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Dear Fellow Dog Lovers,

This week I’m going to tell you about some recent arrivals to the shelter who are hoping to find their new families soon. The January weather has been very rainy, so most of Sunday’s pictures were taken inside Mary’s Place where each dog could snuggle with Marianne, Megan, and Ayla while I snapped pictures. I’m starting out with a sweet girl who was at WHS years ago.

I was here a long time ago. Now I’m back, but I’m sure I’ll find my new family soon!

LoveBug, a Pit Bull Terrier mix, arrived at WHS the first time in October 2014, having been found as a stray. She was an instant favorite for her gentle, laid-back demeanor.


She was adopted in early November 2014. Then last week she came back to us when her person couldn’t take care of her anymore. I got a message from Marianne, telling me that LoveBug was back and I was very anxious to see her on Sunday. I was happy to find that she is the same sweet girl of five years ago, though she has some pounds to lose and some skin allergies that need to be addressed.



LoveBug, now eight years old, is looking for a quiet, calm home and is rated for kids around thirteen and older. Her former person reports that she loves squeaky toys, walks well on leash, likes meeting new people, and getting attention. She is fearful of loud noises and yelling and is sensitive about having her feet touched. LoveBug is house- and crate-trained, and used to having a dog door. She has been left to roam the house freely when alone and has never destroyed anything. She has not lived with a cat and can be fearful of some dogs, so would need to meet any she’d be living with. LoveBug will need a grain-free diet and possible medication for skin allergies.

When we brought her into Mary’s Place to hang out with us, she settled in right away and we fell in love with her all over again.


LoveBug seems sad to be back at the shelter. She wants to have a family and home of her own again. How about yours?





We’re a pair of bonded seniors! But we’re small…together we equal one medium-sized dog!

Churro and Frankie are seven-year-old Chihuahua mixes who are looking for a quiet and calm retirement home.

This is Frankie.


This is Churro.


They are shy, however Churro is a bit braver than Frankie. Both will warm up once they feel comfortable in a new environment and with new people. After being together for five years, they are best buds and need to go home together. Because of their timidity, they are rated for kids about thirteen and older. They will need a patient and understanding family, as they are not totally house-trained, though they will go out if reminded. Frankie can be an escape artist if given the opportunity. He is missing his right front leg, but it doesn’t seem to bother him one bit. Churro needs to lose some weight, as she is quite chunky. The pair get along with other dogs and have lived with cats with no problem.

When we brought them into Mary’s Place, they were so sweet with each other. There doesn’t seem to be any jealousy between them and they were constantly checking in with each other.


We’re hoping that someone who is thinking about adopting a senior will decide that adopting two is better than one!




I don’t know why I haven’t been adopted yet. Maybe I’m waiting for YOU? I’d like to discuss it with you. Will you be coming soon?

Peanut is a very handsome one-year-old Retriever mix. He was found as a stray, so we don’t know anything about his past except to say he hasn’t had much training.


He does sit when asked, but needs practice on walking politely on leash and not jumping up on people in his excitement to greet them. Peanut is very social and is unaware that he is not a puppy anymore, or that he is a big boy. He also loves to talk. Yes, he has a number of multi-syllable “words” and seems to enjoy taking part in human conversations. He likes to play with other dogs and is a rough and rowdy active boy who would need to live with a dog with a similar play style. Peanut will need an active family and kids should be about ten and older because of his exuberance. and size. He will also need a cat-free home. We decided to take him out to a yard when there was a pause in the rain. He doesn’t seem to be a fetch player, but did enjoy simply running.

Back in Mary’s Place, he was very happy to get lots of attention and kept Megan, Ayla, and me laughing.


We were happy to learn that he will settle down and be calm. He seemed to enjoy posing for my camera.

He is also affectionate.


Peanut will become a wonderful family dog once he has some reward-based training. Cheese is a favorite treat and he thrives on human attention. If you have older kids, a fenced yard for exercise and time to give this youngster the instruction he needs, you will have a devoted best friend for a long time.





I’m looking for an understanding and active family who will love me even though I have a few quirks!

Brooky is a three-year-old Lab mix who came to WHS in October 2018 from an overcrowded shelter in San Antonio. She was quickly adopted three days later. Sadly, the family had to surrender Brooky on December 27 because they have goats and cats and Brooky has a strong prey drive for both. The good news is that we have lots of information now on Brooky’s quirks and what kind of home she needs.


Brooky needs an active family, as she has lots of energy. She is shy and fearful in new situations, but warms up soon, which we discovered when we brought her into Mary’s Place. She settled quickly and was affectionate and gentle. She had Megan’s heart immediately.


Brooky has done very well in our playgroups and loves to romp with other dogs. Her family reported that she loves to ride in the car and go for walks, though she does need to work some on not pulling  in her excitement. She is house- and crate-trained and was left loose in the house when her family was gone. She did not destroy anything, although would take advantage of food that was left near the edge of a counter. She is hesitant around new people at first, but then relaxes. She is fearful of thunder and other loud noises. Brooky can be possessive of toys and food and because of this, she is rated for kids about thirteen and older. She will take advantage of an open door, so her family will need to be watchful so she doesn’t go on an adventure of her own. Brooky is sensitive and would like a calm home where she will feel secure and loved. She would like to go on outdoor excursions with her family, then come home to settle on the couch with them for the evening. For the right family, Brooky will be a wonderful member. We had a great time with her Sunday afternoon.



Brooky has been waiting for her new family for a while now. We’re hoping she won’t have to wait much longer.




Sometimes I try a little too long to get just the right picture.



That moment when you realize it might not be such a good idea to hold a cheese bit along with your camera.



Yes, Peanut has a sense of humor.



Well, we thought it was a cute idea at the time.







Jester arrived at WHS in January 2018 as a stray. He was a happy, bouncy Border Collie mix. He was soon pre-adopted, to go home as soon as he was neutered. His family came to visit him and I snapped this picture.


The next week Jester became Seamus and went home to two cats and a house chicken. (Yep, a house chicken!) Seamus settled into his new home quickly and I got a couple of updates in the next few weeks. Last week I got the following one:

“Seamus is now a service dog and going through therapy training.  I work at a law firm and he gets to go to work with me everyday! He is the best dog I could have ever hoped for!”

What an incredible life for a former shelter dog!




If you are a regular reader of my posts, you will remember Montegro (Monty) very well. He was a transfer from our sister shelter in Maui, Hawaii last March. He was not a handsome dog. The Maui shelter thought he had probably been attacked by a wild boar at some point and he was missing part of his mouth. He immediately became a volunteer favorite because of his gentle, affectionate nature. We were worried about him finding a home. We didn’t need to be. Here he is meeting his forever family for the first time.


His family has kept me posted on his wonderful life and this week they sent another video.






On those happy updates, that’s it for this week!


All of the dogs I have featured today, along with other terrific dogs waiting to be adopted, can be found at Willamette Humane Society. Here is the link to the adoptable-dog page:


Remember, if you see a dog on my blog whom you are interested in meeting, try to make arrangements to get to the Willamette Humane Society soon. Some dogs are adopted more quickly than you might think.

You can reach me at  adoptanoregondog14@yahoo.com