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Dear Fellow Dog Lovers,

This week I’m going to feature three very different dogs who are all hoping that their just-right families will find them soon. But first, here are the latest adoptions.

There were six wonderful adoptions during the past week and the WHS staff and volunteers couldn’t be happier that some long-termers and some special-needs dogs are finally in their forever homes.


What a cutie this little one is. We knew she wouldn’t be at the shelter for long!


What a lucky family it was who adopted this sweet boy.


Diesel will be a terrific family member. He is absolutely delightful.


Luke had a difficult time in the shelter environment. We are so glad he can now be in a home with his own person.


This adoption was long in coming. A giant pup, Mufasa was adopted once, but returned when it turned out he needed a cat-free home. But finally he was adopted again. The reason he’s not looking overly excited in his going-home photo is because he had just learned he’d have to get in their car…he’s not a fan of car rides. BUT! Off they went and we hope he is happily settling in with his new family! (Thanks, Sasha for the photo!)


This sweet girl didn’t have to stay long at the shelter. Lucky family!

Please Note: The dogs I feature in this section are available for adoption as of today, February 23rd, 2022. But things change fast and our goal is always to find wonderful homes for our dogs as quickly as possible. To see if today’s featured dogs are still available and to see other available dogs, click on the link to the currently available dogs here.

I’ve been here a while. I know I’m not the dog for everyone. I admit I have a few quirks. But for the right person I’ll be the best friend you’ve ever had!

Jack is a one-year-old handsome boy with a striking brindle coat.

Jack arrived at WHS on January 21st. He was surrendered because he was not getting along with the other resident dog. Jack loves hanging out with his friends at the shelter and we love taking him out to romp. He is a hoot and very well-behaved. On Sunday, Marianne and I took him out to the big yard. He loved racing after a thrown object and bringing it back, hoping we would throw it again.

After throwing a few tennis balls, we decided to try his stuffed pig toy and it was remarkably successful.

Here he is in action!

After several games, it was time to pose for some platform pictures.

Jack is hoping for a person who will help him overcome some anxiety about a few things. The Behavior & Training staff and volunteers are working with Jack. We don’t know what in his young life has made him fearful, but Jack is easily startled by things like flags flapping and loud noises. He is also alarmed when he sees his reflection in glass doors, for example. He is easily distracted with a treat and recovers quickly, so continued practice is helping him be less upset. Jack needs a family willing to give him a little extra support when he is feeling nervous. Jack is selective about his dog friends, so a meet and greet with any potential new canine roommates will be needed before he goes home. He also needs a cat-free home, as he finds felines too tempting to chase. Jack would enjoy being the only pet in the family. He would also do better in a home with older children who will give him space when he needs it. He can be jumpy when excited. He would like a secure yard in which to romp.

Jack is very affectionate with his peeps. He loves Marianne, for one.

He takes treats very gently.

Last week we took him into Mary’s Place for some relaxing time with Linda and Megan, two more of his fans.

Jack is also very willing to help out whenever he can.

Jack knows he’s not the right dog for everyone, but for a person willing to help him overcome some fears, he’ll be such a loyal and devoted companion. We’re hoping someone will see Jack’s potential very soon.

If you think Jack could be the perfect fit for your lifestyle, fill out the Adoption Questionnaire by clicking on his picture and then on the link Adopt Me found on this page: https://whs4pets.org/dogs/.

Are you a calm, uncomplicated, easygoing individual? Are you looking for a rather large, calm, uncomplicated, easygoing dog? Here I am! Oh, yeah, you don’t mind a little drool, do you?

Osiris is an eight-year-old English Mastiff mix who has everyone at the shelter wrapped around his huge paw. If you know anything about Mastiffs, you know they are often called gentle giants. Osiris certainly lives up to that name, as seen here with Marianne and Megan.

At eight, Osiris’ action-packed days are over. What does he like to do? He loves to chill with his peeps. On Sunday we brought him into Mary’s Place and had a nice visit.

He takes treats very gently and doesn’t mind if they are tiny!

Osiris won’t need a lot of exercise or extended playtime. While he does like to play for a bit, it’s in slow motion. He does have some skin allergies which will need to be watched. We don’t know anything about his history with cats or other dogs. Oh, and there is a *slight* drool issue.

After some visiting, Osiris settled in for some serious relaxation…and then he fell asleep.

Finally, it was time to go back to his kennel but not before a few minutes of gazing out the window.

If you think you have the perfect retirement home for this gentle giant, fill out the Adoption Questionnaire by clicking on his picture and then on the link Adopt Me found on this page: https://whs4pets.org/dogs/.

I’m a young, energetic, and delightfully affectionate dog. How about adopting me?

Are you looking for a partner in your active lifestyle? Luna might be your perfect match. She is a beautiful one-year-old German Shepherd mix who is medium-sized at 66 pounds.

Luna was surrendered because she did not get along with the other resident female dog. In fact, Luna doesn’t care for any other female dogs, preferring males. She gets along with other dogs outside the home, but doesn’t want to live with another female canine. She has done very well with children and not had experience with cats.

Luna can be shy at first meetings, but warms up quickly. She seems to prefer women to men. She is easily startled by sudden noises (runs from the vacuum) or movement, but recovers quickly.

Here she was a couple of weeks ago at our first meeting for her photos with Marianne. She posed very nicely.

And then this happened.

This week Linda, Marianne, and I decided to try her in Mary’s Place and to our surprise, she became quite affectionate.

Luna loves squeaky toys and ropes. She enjoys riding in the car. She is house-trained. Her former owner wrote, “Luna sometimes whines in a cute way for attention.” Luna didn’t have a fenced yard in her previous home and so spent most of her time indoors. She would love a secure yard to romp in. But most of all, she’d love a family to go on adventures with, settling in for cuddling time in the evening.

She simply is a very happy, social girl who loves to hang out with her friends.

If you live an active lifestyle and need an equally enthusiastic companion, come and meet Luna. Fill out the Adoption Questionnaire by clicking on his picture and then on the link Adopt Me found on this page: https://whs4pets.org/dogs/.


Turner, a new arrival, is a one-year-old American Pit Bull Terrier mix who is an absolute love bug as we found out in Mary’s Place. He was found as a stray, so we don’t know his history. We couldn’t get him to smile, but what a lovable face he has!

He can be a little jumpy on walks, but in Mary’s Place he settled in for some serious snuggles.

 To learn more about Turner and find out if your family is the one he’s hoping for, fill out the Adoption Questionnaire by clicking on his picture and then on the link Adopt Me found on this page: https://whs4pets.org/dogs/.


Are you up for a puppy? Meet Hennesy!

Hennesy is a three-month-old Pit Bull Terrier/Siberian Husky mix! She is going to be a BIG girl! She already weighs forty pounds. But what a good pup she is! Since she hasn’t had all of her vaccinations, she can’t be around other dogs yet. So we spent some time with her in her kennel area. She already knows the cue “sit” and is so eager to learn more. She is such a joyful youngster.

To learn more about Hennesy, and see if you are ready for a puppy, fill out the Adoption Questionnaire by clicking on her picture and then on the link Adopt Me found on this page: https://whs4pets.org/dogs/.

Asher/Astor McBarky

Sometimes a dog adoption takes several tries before the right family comes along. Such was the case with Asher. As cute as he was, he had some issues so was a the Behavior and Training dog. He was adopted and returned twice. Here he was at the shelter looking adorable.

Finally the third home was “the one.” Last week WHS Trainer Nichole got this update.

“Hi Nicole, Sending some recent photos of our Astor McBarky. I have so much respect for what you do on a daily basis for our four-footed furry friends. You have the patience of a saint! We are trying to be patient with this little wired bundle of fun. We learn something new about him everyday. Can’t believe he has been with us almost three months! Astor loves, loves his walks, pets, treats and of course stealing socks. Thanks again for all you do.”

Astor the sock stealer
Valentine’s Day

We are so grateful for adopters who are willing and able to take on our more challenging dogs.

On that terrific update, that’s all for this week!

My thanks to volunteers Marianne, Megan, Linda and Adoption Specialist Sasha for making this post possible.

All of the dogs I have featured today, along with other terrific dogs waiting to be adopted, can be found at Willamette Humane Society. Here is the link to the adoptable-dog page: https://whs4pets.org/dogs/

Remember, if you see a dog on my blog whom you are interested in meeting, try to make arrangements to get to the Willamette Humane Society soon. Some dogs are adopted more quickly than you might think.

You can reach me at  adoptanoregondog14@yahoo.com