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Dear Fellow Dog Lovers,

It’s a perfect June evening as I start this post and I’m feeling very good about some of the Willamette Humane Society adoptions this week. I’m especially happy about the blog dogs who went to their new homes. Here they are.

Page_2 2Page_1 3Page_3 2All five of these dogs are special to me. Romeo, nine years old, had been waiting patiently so long for his forever home and found it with one of our own volunteers. Waylon had wormed his way into my heart by being such a good sport with other dogs (you’ll see that a little later). Delilah, well, who could not fall in love with this big girl’s smile. Gunner, the exuberant, ever-returning ball-playing joker was adopted yet a third time (hopefully the charm!). And Gemini, a Wings of Rescue fence escape artist who will now have a very secure yard. It was a good week!

With the sunny weather, I decided it was time to make another play group movie. I wanted to especially feature Waylon and newbie Riley, two Pit Bull Terriers who had the same active play style. Little did I know that Waylon would be adopted before I published the video! However, you’ll get to see what an appropriate player Riley is with Nikita and others.


Of course, there was also some chatter. Again, Riley was often in the center of activity.

Page_1 2Page_2

We had another Riley in Play Group, this one is a WHS alumna who belongs to volunteer Julie. She was quite curious about Scout’s haircut.

Page_3Once again, finding a home was on Nikko’s mind.

Page_6Mickey wanted to thank volunteer Julie.

Page_5One last Play Group picture. Talk about three happy smiles! Here are Sarah, her newly-adopted Beagle mix Gimli, and little Scout.

DSCN8092I had a lot of fun Sunday taking new arrivals’ pictures with Sarah and snapping walkers and dogs as they came and went.

I’d make a great running buddy!

Nikita, a five-year-old Shepherd/Alaskan Husky mix, is a fabulous girl. Here she is with Jayson posing so happily for my camera. She had a terrific time in play group with Riley. She is working on her leash manners and is improving. She’s a beauty and will make someone looking for an active, go-getter girl a perfect companion for adventures. She loves treats, is a quick learner and no doubt would be a star in our WHS training classes.

DSCN8160We’re the Cone Boys!

Poor Hank! You can’t help but feel sorry for this usually smiling three-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix as he deals with his cone. I tried to tell him it was only temporary, but Hank isn’t sure. He is a very gentle boy and if you read my May 22 post, you know he thinks he’s a lap dog. Hank has lived with children, loves to ride in cars and is simply a great dog. Here he is on Sunday with volunteer Elizabeth. Update! Hank got his cone off!

DSCN8162And then there’s Joker, a two-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix whose cone is a little worse for wear. Joker is full of energy and has been an outdoor dog, so will need work on house training. He is so looking forward to being able to romp again as soon as that pesky cone is taken off his head! He’s working on his leash manners, which need some improvement, but Joker is a fun-loving, happy boy hoping for an active family to love. Here he is with volunteer Nick. Update! Joker got his cone off!

DSCN8149I’m still in ISO, but my cold is almost gone!

Miss Kitty (maybe after the Gunsmoke character?) is a delightful ten-year-old Chihuahua mix who always has a smile on her face, even when she has a cold. She is an uncomplicated girl who will be an easy addition to a home. She is a S.T.A.R.T. dog, coming from California. She currently is on hold, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to announce her adoption soon! Here she is with volunteer Francis.


I’m still waiting for the perfect fit of a family!

If you read my post last week, you know that one of my current favorites is Axel, a two-year-old Boxer mix who is waiting for an experienced owner. He does so well as an “only” dog and I love to spend time with him after all of the other dogs have been walked. It is then when he is a loving, happy, ball-fetching guy who is wishing for a home to call his own. Here he is with volunteer Andrew on Sunday. (For many more pictures of this deserving boy, see last week’s post.)

DSCN8166Pick Me! Pick Me!

Can you look at Scout‘s face and not smile? I can’t. This bubbly bundle of fur is a four-year-old Maltese mix. He got along great in play group with the smaller dogs. He loves hot dog bits and takes them gently. He quickly won over volunteer Cindy. He’ll keep some lucky family laughing!DSCN8144

I’m still here and I’m hoping this week will be my lucky one!

I am really surprised that Mickey is still at the shelter. This ten-year-old German Shepherd/Collie mix couldn’t be a nicer dog. He is gentle, calm, and loving, not to mention very handsome. I have discovered since last week that he enjoys playing fetch. Volunteers Nick and Elizabeth fell in love with this special boy who is waiting for a family to take him home. Could it be your family?

DSCN8129 DSCN8128 - Version 2

Here Mickey was on Wednesday with Kathy and his tennis ball.

DSCN8433Did you see my movie? I’m a STAR!

Jayson found a new pal in Riley, the eight-month-old Pit Bull Terrier, the star of play group, who gets along with everyone and is such a good girl! She will keep her family laughing and will make a great hiking/running/going-to-the-beach kind of companion. She already knows several commands and is a quick study for more. This youngster is a keeper!

DSCN8109Yep, it’s me.

I love this picture of Kyra taken on Sunday with Cindy. Each week when I see this sweet older girl, I hope that she’ll be adopted before I see her again. Kyra is a nine-year-old Australian Shepherd mix. Yes, she has some “old lady” bumps on her body, but what a gentle soul she has on the inside! There must be a family out there who is wishing they had an undemanding dog who would be great with the kids and content with a daily walk and love. She couldn’t be a better dog. There just has to be a person who wants a new best friend.

DSCN8257I’m going to be available to adopt on Thursday!

Gilbert is back! Gilbert was found as a stray in December. He had an injured front leg and could not put any weight on it. WHS didn’t give up on this big, happy boy and scheduled him for surgery. Since then he has been recovering in foster care at volunteer Jolene’s house. Now, Gilbert’s leg is healed (he has a strange walk, but is totally OK) and ready to find his forever home. He is a two-year-old Pit Bull Terrier. I spent time Sunday getting to know him again. Here he is with Sarah.

DSCN8384Here is what his foster “mom” Jolene says about him.

“Gilbert is a fun, friendly, happy and energetic Pit Bull Terrier. He gets along well with dogs, but his initial greeting may be pushy. Meeting one-on-one may be easier. In his foster family, he got along very well with my 3 big dogs and 2 small foster dogs and a foster puppy. Gilbert gets along very well with people and will walk up to say, “Hi.” He just wants to be with you, snuggle, play and maybe get a neck scratch or two. Gilbert loves to play rope/tug. He likes tennis balls, raw hides, noisy toys, peanut butter filled Kongs, etc. You name it, he likes it. He likes to go for walks, but will need some leash work. He does better with a head halter or an Easy Walk Harness to start with. He is a young dog and has plenty of energy. He knows “sit”, “wait,” “leave it,” and “in” (to go into his crate). Having had surgery, he has learned to take medicine with lunch meat, cheese or peanut butter very well and takes treats gently.  He rides in cars very well, is potty trained and enjoys a nap or two on just a little part of the couch. Gilbert would make a wonderful dog for a fun, outgoing family with kids and other dogs.”

I took him to a yard today and we had a great time playing fetch. He is such a good dog!



DSCN8452 DSCN8449 DSCN8455We’re older and in need of quiet homes

I met two new arrivals today, Bobo and Skipper. Bobo is a seven-year-old Collie mix, and Skipper is a ten-year-old Lab/Cattle Dog mix. They came in together, but do not have to go to the same home. They have been outdoor dogs their entire lives and now would love to have some time indoors. They are gentle, slow, and loving. Here they are with volunteers Tricia and Joan who spent a long time outside with them.

DSCN8420 DSCN8406


Later in the afternoon, Debbie and I took Skipper out again.


Like last week, after the afternoon walkers had gone home, I took Axel out for some special time in the big yard. You’ll remember he is looking for an experienced owner and will do best not living near other dogs, as he barks when he can see them but not play with them. He is a two-year-old Boxer mix. We had a relaxing, fun time together. I discovered that while he is definitely a ball dog, he is not a water dog; however, the pictures say it all.

DSCN8544Page_1 Page_2Page_3A little later, Debbie brought around a big sack of balls to put in the yards. Axel got to pick out the one he wanted.


It didn’t take him long to choose.


After a long game of fetch, Axel and I sat in the shade and talked.Page_5Update

It’s always fun to hear from former adopters of WHS dogs.

In December of 2010, I took this picture of a new arrival named Moonlight.

MoonlightIt wasn’t long before she was adopted. Last week I got this wonderful update about Moonlight, now named Holly.

“I adopted my dog back in Dec 2010 from you all, a few weeks before a massive shoulder surgery and it was definitely love at first sight with her! You all named her Moonlight, but I’ve since changed her name to Holly.
No one was sure if she’d like cats (I have 2 adopted cats from WHS as well), didn’t know if she was house trained, didn’t know how she’d do with kids, etc. But something in me told me to get her and and we have been inseparable every since. When I had my shoulder surgery (two now), she lay in my lap (not a lap dog in size, haha) and wouldn’t leave my side at all. I wanted to let you know she is an angel in every part of the word! She LOVES kids of all ages and plays well with my youngest niece, loves cats and other dogs, and was completely house trained. Anyways, I’ll attach some pictures for you to see how she’s doing! 🙂
Thanks again for all the work you do, it is much appreciated!
Jeff & Allison Olson”

IMAG0176 holly_hiking_with_a_friend 202693_10151169617919260_886997426_o 172251_10150115165509260_5111406_oWhat a great way to end this week’s post!

Remember, if you see a dog on my blog whom you are interested in meeting, try to make arrangements to get to the Willamette Humane Society soon. Some dogs are adopted more quickly than you might think.

You can reach me at adoptanoregondog14@yahoo.com