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Dear Fellow Dog Lovers,

This week I’m going to feature one dog who is new to my blog, and then revisit two dogs I have written about in the past, but who are still waiting to meet their new families.

But, as always, there are some adoptions to announce and celebrate.


I had planned to feature this wonderful boy in this week’s post, but am thrilled to report that he went home with his new peeps on Saturday. I was so smitten with Murray, he was such a good poser for my camera. He was quite the “head cocker.”


Bailey was another one of our favorites. She needed a special family, as she has Addison’s disease and will need medication for the rest of her life. However, with it, she will be fine. She is such a sweetheart. Lucky family!

Please Note: The dogs I feature in this section are available for adoption as of today, June 1, 2022. But things change fast and our goal is always to find wonderful homes for our dogs as quickly as possible. To see if today’s featured dogs are still available and to see other available dogs, click on the link to the currently available dogs here.

Do you like to cuddle? Do you mind a little dog hair on your clothes? If you’re looking for a loyal and affectionate girl, you need to come and meet me!

Snow is a three-year-old Siberian Husky mix who has a beautiful smile and ice-blue eyes. She is stunning.

Snow was surrendered by her family because they were moving and couldn’t take her with them. They described her as “friendly, playful, and excited to meet new people.” She has been mostly an outdoor dog and would like to spend more time inside with her next family. If you have had some experience with Huskies, you’ll recognize her high-energy and not be surprised at what a quick learner she is. She will need to go to a cat-free home, as she has a prey drive. She is working on learning better manners at the shelter. When she’s excited, Snow can become jumpy and mouthy out of pure joy. Her new family will need to help her with impulse control. She has lived with another dog and would enjoy the company of a canine sibling to romp with. Snow will need to work on walking politely on leash, as she is so happy to be on a walk, she pulls. Having her get used to wearing a harness when walking will be a great help.

Linda has spent some time working with Snow and has become one of her many fans. We decided to take her into Mary’s Place on Sunday and were happily surprised at what an affectionate dog she is. Huskies are often quite aloof, but not Snow! In fact, she may need to learn a little more about personal space.

Snow didn’t leave anyone out. Here she is with Megan and Marianne.

Like most Huskies, Snow is quite vocal and had a lot to say on Sunday. She also has quite a goofy sense of humor.

Just before it was time to head back to her kennel, Snow got serious.

We stopped for one more picture on the way back, and Snow couldn’t resist telling Linda a joke.

If you would like to meet Snow and see if she would be a good fit for your lifestyle, fill out the Adoption Questionnaire by clicking on her picture and then on the link Adopt Me found on this page: https://whs4pets.org/dogs/.

I know I’ve been featured before, but my next family missed seeing it. I’m still here waiting for them.

I first wrote about Caleb in my May 18th post. We were really hoping the right family would see his story and come and take him home. Since that hasn’t happened, he asked if I would feature him again this week. I was more than happy to do so. We had such a fun time with him in Mary’s Place on Sunday afternoon.

Caleb is a ten-year-old American Staffordshire mix who was surrendered because his person was moving into a retirement home and couldn’t take him. Caleb is looking for his own quiet retirement home where he can take short walks and spend the rest of the day relaxing with his peeps. Because of weakness in his back legs, he is on a supplement for joint mobility which he will need to be on for the rest of his life. He also finds stairs a challenge, so a one-level house would be ideal. But don’t think for a minute that Caleb isn’t a happy, eager dog. It is obvious he has been much loved. His former person wrote, “Caleb is a very sweet boy. He is a little timid, but warms up quickly. He does really well when left alone in the house. He is house-trained and had a doggy door he used. He does well in the car. He loves toys, especially plushies and balls. He is afraid of fireworks.” Caleb will chase cats, so a feline-free home is important. He has done well with other dogs in the past, but would need to meet any that he would be living with. Caleb has made many friends at the shelter. Intake staff wrote, “Caleb solicited attention, had loose body language, wagged his tail, likes to lean on people.”

During our time in Mary’s Place on Sunday, Caleb was relaxed and so happy to have our attention. He is such an easy boy to be with. He’s going to be a wonderful companion. Marianne is among his many friends.

We spent a long time hanging out with Caleb and he was hoping to stay even longer.

For someone who is wishing for a no-drama, easy-going senior who will be happy just spending quiet time with you, consider adopting sweet Caleb. See more pictures of him in my May 18th post here.

If you’d like to meet Caleb, fill out the Adoption Questionnaire by clicking on his picture and then on the link Adopt Me found on this page: https://whs4pets.org/dogs/.

Do you live an active lifestyle and wish you had a friend to share it with? Look no further! Meet ME!

I featured Hank last week, but we couldn’t resist spending time with him on Sunday and I decided to write about him again, hoping that his perfect person will see this post.

Hank is not for a first-time dog family. He is an eleven-month-old Australian Shepherd mix. Australian Shepherds are very intelligent, high-energy dogs who are quite sensitive and want more than anything to be with their people. They are also herding dogs. This means that if they don’t have sheep to herd, they may herd young children—and that is why Hank was surrendered by his family. Hank will do best with older children. Australian Shepherds need a lot of exercise and a job. They excel in competitive dog sports such as agility and flyball. They are not dogs who can be left alone for hours. They are loyal and eager to please, and thrive in the company of their people.

Hank was mostly an outdoor dog in his former home but is hoping his new family will let him be inside with them. Because of being an outdoor dog, he is not fully house-trained, but he’s such a quick learner, it won’t take him long. He already is crate-trained. He will do best as an only dog and in a cat-free home.

Hank LOVES to romp and can entertain himself as long as he has a toy. Last week we had discovered that his favorite kind of ball is a Jolly Ball. So this week, we took it out to the big yard for some fun.

And did he ever have fun!

But still pictures don’t do him justice. So here he is in action.

After some vigorous play, Hank was ready to relax.

Then we told him that we had a surprise in Mary’s Place.

He was ready to go in!

Our team had chipped in to get Hank a Jolly Ball of his own.

Hank is still a youngster so still has some manners to learn. For example, when he’s excited, he can get nippy in play. He’ll need an experienced family with the patience to work with him to become the excellent adult dog he wants to be. Hank will give the right family so much joy and love.

If you can give him the time, patience, exercise, and training he needs, fill out the Adoption Questionnaire by clicking on his picture and then on the link Adopt Me found on this page: https://whs4pets.org/dogs/.

I had just finished writing this feature about Hank, when I got this wonderful news…


I first featured Grace in my November 14, 2018 post. This is some of what I wrote about her:

“When potential adopters arrive at the shelter, they usually have an idea of the type of dog they are looking for to match their lifestyle. Some want a young, active dog, ready for camping, hiking and other outdoor adventures. Some want a clown of a dog who will keep the family entertained. Well, we’re hoping there is a person looking for a couch potato kind of dog. Someone who spends time—well—on their couch.”

Grace had been transferred to us from our sister shelter in Hawaii where she had lived happily in a foster home. Suddenly being in a shelter environment was a little overwhelming for this sweetheart. I wrote, “Grace is embarrassed to admit that her kennel presentation is not the best. She can be barky due to the stress. We worry that potential adopters will think she will be a barker in the home and walk past her kennel. If you are looking for a cuddle buddy who will be low-maintenance and a great listener to boot, come and meet our Grace.”

Grace arrived at the shelter on October 12, 2018. We all loved her, but week after week went by and Grace waited. We spent a lot of time with her in Mary’s Place and we all thoroughly enjoyed it, including Grace.

Finally on December 2nd, Michelle came to meet Grace and I knew when I took this picture that it was a done deal.

We were so excited when Grace went home, we all had to say goodbye.

Since that time, Michelle has sent several updates. I was thrilled when last week she sent a new one.

“I just wanted to let you know that Grace is happy and living her best life! She is my dear friend and I am so glad that I have her and so thankful for the shelter. Grace loves to hang out with her friends and get belly rubs, she loves everyone. She loves walks at Bush Park and hunting for squirrels even though mom never lets her catch one. She most of all loves snuggles on the couch and cookies of all kinds. I am excited for another summer of fun. Thanks again for loving Grace before I met her.”

We all loved Grace when she was at the shelter and are so happy that she has such a wonderful life!

That’s it for this week.

All of the dogs I have featured today, along with other terrific dogs waiting to be adopted, can be found at Willamette Humane Society. Here is the link to the adoptable-dog page: https://whs4pets.org/dogs/

As always, my thanks to my photo team, Marianne, Linda, and Megan.

Remember, if you see a dog on my blog whom you are interested in meeting, try to make arrangements to get to the Willamette Humane Society soon. Some dogs are adopted more quickly than you might think.

You can reach me at  adoptanoregondog14@yahoo.com