This post is filled with good news. First, there were five dog adoptions, two of which were long-termers. I’m going to feature three exceptional adoptable dogs, plus a Quick Look at Rufus, whom I featured last week. Finally, there are two terrific happy updates. So sit back, put your feet up, and enjoy time with some shelter dogs.

The first two adoptions last week, Paint and Eddie, were in foster and I don’t have pictures.


Puppy Juno went home with a dog sibling. So glad there are people willing to take on the challenges of a rather large juvenile! Her new family has already sent an update that appears at the end of this post.

Here she was at WHS.


Georgie has been waiting for his just-right family since June. Last week he got it! He went home with another big dog sibling. So happy for this boy to finally have his forever home! (Georgie is on the left.) His new family also sent an update which appears at the end of this post.


At last, Jackson has found his new person! This little guy has been waiting for his perfect home since last March! He was adopted once, but it was not the right fit. He has worked very hard during his stay at WHS to improve his adoptability, and it paid off! Staff and volunteers were thrilled.

Please Note: The dogs I feature in this section are available for adoption as of today, September 1, 2021. But things change fast and our goal is always to find wonderful homes for our dogs as quickly as possible. To see if today’s dogs are still available and to see other available dogs, visit .

I can’t tell you about my history, but I can tell you that I’ll be the best dog you’ve ever had!

Sally arrived at WHS on July 26th, found as a stray, and was initially nervous and shy. However, it only took a few days for her personality to blossom and she quickly became a volunteer favorite. Sally is an American Pit Bull mix and is about a year old.

Even though we don’t know anything about her past, we have gotten to know some of her personality traits and her hobbies over the past couple of weeks. First, Sally thinks she is a lap dog—all 50 pounds of her. And if she can’t be totally on your lap, she’ll settle for draping herself over you, as Marianne and Megan discovered soon after she came to the shelter.

Sally is a “leaner,” too. She enjoys being as close to you as she can get, as Megan and Linda found out.

This is not to imply that Sally is a couch-potato. Her hobbies include swimming, though she’s not especially graceful…

…and playing fetch, though bringing the ball back isn’t a high priority.

Sally knows the cues “sit” and “down.” She can become pretty excited when playing, resulting in some mouthy behavior, which we are working on. She walks pretty well on leash. She enjoys posing with her friends for photos

Because Sally is a stray, we don’t know her experience with either cats or kids, but with her enthusiasm for everything, she would do better with older children. She will need to meet any dog she would be going home with. Sally is extremely treat-motivated, so teaching her new skills will be a breeze with rewards-based training. One last thing: she has perfected the sincere stare when asking for treats. We adore her.

Sally is going to make some lucky family a wonderful new best friend. She is an affectionate, happy-go-lucky girl who will love going on hikes, camping, any adventure you have in mind—she’s game. If Sally sounds like the dog you have been hoping for, fill out the Adoption Questionnaire by clicking on her picture and then on the link Adopt Me found on this page: She is hoping you will come soon.

I’m new here. They don’t know a lot about me, but they say I’m a keeper!

Chatter is a stunning two-year-old Siberian Husky mix. Like Sally, she was found as a stray, so we don’t know her history, but oh, what an exceptional girl she is! Some Huskies can be aloof with people other than their families. Others think that everyone is their best friend. Chatter is the latter.

Chatter was nervous and submissive when she arrived at the shelter, but was very well-behaved when she got her vaccinations and vet check. They named her Chatter because when excited, she “chatters.” Sunday was the first time we met this sweet girl and we all fell hook, line, and sinker for her. First, she posed for pictures happily, here with Megan.

Then we decided to give her some Blanket Time and see if she would relax. She did. And we discovered she is a leaner.

Huskies are not the right dog for everyone. Chatter will need lots of exercise and activities to keep her sharp mind busy. She would love to go hiking, camping, take training classes or go on adventures with her family. Oh, and she sheds—a lot.

While we don’t know anything about Chatter’s past, we do know that she is an extremely affectionate dog who wants to be with her people more than anything else. The Animal Control Officer for Polk County who brought her to WHS said she was fine riding in the car. She walks well on leash. She is going to make some lucky family a wonderful companion.

If you think your family is the right fit for Chatter, fill out the Adoption Questionnaire by clicking on her picture and then on the link Adopt Me found on this page:

Do you have an active family looking for an equally active dog who would love to play fetch, hike, jog, camp and learn new things? If so, let’s talk. I could be your new best friend!

Hayley is your typical, exuberant one-year-old Lab/Shepherd mix. At 88 pounds, she’s a big girl with lots of energy and an equally big heart.

Hayley was surrendered because her family couldn’t give her the time or space she needs. Hayley is hoping for a home with a fenced yard where she can romp and a family who will help her shed the extra pounds she has gained hanging around the house. Her former family says she loves everyone she meets, enjoys playing with other dogs, and gained a respect for the resident cat.

We decided to take Hayley out to the play yard and see if she’d like to play fetch. She did.

Hayley is house-trained, she loves to play with rope toys, and she isn’t picky about her treats, though cheese is a favorite, I discovered. She loves to ride in a car and is excited and curious in new environments. Due to her size and zest for life, she is recommended for older, sturdier children. Hayley is working on not barking at strangers when they suddenly appear, and outside distractions. Her new family will need to continue helping her with rewards-based training.

After our rousing fetch game, we wanted to see if she’d relax with some Blanket Time. She loved it.

Hayley’s former family described her as “energetic, playful, and happy.” We agree. Marianne reported that when she saw her on Tuesday, Hayley loved the pool and that “she’ll make a wonderful companion for someone.”

Before she went back to her kennel, she posed for a couple more pictures with Marianne.

If Hayley sounds like the perfect addition to your family, fill out the Adoption Questionnaire by clicking on her picture and then on the link Adopt Me found on this page:


Remember my feature on Rufus from last week? Well, he’s still waiting for his new peeps and we got to spend more time with him on Sunday. He kept us laughing. He’s such a great dog. We’re hoping he will be scooped up by his forever family soon. Read all about him here. And yes, he thinks he’s a lap dog.

We have two updates about dogs who were adopted last week!


Bella is settling in quite nicely here at home. Tsuki and Bella play tug-of-war and fetch together, although Bella prefers to chase Tsuki instead of the ball. She already knows where outside is (the fenced back yard), her dog bed, where the food dish is and the dog toys and chewies.  She has a favorite chew toy already!

All in all, for being home less than 24 hrs, she’s a ROCK STAR!  I thought I would send you a picture! Thank you for your care of her, she’s AMAZING!


Just an update. Georgie is doing well. Everyone is getting along and there’s a lot of exploring and eating going on after a busy morning. Thank you for everything.” 

On those happy notes, that’s it for this week!

Thanks to WHS Adoption Specialist Sasha and volunteers Megan, Linda, and Marianne for their help with this post.

Remember, if you see a dog on my blog whom you are interested in meeting, fill out the Adoption form at, and wait to be contacted by the staff. And please remember that sometimes dogs are adopted quickly, so might have already found a great home by the time you ask about them.

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