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Dear Fellow Dog Lovers,

It’s been another extremely busy week at Willamette Humane Society with thirty-five dogs adopted! With new litters of puppies having arrived from sister shelters, we’ve had lots of pups adopted straight from their foster homes. But we’ve had our adult dogs also finding new homes. Here are the Blog Dogs who are now basking in the love of their new families.

adopted-sign-2page_3 page_1 page_2 page_4Hoping that the volume of terrific adoptions continues, I’d like to introduce you to some new arrivals.



I’m waiting for a very special person who will help me understand the world.

Kiara, a one-year-old Shiba Inu mix, arrived at WHS in January from a shelter in Oklahoma from which she was not adopted. We have no idea how long Kiara has been in the shelter system, or what has happened to her in her past. What we do know is that she is extremely shy and fearful of new people, situations, and places. But our Behavior Team has taken Kiara under their wing and has been slowly earning her trust. She is learning that she can relax with a friend, that positive training means yummy treats, and that she can let down her guard enough to show some affection. She can have moments where she shows us her true sweet nature. Kiara will need a person who will be patient, understanding and will continue her rewards-based training. She will need a calm home and may never be an out-going, adventure-seeking girl, but we have no doubt that she will be a loving and devoted friend. On Sunday I spent some time with Kiara and her Behavior Team member, Linda, in the Real Room. While Kiara was nervous around my camera, she eventually was able to settle enough with Linda on the couch for some pictures. We’re hoping that this beautiful girl will be found by her perfect person soon.


Kiara Kiara Kiara Kiara




Are you looking for a new best friend? Well, look no further! I’m the one you’ve been waiting for!

Girlie is one of our Hawaii transfers who is waiting patiently for her new Oregon family. She is a seven-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier mix and has become one of Marianne’s and my favorites. Girlie may be seven, but that doesn’t mean she’s a slouch! This girl has energy and loves to play with her people. She is highly treat- motivated and knows several commands. While she can be rambunctious, she can also curl up and snuggle after a play session. Because she can be a bit jumpy (she knows she needs to work on this, but when you’re excited, what’s a girl to do?) she will need older, sturdy kids (13+). She also wants to be your only dog. We’re hoping Girlie will soon be settled in with a new Oregon family. On Sunday Marianne and I spent some time with our sweet gal.

Girlie Girlie Girlie

This afternoon, Marianne and I took Girlie into the Real Room again and after a few games of fetch, it was time to relax.




I’m a bit shy, but I love belly rubs and I promise to love you to the moon and back if you adopt me!

I fell hook, line, and sinker for Nellie when I met her on Sunday. This two-year-old (?) Rhodesian Ridgeback mix, was found as a stray and is now hoping to find a family to love. When volunteer Patty brought her into the Real Room for pictures, I could tell she, too, was smitten. Nellie knows how to sit when asked but was hesitant at first to jump up on the couch. However, as soon as she knew there would be belly rubs, up she jumped. This sweet girl won’t be around long, I’m sure!

Nellie  Nellie Nellie Nellie Nellie




I’m a people dog through and through. Need a dog to snuggle with? That would be me!

Meet Begonia, a one-year-old Chihuahua mix, weighing in at fifteen pounds of love. Begonia is shy at first meeting, but quickly warms up. She can be picky about her dog friends and would be extremely happy to be an only pet. That way she would have her peeps all to herself. She also would like a family with older kids, since she can be nervous in new situations and when there is a lot of noise. She likes to burrow into a blanket next to a person, as happened with Caroline when I was trying to take pictures of her. At the moment, she has a cold and so is in the ISO kennels, but she’s feeling better and is eager to find a new family to take her home. We hope she doesn’t have to wait long.

Begonia Begonia Begonia Begonia Begonia Begonia




I’m waiting for someone who will be patient with me and help me gain confidence around people.

Ariel is a ten-month-old, fifty-six pound, American Staffordshire/Bull Terrier mix. She wants to be your friend, but is a little nervous around new people and takes some time to relax. Laslo brought her into the Real Room to spend some time with me on Sunday. Ariel loved my cheese bits and was happy to pose for my camera, showing off her skills of sitting and lying down when asked. She can be playful when she feels comfortable, and she loves toys. She can get a bit jumpy when excited, so will need older kids (13+). She would actually do best in a calm, quiet home with someone who will continue her rewards-based training. Her adoption includes a private behavior consult to make sure she and her new person have the very best beginning. We so hope that person will find her soon!

Ariel Ariel Ariel Ariel Ariel




My friends call me Teddy. They think I’m a teddy bear!

Bulk is a three-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier mix who is one of our California transfers. He immediately won the hearts of everyone who met him, including Marianne’s and mine. Because he is more of a marshmallow than his name implies, we started calling him Teddy. Marianne and I spent time with him in the Real Room today and spent most of the time laughing. This boy is a keeper!

Bulkdsc_01052 dsc_01132 dsc_01242 dsc_01262






I have Marianne wrapped around my paw!

After playing with Teddy (Bulk) we took newbie Axel into the Real Room.  Axel is a three-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier mix who is just as goofy a guy as Teddy. He is an active boy who loves to play with any toy he has. (He especially likes Kongs.) But after some energetic exercise, Axel loves nothing more than relaxing with his peeps, toy in mouth. He is house-trained and knows basic commands. He is a good listener and loves to learn new skills. He’d be great in a family with older (10+) kids, but wants to be the only pet. Just look at this silly boy and I dare you not to fall in love!

dsc_02712 dsc_02302 dsc_02392 dsc_02412 dsc_02432 dsc_02522 dsc_02422






We had an old friend visit today!

We had a wonderful surprise this afternoon when one of our favorite shelter dogs ever, Pip, stopped in to say hello! Pip was found as a stray in January of 2015. He had not had much training, but was a friendly, happy boy, with a few issues. I wrote about him in my blog often, but he didn’t get adopted. Weeks turned into months. Finally in March, Mike, who had adopted dogs from WHS before, decided to foster him…only foster, he assured everyone. Then in April, when a potential adopter showed some interest, Mike realized he couldn’t give Pip up…and Mike became what we affectionately call a Foster Failure. Pip had finally found his forever home. Today I was thrilled when Pip arrived with Mike to show off his new status. Mike suffers from PTSD and Pip now has a real purpose. What a great life for this boy!

dsc_00492 dsc_00512And to give you a taste of how much Pip has learned, watch this!







This is Yun, an adorable two-year-old Shih Tzu mix, here with Marianne.




This is Cornelius, a one-year-old Rottweiler mix, here with Caitlin.

Cornelius  Cornelius Cornelius Cornelius



This is Benito, a one-year-old Chihuahua mix, here with Marianne. This sweet boy has a cold and is getting over it in the ISO kennels, but is still adoptable.

Benito  BenitoSince it was raining outside and he was feeling a bit under the weather, he got to be carried back to his kennel wrapped in a warm towel.





We have SIX updates this week! WOW!


Our Sweet Mary!

First, briefly, when Joan was at Bailey’s Journey last week with her own dogs, who should walk in but our sweet Mary! Because she is…well…a tad (?) overweight, Bailey’s gave her new people some FREE swim therapy! I’m happy to report that her new family loves her very much!




Remember Sami, who in two years had been surrendered to WHS three times? Here she was looking so sad her last stay at the shelter.

SamiAnd here she is today! Her forever family adores her. Here is the latest update.

“Today we introduced Sami to Detroit Lake where she’ll be spending a lot of her time. We were glad to see she enjoys the water. She also got a lot of off-leash running in. She’s such a good dog, we just love Sami.”

20170225_1441502 20170225_1630552 20170225_1443132



Sophie is a beautiful dog and we knew she wouldn’t be at the shelter long. And we were so glad we were right!

SophieHere is her update:

“Nova is the most loving, playful, patient, mild-mannered, well-behaved, beautiful and sweet dog I have ever met. When I met her she gave me a hug and a kiss and looked up into my eyes with so much love and eagerness to please and I said,  “She’s perfect,” which was most definitely true. She goes for several walks every day, loves to chew on her toys and bone, loves to cuddle, and fits in anywhere I take her. She’s so smart and eager to learn that training is a breeze. Like I said, she’s the best dog ever and I am so lucky to have found her!”

20170226_1139492 20170218_1636572 20170227_2027392 20170226_1633432



Turnip came to WHS a very shy, nervous puppy. Here he was right after he was neutered just before going home. His siblings were much braver than little Turnip, and we were so happy when he got adopted anyway.

TurnipHere is his update:

“We absolutely adore Rudy❤. He’s still very skittish, but he loves my husband and me and we love him. He is adjusting pretty well. He loves our grand kids and our other dogs. He’s still fearful of strangers, so we’re hoping as the weather gets nicer and the days get longer, we can get him out to enjoy more new experiences. He is definitely a chewer! He’s only destroyed a couple of things though. 😊”

image12 img_12832 img_13062 img_12952 img_13232img_12972



I’m very happy to report that Hera is continuing to enjoy her new pampered life. Eartha

“Ms.Hera (Eartha) enjoying the sunshine this morning. She loves going outside and going on walks. Her favorite spot to sit and lie in the house.”

16990101_10210049299367665_211361312_o2 16935934_10210049345168810_1368312921_o2 16936204_10210049360969205_1064973509_o2



Roo was an instant favorite at the shelter and we were so happy when she was adopted, as she was sad without a family.

RooHere is her update:

Roo LOVES going to pet stores and Wilco with me. She lights right up when we are out and about. Anyone I run into, falls in love with her, and she embraces anyone who approaches! Roo and our lab puppy, Birdie, get along great, although Roo sometimes would like Birdie to settle down and leave her alone. 🙂 It’s interesting to see how she reacts to certain things. She definitely is more comfortable outside and gets very wiggly and excited when we turn on our diesel truck. Maybe her previous owner owned one. She LOVES kids and is great with any dog, so far. She really is a dream dog. I immediately picked her out because I felt she had a sweet soul. She was the only dog I met at the shelter and I didn’t think twice about her being the one. We do have a digger on our hands but we are so happy to have her apart of the family. ❤
The shelter has been nothing but good to us. WHS helped me when I was concerned about Roo and how she was transitioning, and called me one day to check up on her out of the blue. Thank you Willamette Humane Society!!!”

image12 image22 image32



On those happy notes, that’s it for this week!

NellieRemember, if you see a dog on my blog whom you are interested in meeting, try to make arrangements to get to the Willamette Humane Society soon. Some dogs are adopted more quickly than you might think.
You can reach me at adoptanoregondog14@yahoo.com