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Dear Fellow Dog Lovers,

Happy Thanksgiving!

November has been a great adoption month for dogs! We had another wonderful week, with 18 adoptions! Here are the Blog Dogs who will be spending Thanksgiving in their new homes!

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Houdini was so excited about being adopted and felt he deserved all the credit.

Page_1 2 And staff took this happy going-home picture.




Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I decided to ask the shelter dogs to tell me one thing that each is thankful for. They were very excited by the idea. Here are their answers.


Annie ~ Basset Hound mix ~ 4 years old



Goodwin ~ German Shepherd/Lab mix ~ 6 years old



Ty ~ American Staffordshire mix ~ 9 months old



Wyatt ~ Shepherd/Pug mix ~ 3 years old



Nimo ~ Australian Cattle Dog ~ 3 years old



Kane ~ Dogue de Bordeaux ~ 12 years old



Milo ~ Miniature Dachshund mix ~ 6 years old



Elsinore ~ Chihuahua mix ~ one year old



Johnson ~ Border Collie/Chow mix ~ 2 years old



Miracle ~ Boxer/Dalmatian mix ~ 4 years old



Kloe ~ Pit Bull Terrier mix ~ 8 months old



Nico ~ Australian Kelpie mix ~ 2 years old



Toby ~ Miniature Pinscher ~ 6 years old



Miss Baxter ~ Lab mix ~ 9 years old



Lucy ~ St. Bernard ~ 2 years old (just adopted!)



Beau ~ American Staffordshire mix ~ 2 years old



Crypto ~ Toy Poodle mix ~ 2 years old



Spike ~ Pit Bull Terrier mix ~ 8 months old



Boo Boo ~ Poodle mix ~ 3 years old



Gizmo ~ Yorkshire Terrier mix ~ 3 years old



Kati ~ Beagle/Pit Bull Terrier mix ~ 5 years old




And then…

It just so happened, that we had three former shelter dogs stop in to say hi during this week when I was interviewing the adoptable dogs. So, of course, I asked them what they are now thankful for. Here are their answers.

Ricky (Rockie ~ adopted August 31, 2014)



Amber (Lemon ~ adopted February 13, 2014)




Patience (Cassidy ~ adopted November 13, 2014)





As you know, November has been Adopt A Senior Pet Month. One of WHS’ long-time volunteer dog walkers, Laura, is the epitome of this appeal. She has adopted not one, but TWO senior dogs from WHS. Here is their story.

“I adopted Jake in November 2010 when he was 10. At 14 he still loves walks but they are more like ‘saunters’ through the neighborhood. He has been the perfect blend of mellow guy through the day but eager companion on walks! He had been ‘overlooked’ in previous homes so it took him quite a few months to feel relaxed and realize it is actually pleasant to hang in the yard together.

“I adopted Coach (formally Pony) in  August 2013 when he was about 7. It seems Jake is one of the few dogs on the planet that Coach actually likes! Our fabulous volunteer coordinator Kimmi helped us with the meet and greet and so we were sure to make a good match. Coach had been feeling a bit depressed in his kennel at the shelter, but as you can see by the first picture below, he relaxed pretty quickly once he was in his forever home and actually still does ‘zoomies’ around the yard and can be rather silly! He loves belly rubs in that position, which he strikes everywhere: the yard on a sunny day, the couch, my bed…. He has become a bit of a ‘momma’s boy’ and my son reports it seems he waits for me to come home on his perch on the futon in the bedroom where he can see out the front window. Silly boy!! I have also enclosed a picture of both Coach (left) and Jake (right) waiting anxiously to go for a walk!
I just had to chime in on how wonderful I have found it to have adopted two senior guys and that we have still had plenty of great times together!”

POny 004 POny 018What a great happily-ever-after story to end this post on!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Remember, if you see a dog on my blog whom you are interested in meeting, try to make arrangements to get to the Willamette Humane Society soon. Some dogs are adopted more quickly than you might think.

You can reach me at adoptanoregondog14@yahoo.com