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Dear Fellow Dog Lovers,

I didn’t intend to include any Christmasy pictures this week, as I’m publishing this post on the day after Christmas. However, last Sunday, while we were having fun with Duke in Mary’s Place, this happened—



And indeed he was! And so, please indulge us with some happy Santa photos.

I’ve been here a while and I’m really ready to head home with you!

Duke arrived at WHS in early December, a six-year-old mixed-breed boy at 72 pounds. Duke is a very affectionate, happy dog who seeks out human touch and will lean into you when being petted. Because of his size and exuberance, he will need to go home with a family with older kids. Duke is house-trained and very treat-motivated, cheese being a favorite. He can be calm and quiet or bouncy and playful. He is nervous around other dogs and will need to be the only pet in the home. No dog parks for this guy. He also will need to go to a family without small animals like chickens or ducks. Because he loves to be with people so much, he sometimes “demand barks” in his kennel, wanting to meet prospective adopters as they go by. He doesn’t realize that’s not the way to impress them. We took Duke into Mary’s Place on Sunday and we all had a blast, especially when Santa stopped in which delighted Duke to no end!



Here’s the “lean” I was telling you about!


Duke decided you really needed to see him in action with Marianne, Caroline, and Santa, so wanted his own movie. How could I say no?


Duke is a such a good boy and we’re hoping his new family will soon find him.





Well, blow me over with a feather! 

Next in Mary’s Place with Santa was Champ, a six-year-old American Pit Bull Terrier. Though we don’t know his full story, we think Champ had a rough start in life. When he arrived at WHS, he had painful ear infections and dermatitis, a skin irritation. He is now almost well and his happy-go-lucky, affectionate personality is evident to everyone who meets him. Champ is waiting for a family with older kids; he loved the ten-year-old he lived with in his previous home. He will need to meet any potential dog siblings, as he can be picky about his canine friends. We think someone in his past told Champ that Santa wasn’t real, so imagine his surprise!




Little did we know that Champ had a hidden talent.



Champ was so excited to actually meet Santa Claus, he wanted everyone to know.





I’m getting braver and braver!

Alfons is an eleven-month-old youngster. He is a Cardian Welsh Corgi mix, we think. He came to WHS as a transfer from California in early November. Volunteer Linda quickly fell in love with this frightened little dog and has spent lots of time building his trust and confidence.

What a long way he has come! Here is what Linda has to say about this sweet boy.

“Thank you Martha for giving Alfons some Blog Time. He came to us a few weeks ago timid and unsure. He is just one of those inexperienced little guys that needs to be given the time to get to know you. He started out a bit barky at strangers, but we have spent the last couple of weeks socializing him with visits around the shelter and a few respite outings. Still a few little barks here and there, but most of the time he is ahead of me seeing who he can go plop his butt down in front of to get a treat. Along the way he has learned several commands and was even a helper dog with another unsure dog. So—although he’s barking at you while you are standing in front of his kennel :), take him for a visit, be patient, and see what a great companion he would be.”

On Sunday, Linda brought Alfons into Mary’s Place. At first, he stayed close to her.



But soon he was greeting the rest of us and enjoying some cheese bits…


…including me with my scary camera!


And then—even Santa!



Alfons is going to be a wonderful new member for some lucky family willing to give him the time and space to learn to trust them.





Last week we had a wonderful Bonsai update. This week they sent another picture and it is so great, I had to post it! What a happy dog!


That’s it for this week! We’re hoping that these three delightful dogs as well as others at WHS will be adopted by New Year’s Day!

Remember, if you see a dog on my blog whom you are interested in meeting, try to make arrangements to get to the Willamette Humane Society soon. Some dogs are adopted more quickly than you might think.

You can reach me at adoptanoregondog14@yahoo.com