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WHS had two very special adoptions this last week, both seniors, and we couldn’t be happier!


After featuring Baxter two weeks in a row, I was thrilled when he finally found his new peeps. This eleven-year-old, fetch-playing happy boy was so excited to share his news.


Our tiny, twelve-year-old Indie went home with two other senior dogs. We are delighted to know she is snuggling into her new family now!

I’m still here…I’m still working with the Behavior and Training folks. They’ve helped me a lot! I’m ready for just the right family to adopt me!

Some dogs who arrive at the shelter need extra time to settle in and gain confidence. Morty is such a dog. A two-year-old Australian Cattle Dog mix, Morty was surrendered in January when his family had to move to a smaller house without a backyard. Morty was extremely fearful when he arrived at the shelter. He became a favorite of the Behavior and Training Team who have been working with him since he first came. They feel he is now ready to be adopted by a patient, heeler-breed-savvy person, who will continue the rewards-based training that Morty thrives on.

I first wrote about Morty in my April 14th post. But he is still waiting for his perfect fit of a family. He talked it over with WHS Trainer Nichole.

Morty is extremely smart. WHS Behavior and Training Manager Marilyn writes, “This little heeler is incredibly bright, showing an adept ability to learn every trick in the book. Morty excels at problem-solving and is always willing to jump into a training session. He has learned an amazing repertoire of cues and behaviors as he works for rewards with our training team staff.”

Morty has been quite shy and fearful of meeting new people, and it takes some time to win his trust. Slowly, he has been gaining confidence. Marilyn reports, “Morty is loose, wiggly, and affectionate with ‘his people,’ and his circle of friends is growing. He has played ball and engaged in positive rewards-based training with several of our BT volunteer assistants.”

Dog-selective in playgroups, Morty gets along well with some dogs and doesn’t care for others. He has improved in his dog-to-dog interactions a great deal since January. Here he was with Miska before she was adopted.

Morty is very playful and enjoys jumping on and exploring the various play yard structures. Here is a picture that WHS Trainer Jessi took.

When I asked Jessi to tell me about Morty, she said, “I think Morty would love dog sports, and I bet he would love to be someone’s hiking buddy.”

What activities does Morty most enjoy at the shelter? He loves playing fetch, tug with ropes, and practicing agility exercises. He also is delighted when he’s allowed to spend time napping next to his peeps in the training office.

Morty is house- and crate-trained. He is true to his breed and when playing, will nip at pant legs, trying to herd. Because of this, he should not go home with children; teens and adults who will continue to work on building his confidence would be ideal.

Herding dogs are very active, and Morty, at only two years old, will need lots of physical exercise as well as mental challenges to keep him from becoming bored which can lead to unwanted behaviors.

Morty is fearful of handling when he does not feel safe. He will need several visits with a new family in order for them to become part of his “pack,” but once you are a member, you won’t find a more loyal and devoted friend.

Morty has learned to walk very politely on leash and takes most treats gently, unless it’s something extra good that he can’t wait to get. That still needs some work.

The ideal home for this highly intelligent boy would be with a patient breed-savvy person who will continue to help Morty overcome his “stranger danger” fears, who will continue his reward-based training, and who will give him the needed physical and mental exercises that he craves. Morty isn’t the right dog for everyone, but with the right person, he will blossom into a wonderful best friend.

If Morty sounds like a match for you, fill out the Adoption Questionnaire by clicking on Morty’s picture and then on the link Apply to Adopt found on this page: https://whs4pets.org/dogs/

Thanks to Staff Trainers Jessi and Nichole, and Adoption Specialist Sasha, for helping with pictures for this post.

Remember, if you see a dog on my blog whom you are interested in meeting, fill out the Adoption form at whs4pets.org, and wait to be contacted by the staff.

You can reach me at adoptanoregondog14@yahoo.com