Training Tips!

This page will feature short training tip videos dealing with various dog behaviors commonly found in shelter environments. It is our hope that these videos will help dog-walking volunteers understand how to handle these situations. We also hope that these videos will be helpful to dog owners whose dogs exhibit the characteristics we discuss.

Dealing with Shy Dogs

Socializing puppies is always encouraged in any dog training book. However, some owners do not realize the crucial importance of their dog’s early socialization with other dogs and people, and so do not introduce their puppies to situations outside of the home. What you are about to watch is a classic example of what happens when an under socialized adult dog is put into a shelter environment. Many of you will recognize Moppy, one of our Brooks rescued dogs and Linda Crosby, one of our most experienced volunteer trainers of difficult dogs.

Walking Hard-pulling Dogs

Do you have a dog who is a hard puller when you try to walk him/her? We shelter volunteer dog walkers face this challenge often. This training video will help walkers learn how to make leash walking more enjoyable for both the walker and the hard puller.


Using a Head Halti

Volunteer Tom talks about the use of a head Halti and WHS trainer Annie’s classes for dog walkers.

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  1. The magic bus to the dog park is a hoot! Love it! The dogs look so eager and happy!

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