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Happy New Year to my Fellow Dog Lovers!

We’re hoping that 2020 will be an exceptional year for cat and dog adoptions at Willamette Humane Society!

Moose was our last 2019 dog adoption and we were over the moon. He has been waiting a long time for his perfect fit of a person and he finally found her. Here they were about to leave the shelter.



And his person sent staff member, Sasha, this sweet picture of Moose on his first night at home. I guess he has already settled in! Happy new year and new life, sweet Moose!




I met quite a few new dogs at WHS on Sunday, and since it was a very rainy day, we decided to take all of the pictures in Mary’s Place. I’m excited to introduce you to three terrific newbies who are all available for adoption right now.

My name is Lucky and you might be the lucky one to adopt me!

We’ve met lots of dogs with senses of humor, but Lucky is one of the biggest, most affectionate jokesters we’ve ever had. He is a one-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier mix. Lucky has not had the best start in life and at the shelter we are helping him learn that the world doesn’t have to be a scary place. We’re hoping the perfect person will fall in love with our boy and continue to make him feel safe while going on outdoor adventures.

Lucky is not for the faint of heart, as he has a lot of youthful enthusiasm mixed with a need to be active. This very smart boy loves to learn new things and, as I found out on Sunday, he also loves cheese. Being smart while treat-motivated makes for a very fun dog to train. Lucky loves to romp with some dogs, and would need to meet any dog he would be living with. He would no doubt enjoy having a trusted dog sibling to help build his courage around new things. Lucky’s perfect happily-ever-after would be a quiet, adult home with a person who will give him the attention he craves, the time he needs to adjust to new surroundings, and the desire to help him overcome his fears. These fears include strangers (though he warms up quickly) and being left alone (he worries you won’t come back). He’ll need a little help in house-training and learning not to jump when he is excited to see you. But despite being a little rough around the edges, Lucky will be such a loyal and devoted best friend. He will also keep you laughing. We took him into Mary’s Place and had an absolute blast.

Did I mention that Lucky LOVES cheese? Well, he does and he has the most gentle mouth when taking treats. His most favorite thing to lean against a person (as you see above). After that, his second most favorite thing is playing with toys. We brought out a GFB (Giant Fluff Ball) and he was in heaven. We decided on the spot that we’ll give him a GFB to take home when he’s adopted.

But Lucky can settle down, too. He does a wonderful instant “sit” when asked and waits for instructions (well, actually he’s waiting for a cheese bit). He believes he is a lap dog and we’re sure he’d be a great Netflix watcher with you. The very best thing about Lucky is that he’s just so happy to be with his person.


And this is my favorite of all pictures of our boy.

Lucky isn’t the right dog for everyone. But for the right person, he is the perfect dog. We’re hoping he won’t have to wait for his person for long.




I’m looking for a family who wants ACTION and then is ready to snooze!

Clyde is a giant puppy at ten months old. He is a Lab mix with the most expressive, adorable face and ears.

Clyde’s family surrendered him because, as a youngster, he was just too much action for them, but they had nothing but great things to say about him. Combine that he is very smart with the fact that he loves the challenge of learning new things, and that’s Clyde. His favorite things to do are play fetch and be with his people. His former family reports that he is house-trained (had a dog door in and out of the house) and crate-trained. He does fine when left alone for a few hours. He already knows the commands sit, lie down, fetch, and come. He learns names of toys and rooms in the house quickly. He has lived with three cats and has been respectful since the cats were the bosses. If he got too close, they would slap him! We had so much fun with him in Mary’s Place on Sunday. While he loved the toys, he also enjoyed leaning on us and posing for pictures. Marianne and Megan were quickly smitten.


Think he’s a lap dog??

Clyde does need a little work on not jumping on people. Still being a pup, he doesn’t realize his size and just wants to say hi. In full disclosure, Clyde does have one dislike—gophers! He hates them and will clear your yard of any who might be living there. He has played well with other dogs in his former home, though he has been a bit shy in our playgroups. Because of his size and exuberance, he is rated for older children, thirteen and up.

If you are looking for an athletic, smart, and eager young dog and have the time to give him an active life, Clyde may be your perfect new companion.




I’m a little shy and I’m looking for a family who wants a new best friend. I’ll be it!

Brooky is a three-year-old Lab mix. She originally came to WHS a year ago, a transfer from Texas. She was quickly adopted, but surrendered because she has a strong prey drive, so needs a home without other animals like cats or goats. She has done great in our playgroups and gets along with all the other dogs in the yard. Here she was in Mary’s Place on Sunday, looking a little worried, not sure of why she’s here, and she was not relaxed enough to smile.


Brooky is house- and crate-trained. She does have some resource-guarding impulses, so will need a family with kids thirteen and older who will respect her space. She did fine in the house when left alone, though she will check out any food left on the counter’s edge (who wouldn’t?). Brooky will need a securely fenced yard, as she has been known to go on adventures by herself. She can be fearful of loud noises like gunshots and thunder.

Brooky needs a little time to warm up to new people and hopes that potential adopters will spend the extra time she needs to get to know them. She enjoys car rides and knows basic commands. She would love a quiet home to relax in, but also someone to have adventures with outdoors. Brooky hopes that 2020 will bring her a new family that will love her forever. Megan became an instant fan of this gentle girl.




No surprise that the outtakes this week are Lucky! He kept us all in stitches!


Hoping the beginning of 2020 will bring new homes for all of our dogs currently at the shelter. That’s it for this week!



All of the dogs I have featured today, along with other terrific dogs waiting to be adopted, can be found at Willamette Humane Society. Here is the link to the adoptable-dog page:


Remember, if you see a dog on my blog whom you are interested in meeting, try to make arrangements to get to the Willamette Humane Society soon. Some dogs are adopted more quickly than you might think.

You can reach me at  adoptanoregondog14@yahoo.com