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Dear Fellow Dog Lovers,

Two Brothers

This post is going to be different from my usual ones. It is the story of two bonded brothers, Jack and Snoop. I first wrote about them in my August 19th post. That’s Jack on the right and Snoop on the left in the picture below. These boys won the hearts of everyone at the shelter, especially WHS Trainer Jessi’s.




Jack and Snoop had been together their entire seven years and were much loved by their family, but circumstances made it necessary for them to be surrendered to WHS. Because they were so dependent on each other, the shelter knew they had to be adopted together.

After several weeks when they didn’t get adopted, Jessi decided to take them home to foster. The boys loved being at Jessi’s house with her family and pack of three dogs. Jack especially bonded with Jessi’s little boy, Cash.



Jessi kept me informed about Jack and Snoop’s happenings and how well they were doing with her other dogs. She also talked about how very bonded they were to each other. They were so happy to be in a home again.



We decided that I would visit them, we’d take them for a walk in the park, and I’d take more pictures for my next blog post. The morning I was going, Jessi texted that something was wrong with Jack. He was lethargic and not at all himself. When I arrived, he didn’t get up to greet me. We decided he should be seen by the WHS vet and took him to the shelter. He went without complaint. There he received fluids, but there was nothing obvious that the vet could find that was wrong. Back at Jessi’s home again, we hoped he’d soon be back to his usual happy self. Cash sat with him.




But Jack did not improve. By evening, Jessi and WHS decided he needed to go to the emergency vet clinic. There, they were baffled, but thought that possibly a fast-growing abdominal tumor had ruptured. He continued to get worse and the vet advised that the humane decision would be to let him go. Jessi held him, put her head next to his and told him that he had a home and she was his person while he passed peacefully.



The first night was hard. Snoop couldn’t settle and was distraught at not being able to find Jack. Neither Snoop nor Jessi got any sleep. But as each day goes by, Snoop is feeling better. Being in a home with a family and other dogs has made Snoop feel loved and less lonely. Jessi will keep him with her until he is adopted. When he didn’t want to eat the first morning without Jack, Cash hand-fed him. (Cash is becoming a wonderful dog trainer, just like his mom!)



And gradually, Snoop started feeling like playing fetch again.





Snoop is now eating on his own, playing with Jessi’s other dogs and hanging out with the family.




Jessi has decided that Snoop is ready for his forever home without Jack. What kind of home does Snoop need? He’ll need one with another dog and hopefully a boy or girl to call his own. He needs a family in which he can feel secure and loved while he continues to adjust to life without his constant companion and best friend.

At 94 pounds, Snoop is a large dog. He has a few of the usual older-dog health issues such as lumps and a little arthritis, but he is still very active and playful, loving to chase a ball, especially basketballs. He does need to continue working on polite leash-walking skills, as he tends to pull. But Jessi reports that he is improving every day thanks to the fact that he is very treat-motivated and loves to work for cheese!

Jessi says, “He’s going to be a really easy dog for someone. If I didn’t already have three other dogs I would keep him! He took a little time to settle in the house, but is fine now. He tries to lick my face when I bend down to give him his bowl!”

Because of his age and not having much experience with the outside world, Snoop is recommended for families with older children who will give him space when he needs it. He also needs to go to a cat-free home.

There could not be a more cooperative dog, and we are hoping that the right family with another dog and kids will read about this sweet boy and know he is just the right fit. Once he knows he has a home, Snoop will settle and his new family will be very lucky indeed.

And Jack will always be remembered by those of us who loved him, especially Jessi and Cash, as a very special boy.



If you think you could be the right forever family for Snoop, fill out the Adoption Questionnaire by clicking on the link “Ask About Snoop” under his picture on the WHS adoptable dog page found here: https://whs4pets.org/adopt-a-pet/dogs-2/


That’s it for this week.



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