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Dear Fellow Dog Lovers,

I want to start this post telling you about a special dog who has been waiting for her perfect fit of a family for a long time. It is my hope that with your help, Pookie will finally find her forever home.

I’ll love you forever with all my heart!

Pookie is a one-year-old Boxer mix who has been waiting to be adopted since last September. We don’t know what Pookie’s early life was like, but she clearly thought that the world was a scary place. She was afraid of many things and extremely shy in meeting new people, especially men. But we soon found that if only you spent a little time getting to know Pookie so that she learned to trust you, her love and devotion were boundless. Fast forward to the present time. Pookie has conquered so many of her anxieties with the help of her foster parents. This sweet, sensitive and playful youngster has come very far, as her latest foster dad reported in December: “Pookie has really relaxed and chilled out even more. She sleeps through the night (in rooms other than the one we’re in), chills out when we are gone. She likes to look at the window, hang out in the crate. She will just stand at the edge of the kitchen and watch us work with her head cocked, not begging.  She doesn’t mind sirens or loud music and leaves the toys alone when they are put away.  Pookie is very kind and gentle, but loves to play.” Pookie loves to play fetch, and would thoroughly enjoy living in a family with older kids who want a joyful, active best friend. After a rousing game, Pookie loves to cuddle with her peeps on the couch. Pookie will need to be the only pet in the family. She will also need one who will keep up her reward-based training and continuing building her confidence and trust, as she still has some anxieties to overcome. Pookie’s new family will need to give her some time to adjust to a new home before she is left alone. The Behavior and Training team (huge Pookie fans) will be able to help the family with tips for Pookie’s success. The reward for adopting Pookie will be enormous. You will never find a more loving, eager, devoted girl. Here are some of the many pictures I’ve taken of this very special dog.

Pookie has many, many fans, including Marianne.


Here Pookie is in action!





I’m new here, but I already have a lot of fans!

I met Carmella for the first time on Sunday and I couldn’t believe she was found as a stray and hadn’t been claimed. This sweetheart is the whole package! She is adorable, well-behaved, house-trained, knows several commands, is gentle in taking treats, and is rated for kids eight and older. She even walks very nicely on leash! Carmella is about five years old and is an American Staffordshire Terrier mix. I mean look at this face!

Yes, she has two different colored eyes. She is such a wiggly, happy-go-lucky gal. Some family is going to be mighty lucky to adopt her!

Her serious look is just as endearing as her smile!

Jenna and Caitlin instantly become her fans.





I’m still here waiting for you…will you be coming soon?

Hunter has become one of my and Marianne’s favorite dogs ever. He’s been getting stressed at the shelter and his kennel presentation isn’t the best anymore, but take him into Mary’s Place or outside to play and he becomes his old, happy self. Hunter is a two-year-old mixed breed boy who was found as a stray. He loves people and gets along with most other dogs. He has been waiting for his perfect family since early December. To sooth himself when feeling the stress of the kennels, he uses his Giant Fluff Ball as a pacifier. Hunter was adopted once, but the horses in his new home  didn’t like him, and a very sad family had to return him. Hunter will make some lucky people the perfect family dog.

On Sunday Marianne and I took him out for some play time with his favorite yellow duck.





I know I need work on my outdoor voice, but I’m great inside!

Another newbie I met on Sunday was Cinch, a two-year-old American Blue Heeler mix. As I watched him being taken out for his walk on Sunday, I sighed. He was so excited to see other dogs, he was barking up a storm. As typical of his breed, this boy needs a job to do! He will not be a couch potato, but what an athletic guy he is and what fun to train for someone who wants a challenge with huge rewards. Cinch also has a great sense of humor and is smart as a whip. After his (loud) walk, Glenna brought Cinch into Mary’s Place and what a different dog he became! Turns out he LOVES cheese and was happy to pose for my camera in a quiet, happy way. Cinch isn’t the dog for everyone, but for the right person, he will be such a delightful character!





There are still some of our long-term terrific dogs who remain patiently waiting for their new forever homes. We’re hoping they won’t have to wait much longer.

Ozzie is a one-year-old boy who has been at WHS since September, here with Jolene.




Gus is a three-year-old who has been at the shelter since November, here with Ayla.




Lincoln is a one-year-old who has been waiting since October for a new family. Here he is with Linda.




Ruger is seven and has been waiting for a new home since September. Here he is with Francis.




Serena is three and has been waiting for her new peeps since October. Here she is with Marianne.


That’s it for this week!


Remember, if you see a dog on my blog whom you are interested in meeting, try to make arrangements to get to the Willamette Humane Society soon. Some dogs are adopted more quickly than you might think.

You can reach me at adoptanoregondog14@yahoo.com