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Dear Fellow Dog Lovers,

True, this is a blog about adoptable dogs at Willamette Humane Society. But I’m going to start out this post with a special cat story. One that is close to my heart.

Adoptable! Charlie the Cat.

My husband and I recently moved to a new neighborhood. I saw a beautiful cat a few times outside our window and assumed he belonged to someone close by. He and our cat, CJ, had several pleasant conversations through the screen.

But as I got to know our neighbors, I found out that the cat was a stray who had been hanging around for about a year, often under our house in bad weather, and had been befriended, fed, and cared for by a cat lover, Lois, who lives on our street. About the same time that Lois and I became friends, she sadly decided that she could not keep the cat, and I offered to take it to WHS for adoption. Lois agreed and brought him over to our house so I could actually meet him. What a delightful cat he turned out to be! After getting over some initial shyness, he warmed right up to me with the help of some of CJ’s Temptation treats.

To make sure the cat stayed close so that I could take him to WHS in the morning, Lois let him come inside her house for the night. He settled right in.


The next morning, the cat and I headed for WHS. On the way I explained to him that we’d find him a forever home, but that he really needed a name. We decided his name would be Charlie. Once at WHS, Charlie was given the initial screening and happily is in good health, had no identifying microchip, is about five years old, and was already neutered. After two days of stray hold, he was ready for adoption on Sunday. Being at the shelter is an unsettling experience for Charlie, and at first he was understandably nervous and timid. Each day he is getting to feel a little more settled, though he still stays at the back of his kennel, often curled up in his box. We are all pulling for him to be adopted into his forever home very quickly. Here he was on Sunday when I visited him. I worry that because he is shy, he may be overlooked by potential adopters.

So even though this is a dog blog, I know many of my readers also love cats and know cat lovers. Please pass the word and let’s get this wonderful boy a home.




I’m the shelter dog comedian! Just ask anybody!

Yep, Romo really is quite an entertainer. He is a three-year-old American Bulldog mix who is one fun, goofy boy. He is an active, happy, exuberant dog who loves a romp, a pool, and to cuddle on the couch with his peeps. He walks well on leash, is house-trained and will without a doubt keep his new family laughing. He does need to go home with older children and he can be choosy about his dog friends, so would need to meet any other dogs he’d be living with to make sure they match Romo’s social and rowdy play style. 

We took him into Mary’s Place on Sunday and we all had a blast.





My name is Snowflake. It kind of fits my delicate nature.

Snowflake is an absolutely beautiful Great Pyrenees mix who is about five years old. She was found as a stray and transferred to our shelter. Here she was with Marianne when she first arrived.

We wonder if she spent a lot of her time outdoors, as she seemed to be somewhat nervous about being in a kennel and in Mary’s Place. But given some time and patience, she warmed up and enjoyed her time with us on Sunday. She will be most comfortable with older kids and she will need an understanding family who will give her the time she needs to relax and feel at home. She also would need to meet any dogs she would be living with, as she can be picky about her dog friends. On Sunday we took her into Mary’s Place and after being timid at first, she started to relax.


We’re hoping this sweet girl will soon go to her forever home.





Yes, my hobby is collecting socks. That’s “socks” not “stocks.” What’s yours?

Marjorie is back, having been returned because she would rather not live with big dogs or small children. What’s a nine-pound Chihuahua to do when she wants to keep her big Lab siblings away from her toys? Why hide them under the bed where the big guys can’t fit. She also has a love of socks. Not that she would destroy or chew anything, she just liked to collect them. She gets nervous when there are a lot of people around, so a quieter home with older children and no big dogs would be perfect for this fun four-year-old. Marjorie loves to be held, is house-trained, and never chewed or damaged anything in the house. We decided to take her into Mary’s Place today and she loved it.


She liked hanging out with Caroline on the couch.





Bella Dog is a five-year-old Miniature Australian Shepherd mix who is as sweet as she can be. Here she is with volunteer Sheila.



Amelia is still waiting for her forever family. She is twelve years old, but you’d never know it watching her play with her dog friends! She’s the perfect family dog. She got her teeth cleaned this week and she feels great! Here she was today with Marianne.




LuLu Ann, a ten-year-old Beagle/Boxer mix, can’t wait to be found by her forever people. Marianne said she seemed a little sad yesterday, but today she was happy and enjoyed her time in Mary’s Place with Marianne, Caroline, and me.

Here she was on Sunday with new walker, Chris.



Leo is a two-year-old Retriever mix who thinks he’s still a puppy. He is a hoot with his play bows and bouncy personality once he gets to know you. Leo is nervous about the world, and will need a quiet, supportive home to build his confidence. He had a fun time in Mary’s Place today with us. He LOVED my cheese bits.


That’s it for this week!

Remember, if you see a dog on my blog whom you are interested in meeting, try to make arrangements to get to the Willamette Humane Society soon. Some dogs are adopted more quickly than you might think.

You can reach me at adoptanoregondog14@yahoo.com