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Dear Fellow Dog Lovers,

It’s been a wet week at Willamette Humane Society. While playgroups were pretty soggy, the rain did not discourage adoptions and eleven dogs went to new homes. Five were Blog Dogs. Here they are.

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The rain did dampen some of the enthusiasm for both dogs and humans on Sunday. (So not much chatter, I’m afraid.) In fact, little Bella wanted no part of playgroup and decided to sit under the lean-to until it was time to go in.

Page_3And now it’s time for the “Where’s Maisy?” game. Can you help a very damp Levi find her?


Note: When I took this picture, I was only looking at Levi. It wasn’t until I uploaded the photo at home that I saw what I had missed. 🙂




I’m a beauty, all right! How about coming on over and adopting me?

Maggie May is a newbie who Marianne couldn’t wait for me to meet. And she was right; what a gem! Maggie is a one-year-old American Pit Bull Terrier mix who will make some lucky family a perfect new addition. Maggie is house-trained, eager, and smart. She loves people, including kids, and other dogs. Because of still being a youngster and quite exuberant, she would do best with older kids. She will be a terrific hiking, jogging, running, or adventure buddy. She loved my hot dog bits, so will be a breeze to train. Here she is with Marianne Sunday afternoon.

Maggie MayAnd here she is a little later playing out in a yard with Colby and Alysha. I’m actually surprised Maggie May hasn’t been snatched up yet. She’s a keeper for sure!

DSCN9877DSCN9858 DSCN9873




Yep, that’s right. I can cram TWO tennis balls in my mouth at once!

Our long-termer Mommis, a five-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix who has been at WHS since November 10th, is still waiting for her forever family, but in the meantime she continues to enjoy her playtime with volunteers. Her favorite game, of course, is fetch. Now most dogs will fetch ONE tennis ball, but not Mommis! If she runs after one and happens to see another she picks it up as well. And when it’s time to go back to her kennel, well why not bring them along? Here she was on Sunday with Katie and Laslo.


Mommis got to go with Marianne today for some training at Petco. Here’s what Marianne just reported about their experience:

“Mommis had a fantastic time today. She is not even close to the same dog when she is away from the shelter. EVERYONE at Petco absolutely loved her (including the trainer).  She was rolling over on her back for belly rubs and was smiling!  She is such a hidden gem of a dog. I did not want to put her back in her kennel today.  I am on a mission to help her get adopted! And FYI, she is incredibly intelligent. I can’t believe how many commands she already knows and how quickly she learns new ones.”





I’m just about perfect. Everybody here says so.

Levi is such a good boy. He’s a six-year-old Lab/Border Collie mix. He enjoyed romping, even in the rain, during playgroup on Sunday. He is gentle, calm, and house-trained. He walks well on leash, took my treats politely, and willingly posed with Caroline for pictures. Levi is simply a great dog. He has a hold on him, so we’re hoping he’ll soon be hanging out with his new family.





Emelynn’s Pick of the Week!

Meet Pixie, an eight-year-old Australian Cattle Dog/Lab mix. Maybe it was because we had a dog named Pixie when I was a child, but from the moment I saw her, I knew she was special. So did Emelynn.

DSCN9962 DSCN9964Pixie is a calm, gentle, yet clownish girl. She enjoyed playing chase with other dogs on the gentle side of playgroup Sunday. I loved it that she could be clear across the yard but when I called her name, she came bounding happily toward me for a pat, then would hop away to race again. Pixie is house-trained, affectionate and knows basic commands. She will be a devoted companion to a family lucky enough to adopt her. Today Emelynn and I spent some time with Pixie playing the “Come” game with her. She loved running back and forth between us for treats when we called her name.

DSCN9969DSCN9973DSCN9989DSCN9983 DSCN9994And then, soon after I arrived home I got this email from Emelynn: “Guess who we’re taking home for a respite?” She included this picture of Pixie in the car. I am so happy that Pixie will get to spend a night away from the shelter enjoying life with a wonderful family.





Are you a Dachshund kind of person?

If you are, meet Bella, a four-year-old Dachshund mix who is 11 pounds of cuteness. I’ve never seen a Dachshund quite her coloring, but it looks great on her. As you can see, volunteer Allie thinks Bella is pretty special, too. After playgroup we now know that Bella doesn’t like the rain at all and much prefers being in someone’s arms. I’m sure Bella will soon be cuddling with a new family.

Bella and AllieDSCN9791




Check out my ears! I’ll be a great listener!

This bundle of energy is Thor, a one-year-old Australian Cattle Dog/Pit Bull Terrier mix. Since he is still a youngster, this boy will need lots of activity. Are you looking for an exercise motivator? Thor may just be the ticket. He would be great at hiking, running, jogging, you name it—as long as it’s active, he’s game. He’s also a great listener, as you can see in this picture with Jolene. I was explaining to him that I was taking his photo so I could write about him on my blog. He wasn’t sure what a blog was, but posed anyway.





Yes, I’m a Hound! You say you’ve always wanted a Hound?

Ichabod is a Hound mix, about six years old, who was found as a stray, so we don’t know his story. What we do know, however, is that this is a sweet boy longing for a new home. He is amazingly affectionate and patient. He likes to lean up against you. He scored very well in his behavior assessment and we think he would be very good with kids. Here he is with Alexis on Sunday.

Ichobid and AlexisThe picture below was taken with Jolene when I was trying to get him to stand by himself for profile photos. All he wanted to do was lean on Jolene. We were both smitten.





Can you tell I’m NOT happy about this cone?

I had to feel sorry for Bobo when I saw him out for his afternoon walk with Wendi on Sunday. This big-headed boy was not a bit happy about his cone. Bobo is a sixty-nine pound one-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix. He’ll need exercise every day, but will love to snuggle with his family in the evening. Because of his size and energy, he needs a family with older kids. He’s very treat-motivated, so training won’t be hard and will be fun for both him and his people. He doesn’t have a lot of confidence and often has a worried look, as you can see. But with an active family to love, he’ll grow into a wonderful best friend.

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I’m cute and just the right size for a family!

Akussa is a four-year-old German Shorthaired Pointer mix.  She came to us from another shelter and is hoping that this time she will find her new people. Akussa scored very well on her behavior assessment and would make an excellent family dog. She is house-trained and loves people. She would enjoy some of the training classes starting here at the shelter and they would be great bonding times between her and her new family. She’s a very pretty girl and a nice size. Here she is with Alexis. We hope she’ll be adopted soon!

Akussa and AlexisHere she is with Emelynn.

Akussa and Emelynn




I don’t mind the cone much. I can’t WAIT to be adopted! Hope it’s soon!

One of my current favorites is Safari, a two-year-old Boxer/Bull dog mix. She is friendly, happy, and an active 65 pounds. She loved my hot dog bits and was excited to be out for a walk, even with the cone that she’s wearing after being spayed. She walked perfectly on leash and eagerly checked in with me often to make sure she was doing everything right, (and for a hot dog bit). She is such a good girl and hoping for a family to love soon.





I was excited today to get another Buddy update! To refresh your memory, Buddy won the hearts of everyone when he arrived at WHS. This nine-year-old boy had been an outdoor dog his entire life. We couldn’t wait for someone to adopt him and take him inside!


Since he was adopted, we have learned that he is a much-loved indoor dog! But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t enjoy being outside on a nice day! Got this email and pics last night. Soooo happy for this wonderful boy!

“I wanted to send you some more pics of Buddy in his new life!  My nephew just loves him!!

Hope all is well at the WHS!


IMG_0483(1) IMG_0522


That’s it for this week!

Remember, if you see a dog on my blog whom you are interested in meeting, try to make arrangements to get to the Willamette Humane Society soon. Some dogs are adopted more quickly than you might think.

You can reach me at adoptanoregondog14@yahoo.com