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Dear Fellow Dog Lovers,

I’m very happy to report that there were fifteen dog adoptions last week! Several of them were especially sweet because they were special cases. Here are the Blog Dogs who went home:


page_2 page_1 page_3  page_4I was especially excited for the adoptions of Scooter (he was so sad in the shelter), Trinity (she was such a gentle giant), and Nick (one of our seniors).


Because of the extremely rainy weather we’ve had lately in Salem, making outdoor picture taking impossible, I have decided to entitle this post:


One of the best new ideas at WHS has been the creation of the “Real Room,” a room decorated like a living room in an actual home. Being able to take a dog into the Real Room to relax and give them a sense of living at home with a family is so valuable and enjoyable for both the dogs and volunteers. And on days when the rain is constant, it’s a great place to get some pictures and video of shelter dogs.


I may not be the prettiest girl around, but I just may be the most affectionate!

Eartha is a one-year-old, fifty-pound Bulldog mix. She came to us as a transfer from California so we don’t know her history. However, she is extremely affectionate, smart, and loves to work for treats. She is a rough and rowdy player with her friends and can be a bit picky about who they are, so would need to meet any potential new dog siblings. She arrived at the shelter with a “cherry eye” which is easily fixed with minor surgery, and is more a cosmetic than a physical problem for the dog. Marianne, Caroline, and I decided to spend some time with Eartha relaxing in the Real Room on Sunday.

First she checked out the room.


Then it was time for some serious snuggling on the couch with Marianne.

dsc_00032 earthka2 eartha4

It got even better when former dog-walker Angie stopped in to say hi.

dsc_02772 dsc_02682And here she was in action—well, not exactly in “action.” This is Eartha’s couch potato mode. What a wonderful dog Eartha is!





I’ve been adopted twice, but I wasn’t the right fit for the family. It wasn’t my fault, though. I’m a really good dog!

Merlin is a two-year-old Border Collie mix who is very active and is looking for just the right fit of a family. He’s loves to play and has a rough and rowdy style with other dogs. He loves it when he has a job. (In playgroup he decided his job would be to lead the other dogs around the yard by carrying their drag lines.) He is affectionate and eager to learn new skills. He also has a goofy side, as well, which you’ll see in his mini-movie. We loved our time with him in the Real Room, as did he.

dsc_00752 dsc_00902 dsc_01152





Last week you saw how I romped outside. Now watch what a good boy I am INSIDE!

Willy is a two-year-old Retriever mix who is looking for a specific kind of home. He will need a patient person who will show him that new situations and new people are not scary. Since Willy is extremely treat-motivated, he learns quickly and with slow introductions, he will thrive. He needs a home with older children (13+) since small children’s quick movements make him nervous. A family with a somewhat quiet, calm lifestyle would be best for Willy. He can be picky about his dog friends and would actually enjoy being an only dog, however he did ignore a cat in his previous home. Willy is house-trained and knows basic commands. After seeing how great he was out in a yard, I was anxious to introduce him into the Real Room.

We quickly found out Willy could relax and he loved being a lap dog with Caroline.

dsc_01732 dsc_01752 dsc_01552 dsc_01502





Here I am! I’m still waiting for my perfect family fit! You’ve seen me out in the big yard…here I am in the Real Room!

I have written about Rosco many times since his arrival last October. And still he waits for his new family. Rosco is a four-year-old Dutch Shepherd mix who is looking for a home where he can be the only pet. His ideal home will be one where his people are interested in continuing his rewards-based training and give him the his needed physical exercise every day. He loves walks, playing fetch, and toys. He’s a very social guy who greatly enjoys humans—teenagers and beyond. Rosco is one of my all-time favorite dogs. We decided to take him into the Real Room on Sunday to play and explore. He loved every second as you’ll see in his video below.

dsc_02412   He was absolutely sure that there was a tennis ball behind the couch pillows…dsc_02432

…still convinced.


It turned out he was right!

dsc_02462 dsc_02322





I’m older than some of my friends here, but I still have some spunk!

Keo is a seven-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier mix who is looking for an active retirement home. He may be a little older, but Keo still has a lot of energy and devotion to give to his new family. He is very affectionate and loves to cuddle. He knows several commands and is treat-motivated, loving to work for cheese. He has been living in a foster home with young children and has been wonderful with them. Keo can be picky about his dog friends, so should meet anyone he will be living with. This gentle old soul can’t wait to meet his new family. He was very excited today when a reporter from KGW8 TV came to visit. Here he is with Christine (the reporter) and our WHS Communications Manager, Callie. (That’s Keo’s excited face!)

dsc_00362And here he was hanging out with Marianne.




That’s it for this week!



Remember, if you see a dog on my blog whom you are interested in meeting, try to make arrangements to get to the Willamette Humane Society soon. Some dogs are adopted more quickly than you might think.
You can reach me at adoptanoregondog14@yahoo.com