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Dear Fellow Dog Lovers,

Activity at the shelter has settled down some since last weekend’s Full Hearts, Empty Kennels event, but that’s not to say it hasn’t been busy. There were sixteen dog adoptions, some of them were puppies from their foster homes, and some were brand new to the shelter. There were three Blog Dogs who went to their new homes.

adopted-sign-2page_1 page_2

You’ll notice that Eartha is among the adoptions again. Her family was heartbroken when the landlord changed his rules and they had to bring Eartha back to the shelter. They wrote: “Please make sure she chooses her new family like she chose us.” Well, the very next day, Eartha did! She chose a family with two older boys with whom she fell instantly in love. There will be an update at the end of this post!



I’m not a real fan of swimming, but I sure liked the attention and the ride!

Our swim dog this week was Mellow, a one-year-old Retriever mix. First, I must tell you that whoever named him must have done it in jest. Mellow is anything but mellow! This youngster is energetic and can’t wait to find his new home with an active family where he can romp, jog, run, and play with his people. We also discovered that Mellow has never been around water before and was not a huge fan, as it turned out. But he was a good sport. Here are some pictures from his adventure to Bailey’s Journey! First, here he was spending some time with Jolene last Wednesday. He walks very well on leash and has become a real favorite among volunteers.

page_9Mellow Mellow

And here was Friday’s swim adventure.

page_1 page_2page_3 page_4 page_6 page_5




page_7page_8So although Mellow did not actually enjoy swimming, he did get an outing and the exercise was excellent for this very active boy.




I’m in a foster home, but you can still meet me and adopt me!

When Pepper, a five-year-old Lab mix, arrived at WHS, she was in poor shape. She had lost almost all of her hair from a case of mange. She was immediately started on medication and special baths. It wasn’t long before new hair started sprouting and she started looking and feeling better. Her personality started to shine, too.

PepperHere she was with Marianne before she went to her foster home.

Pepper In her foster home she has blossomed. Here’s what her foster mom says about her:

“Pepper is a wonderful, loving dog who needs to be with a loving family with kids to keep up with her. She loves to play fetch and will play for as long as you are willing to throw the ball.  Sometimes when she returns with the ball in her mouth, she will even drop it into your waiting hands.  If you’re not paying attention, she will nudge the ball towards you to remind you that you need to throw it again. When you are done playing, she will allow you to wipe her feet before you let her back inside.  She also loves to play tug with a rope toy and she will bring her balls or other toys to you when she wants to play. Pepper is really very smart and affectionate and wiggles her entire body with joy when you pet and praise her. She loves it!  She will also try to be a lap dog when she wants more affection. Pepper is house-trained, but you will need to watch her for signals that she gives when she is ready to go out.

Pepper grew up with cats and gets along with other dogs. She does fine when left alone and does not bark much. There is a very lucky family out there who will adopt this special girl. Here are some pictures from her foster home.

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I’m very loved at WHS and I can even say my name!

Roo is a six-year-old Coonhound. This sweet girl is one of the quietest hounds we’ve ever met! She is gentle, shy, and affectionate. She loves to be with people. And when she is excited, she will say her name, “ROO–ROO.” Roo was found as a stray, so we don’t know her history with cats or other dogs, and because she is shy, older kids would be best for her. She would need to meet any dogs she would be living with. We laughed out loud as we watched her make a nest out of her bedding in her kennel and then plop down in the middle of it. This wonderful, calm dog will fit easily into a loving home. We’re hoping she’ll find that forever home very soon! Take a look at Roo with two of her other fans, Linda and Marianne.

Roo Roo Roo Roo Roo


Roo  Roo




I’ve been here a long time. I hope my forever family finds me soon!

Hank is a three-year-old Lab mix who arrived at WHS from Hawaii on January 19th. Hank was adopted once, but had too much energy for the adopter and was returned. Hank is stressed at the shelter. He started chewing on his tail and as a result, it had to be docked. He now has a very cute little nubbin of a tail that wags when he’s excited. Hank would love a home with older kids (13+) and a family who will work on positive training with him. His manners need work and he’d really benefit from and enjoy some of the training classes at WHS. Hank is worth the effort his family will need to make with him. He’s been waiting a long time for a real home. We hope he doesn’t have to wait much longer. Here he is with Marianne.

Hank  Hank Today we took Hank into the Real Room and had a wonderful time with him. The hair around his nubbin of a tail has to grow back, but otherwise he’s looking great! Here he is with some of his fans, Caroline, Marianne, and Jolene. While he has a ton of energy, he can settle and enjoys hanging out.

dsc_01472 dsc_01482 dsc_01522  dsc_01562





I’m new here and everything seems strange and so I’m nervous. I can’t wait to find a new home!

Poncho arrived at the shelter after his person died and he isn’t used to the many activities of a shelter. He is looking for a quiet home without small children and wants to be the only pet. Poncho is a seven-year-old Boston Terrier mix and what a little gentleman he is! He loved my cheese bits and happily hopped up on the couch in the Real Room to snuggle. He’d be the perfect fit for a retired couple who wants an 18-pound, uncomplicated but spunky new friend. I don’t think Poncho will have to wait long. Here he was today with us outside with Kathy and then in the Real Room for some quiet time with Marianne and me.







This is Ruger, a two-year-old Retriever mix, here with Marianne.

Ruger Ruger Ruger Ruger



This is Billy, a two-year-old Coonhound mix, here with Jolene. Billy will need a Coonhound-savvy person willing to give this active boy positive training.

dsc_00172 dsc_00252 dsc_00282 dsc_00262



Rosco, a four-year-old Shepherd mix, is still waiting for his perfect fit of a home with an experienced dog owner. Here he is with Francis, one of his favorite volunteers.

Rosco Rosco






As you know, Eartha was adopted the next day after her return. I was so thrilled and relieved to get these pictures from her new family already, and a promise of an update soon.

“We renamed her and gave her the name Hera. She’s getting lots of love this morning.”

16880933_10210004635371093_2127803931_o 16833683_10210004763054285_1717630303_o




Cecil arrived at WHS a very shy and fearful little dog in November of 2014. Here he was when I met him at the shelter. He was a cutie!

Cecil - Version 2He was adopted by two of our dog volunteers, Ayla and her mother. Here is her latest update.

“Ever since we adopted Cecil a little over 2 years ago, he has been the perfect fit for our family. It was love at first sight because as soon as he was let off leash in the visitation room, even though he was so shy, he came and hid under our legs and let us pet him. He was very shy at first, taking over a day to even make first eye contact. But he is doing amazingly now and after a lot of work on both of our parts, he has shown how wonderful he is. He is quiet for the most part, but as soon as we get home on days we have been out of the house for a bit, he runs to the door, lets out a big happy howl, and starts zooming all over the house dragging around his toys. His two favorite spots are on his chair by the window watching people go by, and with Grandma on the couch. He is also very smart and knows many commands including our favorite, “play the drums,” where he smacks a tiny bongo with his paw. He is also starting on tracking work and is doing great. He is having the time of his little life here and we are so glad to be part of it. He is the best thing that has ever happened to us!”

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That’s it for this week!

RooRemember, if you see a dog on my blog whom you are interested in meeting, try to make arrangements to get to the Willamette Humane Society soon. Some dogs are adopted more quickly than you might think.
You can reach me at adoptanoregondog14@yahoo.com