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Dear Fellow Dog Lovers,

Springtime in the Northwest is a wonderful season to walk shelter dogs. They love the many new smells, the water-filled pools, and racing after tennis balls in the yards. Of course we walkers hope for lots of adoptions and this week there were nine. These two were Blog Dogs.

Adoptions 5:10:16 (1)We were especially excited about Harlow who found his perfect family after waiting since March 18th. Happy new start, big boy!



CeCe the new Swim Dog!

Sweet CeCe got to go to the pool at Bailey’s Journey last week and she LOVED it! She has some arthritis from old injuries in her back legs, so the water exercise is wonderful for her. Here is Jolene’s report: “Cece, a two-year old American Staffordshire Terrier mix, went to her first swim class last Friday. She rode nicely in the backseat of my new car, but only wanted to be on the leather—not the nice blanket I had in place to protect the seats. Fortunately she was very polite once she had the blanket out of the way. She was very good about having a life vest put on and adjusted to fit her, and it was obvious she liked the water. She walked right up to the edge of the pool, and once she had help getting in the pool she discovered the BALL! As you can see she had a great time swimming after the ball and was very polite about releasing it. She had two very active sessions in the pool, then it was time to head back. She was one tired girl on the ride back to WHS.” We’re hoping this wonderful gal will soon have a home of her own.

ceceswim1 ceceswim3 ceceswim2Cece Cece




I may not be a youngster, but I still have a future of love and cuddles to give you!

On Sunday I met Otis, an eight-year-old Jack Russell Terrier mix. I’m not sure what it was about this little guy, but I was smitten from the moment I saw him walking with Diane. Otis is a bit shy, but oh, what a wonderful little dog. He is house-trained and knows basic commands. He took my treats politely and enjoyed just relaxing under a tree. He needs to be an only pet and, because he is older and uncomfortable with rough handling, needs older children or an adult home. I’m hoping he’ll find his perfect loving retirement home very quickly so he won’t have to stay in the shelter long. What a gem of a dog!


Otis Otis Otis OtisI took him on his afternoon walk today and we had a great time together.

DSC_78532 DSC_78732 DSC_78682




Whew! I was really nervous for a while, but I’m relaxed and waiting for you in my foster home now!

Suzie Q is a four-year-old Miniature Dachshund. She was found as a stray but transferred to us from another shelter. I met Suzie for the first time last Wednesday and felt so sorry for her. She was overwhelmed and just trembled, all the while looking very worried. She couldn’t be coaxed by a delicious hot dog bit or a bite of cheese. But I didn’t have to worry long.

Suzie Q Suzie QHere she was up close and personal to check out what I was doing.

Suzie QSoon Suzie Q was attending a staff meeting and snuggling with person after person until falling asleep. IMG_20160504_1831479112Later in the day volunteer Krystal, our “official” Doxie foster mom, came and picked her up. Here Suzie was about to head to Krystal’s house where she’ll be pampered until she’s adopted. Suzie is somewhat afraid of men, but with patience and time, will warm up. She could lose a few pounds, but otherwise is in good health. She is partially house-trained, but will need a little help in learning how to tell someone that she needs to go out. She is a keeper!

Suzie Q2




Yes, I really am this handsome!

Quigley is a two-year-old Collie mix, who, as you can see, thinks he’s a lap dog, even though he weighs 62 pounds. Caitlin fell head-over-heels in love with this big, rambunctious boy. Since he came to us from another shelter, we don’t know Quigley’s history, but in our playgroup he was easily overwhelmed by other dogs, so would need to meet any potential canine siblings. He also has had little training. WHS classes would be great for Quigley and a new person to take, not only for Quigley to learn how to be a well-behaved family dog, but also as a bonding time for the two of them. I have a feeling Quigley won’t be at the shelter for long.

DSC_75612 Quigley Quigley




Caroline’s Pick of the Week!

Quincy came from the same shelter as Quigley did, so again we don’t know his history. However, we do know he’s about three years old and is an Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mix. Caroline was smitten the minute she saw him. At forty-five pounds, Quincy is a little thin and so treats while learning some impulse control will be perfect for him! He can be a bit jumpy, and like Quigley, would love to attend some shelter classes. He seems to be a pretty easy-going boy most of the time. He’ll be a great family dog.

Quincy Quincy Quincy




Looking for a fun, little dog? Look no further!

Bosley is a four-year-old Rat Terrier/Chihuahua mix. He is a fun, active sixteen-pound little guy who is polite, knows some commands and is house-trained. He has lived with another dog (Maxie), cats, and children very happily. Since Bosley is a new arrival, I don’t know him well, but Caitlin enjoyed taking him for his walk on Sunday, and he quickly showed us that he’s a lap dog for sure.

DSC_76132 DSC_75942Bosley




You’ve met my friend, Bosley, I’m Maxie.

Maxie is an eight-year-old Maltese mix. He and Bosley have lived in the same home, but are not bonded, so can be adopted separately. Maxie has also lived with cats and children. However, because of being older, he doesn’t like rough handling, so older kids would be best for him now. Maxie is house-trained and as you can see in these pictures with Caitlin, is totally a nine-pound lap dog. What a cutie he is!

DSC_74632 DSC_74652 Maxie




No, I’m not related to a pig and yes, I’ve heard all of the jokes.

Marianne could hardly wait for me to meet Manchas, an eight-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier mix when I arrived at the shelter on Sunday. This sixty-four pound happy-go-lucky ball of joy was a delight to meet. He grins constantly and yes, he looks remarkably similar to a pig. Since he’s a California ASPCA transfer dog, we don’t know his history, but he is adjusting to life in Oregon just fine. He’s a little sensitive about his weight (he needs to cut down on hot dog bits and cheese, he has no waist). Manchas is affectionate, likes to please, and is polite. He’s going to be a wonderful family addition.


Manchas  Manchas




I’m still waiting for my perfect person. Could it be you?

I’ve been writing about Maisy every post for weeks, and this one is no exception. She has won the hearts of so many volunteers, but not any potential adopters. They walk by her kennel and see only a quiet ten-year-old small Lab mix with scars from a long history of skin and ear infections. But oh, that is not the Maisy those of us who know her see. Volunteer Marianne spends a great deal of time with our sweet girl and this is what she posted on her own FB page yesterday.

“Amazing Maisy. Every time I go to the shelter I set aside some extra time just to spend with her, and she and I have developed quite a bond. Since some skin allergies seem to be flaring up probably due to pollen and grasses, I decided just to take her into a room and sit on the couch with her. This is what happened. What an incredibly special and loving dog. There has to be a home out there for her somewhere. I am determined to help her find it. I love her more than I can say.”

13177125_10208354725838013_5623908012646822971_n 13179118_10208354726078019_4574712704215763514_n 13087908_10208354725678009_2500431943930527046_n




Daniel’s Pick of the Week!

If you’re up for a big, happy, boisterous youngster who is eager to learn some manners through positive-based training, you’ve found her. Meet Lucy, a one-year-old Lab mix who is one of Daniel’s all-time favorite shelter dogs. Lucy wants nothing more than to be your new best friend. She would love to play Frisbee catch or tennis ball fetch for as long as you are willing to throw either. Lucy will never be a dog-park girl, as she is quite picky about her dog friends, but she would enjoy any kind of outdoor activity with you like hiking or jogging. She also has visions about being a lap dog. That may be something her new person will want to discuss with her since she weighs in at sixty-eight pounds. As you’ll see below, she was so happy to hang out with Daniel and Laslo on Sunday.

Lucy Lucy (1) Lucy Lucy Lucy Lucy




Yes, I’m an old girl. But I still have a lot of love left to give.

Sadie is a thirteen-year-old Australian Cattle Dog mix, and as she aged, she has become deaf. Her family had to move to a place where they could not have her, and so she is with us, hoping to find a quiet retirement home. Sadie has been an outdoor dog most of her life, and in her youth actually preferred being outside. She has lived with other dogs and children, although as an old lady, she’d rather not live with young kids anymore. Sadie is fine when left alone. She took my treats gently and enjoyed just sitting under a tree with Jolene and me. We’re so hoping someone who wants to give an old dog love and companionship for the remainder of her life will find this sweet girl and take her home.

Sadie Sadie Sadie Sadie




Remember a few weeks ago when volunteer Tom adopted Sadie, now Fly? She joined Sally, another WHS alumna. Here they were when they first met.

Tom, Sally, Sadie

Last week Tom sent me these pictures. “Fly is doing well and Sally is getting more comfortable with her. I have attached some pictures for you to use in your blog.”
Such a great family!

Sally-Fly 022 Fly2 Watching TV2 Sally Fly 092 Sally Fly 082

That’s it for this week!

SadieRemember, if you see a dog on my blog whom you are interested in meeting, try to make arrangements to get to the Willamette Humane Society soon. Some dogs are adopted more quickly than you might think.

You can reach me at adoptanoregondog14@yahoo.com