Jack Russell Terrier mix, and such a sweet boy! Here he is with Sandra.

dsc_85392 dsc_85402 dsc_85362



This is our boy, Scout, another long-termer. He’s a two-year-old Great Dane/Boxer mix, waiting for his family since November. Linda came out to spend some time with him today.




This is stunning Scooby, a nine-month-old Retriever mix, here with Sandra. What a beautiful boy and so nice!

dsc_85722 dsc_85622



Here is Dante, a five-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier mix, here with Marianne. He’s such a fun character!




This is Indy, an extremely handsome one-year-old Retriever mix who won my heart as well as Caroline’s today. What a perfect boy!

dsc_85872 dsc_85922



That’s it for this week!


Remember, if you see a dog on my blog whom you are interested in meeting, try to make arrangements to get to the Willamette Humane Society soon. Some dogs are adopted more quickly than you might think.
You can reach me at adoptanoregondog14@yahoo.com