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Dear Fellow Dog Lovers,

There were twelve dog adoptions during the past week, and most of them were new arrivals at the shelter. Two of them, however, were Blog Dogs.

adopted-sign-2page_1Ruger, being the extremely vocal boy that he is, of course had to announce his adoption himself.

rugerThe best news about Ruger and Roxy’s adoptions is that they were adopted TOGETHER! Staff wrote: “Ruger and Roxy were adopted today, together! They went home with avid fisher/camper/hunter/boaters who were hound lovers and eager to spend time outdoors with the new dogs.” What a perfect new life for both of these wonderful dogs!




Nope, didn’t care for the swimming part, but I had a great time going and coming!

Our swim dog on Friday was none other than our big boy, Scout. We really thought, being the very active boy that he is, that he would love to swim. We were wrong. However, he was such a wonderful sport about the whole adventure. He rode well in the car, was polite to all of the other swim dogs and people, and was a happy boy until he realized that HE was going into the water.


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Scout was pretty tuckered out after his second swim!


page_3 page_6 page_7Scout came to WHS as a transfer from San Antonio, Texas. He is a two-year-old, fifty-eight-pound Great Dane/Boxer mix. Scout is a delightful and VERY active dog, much like a puppy when he plays—this means he’s jumpy, and a rough and rowdy player with both other dogs and humans. Because he just didn’t understand that people don’t appreciate his mouthy play and lack of impulse control, he has become one of the dogs being worked with by the WHS Behavior and Training Team. And is he ever working hard! This boy is showing great improvement! Scout is looking forward to becoming an Oregon dog in a family without kids. His adoption comes with both our WHS Dog Smart and Check In & Chill Out classes to make sure the skills he is learning continue to grow. We hope Scout won’t have to wait much longer for his own family.




After starring in my own movie last week, this week I got to spend some time in the Real Room!

In last week’s post, Rosco showed off his ball-playing expertise along with the many new skills he’s learning with the WHS Behavior and Training team. This week he wanted to show you that he really can relax and just enjoy a good chew toy. So Marianne and I spent some quality time with this favorite boy in the Real Room on Sunday.img_52422 img_00422Rosco is a four-year-old Dutch Shepherd mix who is looking for a home where he can be the only pet. Rosco loves to train, as he is very smart and highly food-motivated. Rosco is an athletic, fit dog, so will need a good amount of physical exercise every day. He loves walks, fetch, playing with toys, and food puzzles. He’s a fun, social guy who enjoys the company of humans—teenagers and beyond. Here he was on Sunday in the Real Room.






I’m not really from France, I’m from California.

One of our newbies is this beautiful girl, Fuji, a three-year-old French Bulldog mix. Fuji came to us from a small shelter in California where she didn’t get adopted but was a favorite of the staff and volunteers. Here is what one of the volunteers at her previous shelter sent me: Fuji is amazing!!! She is great with other dogs, enjoys her baths, didn’t mind the office cat, and walks well on leash. She is a stunning sight when clean! Love her blue eye…none of us can figure out why she received no interest at all.” Fuji loves WHS’ playgroup and is a rough and rowdy player with her friends. She knows several commands, and loved my cheese bits. She’ll be fun to train and would love our WHS training classes. She would do well with older children (13+) and is looking forward to meeting her new Oregon family. Here she was with one of her fans, Jolene, on Sunday.

Fuji Fuji Fuji




Caroline’s Pick of the Week!

Yep, if you know Caroline, you won’t be surprised that she has fallen for Blue, a three-year-old Alaskan Husky who is a stunning girl!

BlueAnd yes, there are always those pictures when the dog has other ideas than posing for pictures!

BlueBlue came to us from a California shelter. She is looking for an Oregon family with older (13+) kids. Blue is quite independent and would do best with Husky-savvy people. She is selective in who her dog friends are and will need lots of exercise, as she is a very active girl. If you are a lover of Huskies, come and meet Blue.





All I had to do was look into Jenna’s eyes and I had her!

Meet Scooter. And look into his eyes. Are you hooked? Jenna and I were the moment we met him. Scooter is a seven-year-old Retriever mix. He has been an outdoor dog his whole life and he’s hoping that his next home will be his forever one and that he can be an indoor dog. He knows he will need a little help with getting house-trained, but promises to be a quick study. And it should be easy since he is very treat-motivated. Scooter has lived happily with other dogs and kids, but not cats. He is rated PG+8. He does have one little issue that he’s not proud of. He has been known to try to dig under his yard fence, so he will need a watchful eye. But since he’ll be mostly an indoor dog in his next home, this may not be a problem. Jenna and I hope that Scooter will soon be inside with his new family.

Scooter Scooter Scooter Scooter




I’m waiting for an experienced owner who is looking for an ACTIVE new best friend!

I had a special request from Marianne that I feature one of her current favorites, newbie Missy, a two-year old mixed breed girl who has won her heart. Here, in Marianne’s own words: “Missy is a beautiful American Staffordshire Terrier mix.  She walks well on leash (does not react to other dogs at all), takes treats very gently, and loves to play fetch and run.  She is incredibly smart and knows sit, down, and roll over.  She responds to her name and listens very well.  Since she is treat-motivated, she will likely learn other skills quickly. She will need an experienced owner since she is young, strong, and needs to learn some additional basic manners.  Missy would make a wonderful jogging, hiking, or biking partner.  Given the exercise and mental stimulation she needs, she will make a wonderful companion.  Missy is somewhat independent—although she is very friendly, she does not appear to be cuddly or clingy.”  We’re hoping Missy finds her forever home soon.

Missy Missy MissyThis afternoon we took Missy into the Real Room for a visit. Missy is A LOT of dog. She obviously has been loved in her young life, as she knows lots of commands. She can get a bit over-excited while playing with toys. But we laughed and laughed at her antics.






I call these pictures “No Wind” and “Wind.”

The last dog I want to mention today is little Dale, a three-year-old Chihuahua mix. It was incredibly windy on Sunday and I happened to catch these two shots within seconds of each other and had to laugh.

“No Wind”


DaleDale is a mere fourteen pounds and is quite shy at first meeting. But he is a leaner and quite affectionate. Here he was with Marianne on Sunday.







Remember Sami from a couple of posts ago? Sami was back at WHS for the third time in her life over the past three years through no fault of her own. She was so sad and seemed to be discouraged that she would never find a forever home.

SamiBut Sami and her story touched the hearts of a family who couldn’t wait to make Sami feel loved and safe. Here is their update:

“Hi. Here are a few pics of SAMI’S first week at her new 4ever home. We love having her become part of our family. She’s very well-mannered but does need a little fine tuning walking on a leash, which we are working on. Puppy treats are a good motivator.  🙂  We have 2 granddaughters that only live a block away, and she likes playing with them. Sami also loves to snuggle, she’s the best!”

And Sami’s new mom even came to the shelter on Sunday to say thank you and to assure us that Sami was now home for good. We are thrilled.


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That’s it for this week!


ScooterRemember, if you see a dog on my blog whom you are interested in meeting, try to make arrangements to get to the Willamette Humane Society soon. Some dogs are adopted more quickly than you might think.
You can reach me at adoptanoregondog14@yahoo.com