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Spike and me

I am a retired elementary teacher. My husband and I moved to Salem, Oregon in 2006. Since I have always loved dogs, I decided to volunteer at Willamette Humane Society and started walking shelter dogs on Wednesday afternoons. I began taking pictures of the dogs I walked just for fun, but soon found myself writing a blog about the shelter dogs, trying to help get them adopted to great homes. I now take all of the dog pictures for the Oregon Humane Society Salem Campus website. I have met wonderful people in the staff and volunteers at the shelter and, of course, have fallen in love with many, many dogs. Spike most of all.

11 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Beth Cooley said:

    I really like your new format Martha! Keep up the stunning pictures and great work-we need you!!

  2. thankyou for doing this site and for all you do at the humane society, you are a very important and special person!

  3. WHS is very lucky to have you, your Fb page and blog are great! Thanks for the inspiration šŸ™‚

  4. You are a beautiful soul..

  5. Dave Hamlin said:

    WHS is very fortunate that you and your husband moved here.You are a great friend to the shelter dogs and do so much to help them,and Rickey the cat too.Spike and the dogs are lucky to have you there.

  6. Marilyn Knowles said:

    Martha, keep up all the wonderful work you do!! You are awesome!!

  7. Walt Tracey. Mission, Texas said:

    WOW. What a great presentation. Our little furry folks are lucky to have someone like you.

  8. Skeeter (Leann) Jeffers said:

    I’m needing a special dog,orders from my Dr. I have PTSD. We were ranchers so Iv’e had dogs in my life all the time except for the last 10 yrs. & these past years have been hard. I live in a small town now & a 2 bed. retirement apartment. I have 3 grandchildren (grade school). My dog will have to go everywhere w/ me, he or she will
    be my best friend, my life! Out of all our dogs in my life I only had 2 that when they died I died too! But so much more has happened to me since they died. My Dr. wrote out a prescription for me to have a dog back in my life to help me w/ my PTSD so maybe I can remember some of my past & not to be afraid of everyday living. My life was cattle, horses & most of all my dogs!! I know a dog will get me out side again & will help me want to live. Thank you Skeeter

  9. Hi Skeeter,
    I hope you find the perfect dog for you. You are right, they can be your very best friend. Good luck.

  10. Great blog fellow Oregonian! You have a new follower šŸ™‚

  11. That Is A Very NIce Thing Do.ITs CALL PAY- IT-FOR WARD……. NICE šŸ™‚

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