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Dear Fellow Dog Lovers,

As I begin this post, I’m thinking of the many happy adoptions we’ve had lately, and also about the eager dogs still waiting for their forever families to find them. Today I want to tell you about three very special ones who are patiently hoping that their stay at the shelter is nearing an end and happy new beginnings are coming soon.


I’ve been here before and while the folks here love me, I really want a family of my own for the rest of my life.

If you are a regular reader of my posts, you will remember our wonderful giant lap dog, Ledi. She arrived at WHS in May 2016 and promptly won the hearts and laps of everyone she met, including mine. I wrote about her almost weekly and finally last July she was adopted. Now she is back, surrendered because her family could no longer take care of her. While those of us who love her are happy to spend time with her again, we are so anxious for her to find her true forever home that she deserves so much. Ledi is a seven-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier mix and one of the most gentle dogs known to humankind. To say Ledi is a bit overweight is an understatement. She weighs a whopping 83 pounds, (which she is quick to point out is four pounds LESS than when she was here a year ago) and is looking for someone to continue to help her get her girlish figure back. But that doesn’t keep her from being a lap dog! Ledi is house-trained, loves carrots (good thing!) and playing tug. She needs to be an only dog in her home. Besides being a lap dog, Ledi also has a hilarious sense of humor. Here she is with Linda, perhaps her biggest fan of all. (Notice where Ledi is sitting!)

Ledi loves Blanket Time and can be a real couch potato when hanging out with her peeps like Linda, Jenna, Caroline, and Marianne.

And me.

She also loves to play fetch, though she sometimes gets distracted and forgets to bring the ball back. She can’t wait for Marianne to throw the ball.

But she races back without it.

When Ledi was at WHS the first time, I made this movie about her. It still captures her wonderful personality. Let’s get Ledi her forever home soon!


Today when I arrived at the shelter, Caitlin was out in a yard with Ledi, so I snapped these pictures. She is such a happy dog!




No one can understand why I haven’t been adopted yet. Maybe I’m waiting for YOU!

We cannot figure out why Dixie has not been scooped up by a new family yet! She is absolutely wonderful! Dixie is a three-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier mix who is full of life and love. She walks great on leash, adores people, and is a joy to be around. She thoroughly enjoyed herself at the WillaMutt Strut last week where she got to meet so many new people. She’ll be a devoted best friend and will keep her family laughing and active. She’ll do well with older kids. Here she is with some of her fans. Some family is going to be mighty lucky when they find this girl and adopt her! Marianne and Ayla had a blast spending time with this sweetheart.




Caroline’s Pick of the Week!

Sometimes when a new dog is transferred into our shelter, it is love at first sight. It happened on Sunday for Caroline and me. We were both smitten the minute we met Angelica, a two-year-old Australian Cattle Dog mix. When she first arrived from California, Angelica was quite shy, but what a difference a few days make! Angelica is extremely affectionate and would love to be a lap dog. She walks perfectly on leash, is not rattled by other active dogs being walked around her, and loves to run and play. And that’s not all! When it’s time to settle, she does so happily and politely. She is looking for a family with kids ten or older who will make her a valued part of the family, as she is not a dog who would do well ignored in the back yard. She loves people’s attention and affection. Because she can get overwhelmed in new, confusing situations, she’ll do best in a calm family. Angelica is a very special girl who will make a wonderful new member for some lucky family. Here she was with Caroline on Sunday.

This afternoon we took Angelica into a visitation room to see if she wanted to play. She did.




Buzz is back once again. He’s a sweet eleven-year-old senior looking for a retirement home where he can spend a lot of time outside relaxing in his fenced yard. Here he is with one of his favorite people, Jenna.

Today Kathy took Buzz for his afternoon outing. She is another one of his many fans.



Roco is a new transfer dog. He’s a four-year-old American Pit Bull/Retriever mix, here with Marianne and Caitlin. He is such a gentle boy that he is rated PG 5+!



Our Girlie is still waiting for her perfect fit of a home. She’s still enjoying the company of her many fans, including Caitlin and Marianne, but sure would love a home of her own. Girlie is a seven-year-old mixed breed. She has now been adopted and returned three times. Through these trials and errors, we have discovered that she cannot live with cats and that she will need a patient and understanding person who will give her the time she needs to settle into a new home. But she will be so worth the effort it will take. Each of her adopters has written about her gentle, affectionate personality and her love to be with her people. Girlie wants nothing more than to be close to her person.  She is smart and treat-motivated which makes her easy to train—she has learned basic commands quickly. She would love a family of her own and could live with older kids.  Girlie does need to be the only pet, but she will be all that you need.

This afternoon Marianne and Caitlin had her out before I arrived and snapped these pictures. Did I mention that Girlie is a lap dog?



Bogart is working with the Training Team to improve his impulse control. Here he is with team members Jolene, Rosie, and Linda.

Look how well he’s doing with self-control!



Gracie fell in love with little Roxanne, a ten-year-old Pug/Beagle mix who arrived at WHS with a bad skin condition. She is so much better now. She may not ever have a full coat again, but she feels great and is so loved by staff and volunteers.



Meet Linda and Belle, eight-month-old Terrier mixes from our latest California transfer. They weren’t cleared to walk yet on Sunday, so I snapped these pictures in their kennel. They are adorable and both are on hold to go to the same home. Fingers crossed it works out!

Today I took pictures of the duo outside. They actually sat for a nanosecond with Marianne and Caroline!



Koolee is a very sweet four-year-old Great Pyrenees mix who is a new arrival, found as a stray. Caitlin immediately fell in love with him and couldn’t wait for me to take pictures of him with her. We’re hoping he won’t be at the shelter for long.



Another one of Caroline’s current favorites is Snoopy. He’s a recent transfer, a two-year-old Pointer/Retriever mix. He’s got a cold at the moment, but that doesn’t dampen his energy one bit. Snoopy is a terrific young boy who can’t wait to become someone’s best hiking buddy.


Caroline shot this video of him playing.






When Echo arrived at WHS for the second time in 2012, she was very timid, but one of the sweetest dogs I’d ever met. Here she was then.

I worried about who would adopt her and what kind of home she would have, but I didn’t have to be concerned. She got a fabulous home and her mom is one of our WHS volunteers. Here is her latest update:

“We just celebrated Echo’s 13th birthday by going to the Keizer dog park. She had a blast! She loves running along the fence where the small dogs are and goes to every person at the park requesting they pet her. Most people don’t mind, and she is a very happy girl. She’s getting slower at times and tires quickly, but she’s still very sweet and plays often. As far as Xander (my foster failure) he’s growing like a weed and is growing up to be a great sweet boy with tons of energy. All four of my dogs get along great and love the cat.”

What a great family!

On that happy note, that’s it for this week!

Remember, if you see a dog on my blog whom you are interested in meeting, try to make arrangements to get to the Willamette Humane Society soon. Some dogs are adopted more quickly than you might think.
You can reach me at adoptanoregondog14@yahoo.com